Monday Musings: More than the fireworks can give.

1. Only saw the last 2 games of Nadal v Nalbandian, so I don’t feel qualified to comment on this, except to say that it was a good effort by Nalby just coming back from a hip surgery.

I’d say it with more gusto, except I’ve been saying “good effort” about Daveed Nalbandian for his entire career, and at this stage of things, I’ve grown tired of his quick-combusting fireworks leaving me wanting, hoping, lamenting for more.



2. 2010. The year of “falling out of love” with Caroline Wozniacki.

It’s hard not to warm to an upcoming player striking the ball with so much heart and playing the game with mind-boggling resilience and craft. But when you’re No 2 in the world, and – excuse the clichés – “has no major weapon”, or more precisely – no “money shot”, the tide of public affection turns on you, fast.

Caroline Wozniacki’s game is everything opposite of her looks. To put it mildly. Had Kiri been able to capitalise on a few more breakpoints, she could’ve walked away with a win today. But that’s the essence of Woz’s game – force the opponent to surrender, take the opportunities that come your way. Carpe diem.

As hard as it is to love her game, it’s equally difficult not to admire her Hewitt-like and maturity beyond her years.



3. After the Indian Wells madness, normalcy has returned to the WTA. For now anyway.

Mama Clijsters was the Kimpossible once more, as she gave Shahar Peer a royal whupping, 60 61. She sets up a mouth-watering clash against Vika next, who also had no dramas against giant-killer-turned-Baby-Spice Safarova (64 62).

This dress, however, looks like it’s been ripped straight out of an Anta catalogue.

Janky and Stosur will face off for the second time in two weeks, as Stosur advanced past Razzano in 3 sets and Lady JJ scored her fifth consecutive win over Elena Vesnina, 76(3) 63.

As for Justine, despite the continuation of her serving woes, Domi Cibulkova proved no match, it wasn’t as close as it looked, and it didn’t look close – 64 64.



Oh, Jizzy’s out. Le sad. I’d do a sad face, but my colon broke.

xx doots


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6 responses to “Monday Musings: More than the fireworks can give.”

  1. TopSpin says :

    True, there’s a lot to say about Woz’s measured on court composure – trouble is you could say the same about Aggy – not convinced either of them belong in the top five

    “…and at this stage of things, I’ve grown tired of his quick-combusting fireworks leaving me wanting, hoping, lamenting for more.”

    HAH! Sounds a lot like French tennis, no? 😉

    I’m not expecting too much from Nalbie’s 2nd coming – though it would be nice to see him return to a healthy top thirty standing – much like Safin did. If yesterday was anything to go by he’s clearly got game left.

    • dootsiez says :

      But you know I love French tennis. I expect nothing from it, except the prettiness. The trick is to learn not to root for the players.

      Obviously I haven’t acquired the skill for Nalby.

      As for Aggy and Carol – Aggy has less power. Carol – as pushy as she is, actually plays a reasonably heavy ball.

      When she’s not moonballing her opponents into a coma that is…

  2. TennisAce says :

    I used to be a big Wozniacki fan. She seemed like such a nice young lady, but watching her matches is putting me to sleep and causing me to turn off the set. It does not help that she is being hyped to the heavens as the saviour of the WTA and how it would be good for the game if she became No.1. I love my No.1 that we have right now on the women’s side. She is feisty, in your face, aggressive, a champion both physically and mentally. Never backs down from a fight and will shove that ball down your throat if you ever try to beat you. She is everything I like my champions to be and at the end of the day win or lose she has the most beautiful smile imaginable. I want my champions to hit jaw dropping winners and produce WTF shots that make the highlight reel. I am like what Carillo always says, why cant I have what the guys have? The guys have a No.1 that has oodles of videos devoted to his shotmaking. The world’s No.2 on the women’s side has a positive h2h with only 1 player in the top 10, and that is her BFF ARad so that says about everything you need to know.

  3. Jack says :

    The thing I hate the most about Caro’s game is the moonballing. Its something you expect to see in the juniors, not the pro tour.

    And the bringing on her coach after 5 games in each set is annoying too. I mean, in Indian Wells, she brought him on when she was 5-0 up in the third set. That to me is why she’ll never win a Grand Slam.

    Plus I’m pretty sure her average winner count for each match is probably 5! 🙂

    I am a bit confused as to how she’s No2 in the world. I mean, apart from the US Open and Indian Wells, I can’t think of her going far in any other tournaments.

  4. pban says :

    No prizes for guessing who was on court today for the 3rd round ……THE PUMPKIN.I hate pumpkins even if they have a passing resemblance to my favourite tennis player. Even cutting him some slack for the wind does not excuse the wild shotmaking, is this what you put up when Rafa is showing you off to his family and friends?

  5. Scared Lines Woman From US Open '09 says :

    Tennis Ace,

    You “favorite player” shoving a ball down a linesman’s throat is no laughing matter.

    Remember, Serena got off easy because she was Serena. If Kuzy had done it, she would be banished for 2 years.

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