Miami: So I met this really great guy…

We hit it off right away.

And now we’re – like – so inseparable.

It was a love not to be denied, as a beaming Rafa turned up to Roger’s match to check out the ‘combabition’.

Perhaps it was the presence of his great nemesis that unnerved Fed, perhaps he couldn’t handled the wind (broken twice serving into it), or perhaps FloSer just refused to worship at the Temple of the Mighty Fed, Roger put on a rather inexplicable performance in his 76 76 win over Serra.

Apart from a few so-good-it-should-be-outlawed shots, Ferd the turd was out in full force today, as Roger wasted a break in the first set and a double break in the second en route to a shaky win. The serve – usually so clutch – let him down in a few tight spots, while the forehand is still fickle. On a positive note, never have I appreciated the Federer backhand more.

Slightly off topic, but seems like the twins fell ill after the Aus Open. Stoopid Roger.

Q.  How is that sort of challenge evolving of fitting your tennis around having a family with you as they get a bit older?

ROGER FEDERER:  Well, the traveling has been real easy, to be quite honest.  I’m surprised how easy it’s been, because I expected it to be hard, to say the least.

So for that side we’re very happy.  Little ones had issues after Australia, the teething, the ear infections and stuff.  That was kind of rough, but at least we weren’t traveling too much.  Mirka was sick; I was sick, as well.  So it was something maybe we had in the family.

But, you know, now everything is great again.  And as days go by, they become more and more active, so it’s a lot of fun to interact with them.

Yeah, everything changes in the room, you know, whereas before you had tables and chairs, you know, it’s empty space now so they have room to move.  So it’s a lot of fun.

On the women’s side of things, rain disrupted a busy day in Miami, but it did not steer the tournament favourites off course. Venus overcame a very shaky start against Daniela Hantuchova to win in 3 sets, 16 75 64. She was rusty, MIA for most of the first set, but in the end, Miss Vee came through on the clutch points. Not that you’d expect anything else from her.

As for Dani … no amount of coaching – on or off court – can win a match for a player. That’s just that.

Meanwhile, the Belgian Bakery was all the rage in Miami with Kimmy finishing off Vika 64 60 and Juju b’sticking Vera 61 64. Disappointing performances from Vika and Vera. As solid as the Belgians were, they both came out like deflated balloons.

Still on track for the dream semi and a citrus final. But for how long?

xx doots


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8 responses to “Miami: So I met this really great guy…”

  1. LongLiveKingRog says :

    Lovely to see Rafa in Roger’s matches. President of the Roger Federer Appreciation Society!

  2. pban says :

    The Pumpkin strikes again,and if Feddy doesn’t turn up soon we will all be singing the Miami blues. I mean how embarrassing for Rafa that he shows up with family to show you off and this is what you put up….but that backhand pickup that skimmed the net was divine *sigh*

  3. BS says :

    The first time I watch him play live since the AO and of course Ferd the turd is present. Some of his shots were unbelievable though. If Rafa gets beaten along the way, really it’s Federer’s tournament to lose. It kind of is already.

    It was so cute that Rafa was at the match. His dad was there too!

  4. breadstix says :

    What, Rafa was there?
    Oh, ahahaha! Hah. ❤

  5. Jack says :

    It was unusual for him to lose those leads in both sets but I’m just gonna blame that on the conditions. Fed has always had a problem with the wind in Miami!

    Is it me or is his backhand looking the strongest, and more reliable, part of his game at the moment??

  6. jfK says :

    The Fed match…was moments of brilliance and moments of WTF? I’m happy he’s through in straight sets…hoping Mr.Shanksville does NOT show up against Berdych tonight.

  7. elisha says :

    The forehand is scaring me! Although I’m sure Roger can contain his frustration this year(as opposed to last year since he was in a way different predicament), I hope the forehand won’t be too costly… Berdych is a scary opponent. I mean, he was up 2 sets last year, and in these 1000s, all you need is 2 sets…!

    Rafa is so freaking adorable in the 2nd picture <333

  8. pban says :

    *Deep breathing exercise* say unto yourself *this is not Wimby*a thousand times….NAAH it is not working, we are back to 2007,2008 mode methinks 6-2 third set is better.Why is he losing the clutch points??Doots did you read the rest of the interview, the only thing he wants is Wimby…..dude what about the most weeks at no.1?If the retard had any sense he would totally take a wildcard to Monte Carlo. Breaks are not good he needs 5 tournaments to get on track,hopefully by Madrid he will be ok.

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