Feeling something fishy about Roger’s 2 months absence from tennis? Unable to explain his recent poor form and inability to concentrate on court? Mirka’s baby bump at the Aus Open caught your eye?

The Swiss tabloid Blick is reporting that the Feds are expecting their third child in September!

Rough Google translation:

“Friends and family revealed that the couple is keeping some happiness secret. Mirka is impregnated for 4 months and Roger is thrilled, albeit a little worried about being on the road with 3 children.”

Source: blick

Oh dear! What does this mean for Roger’s tennis?

A) 3 kids?! It’s over, the end is nigh!

B) No way, babies are Roger’s lucky charm!

C) If upon reading the excerpt above, you just opened up a new window to repost, link, or retweet, I have one word for you: fool!

Happy April or something. 😛

xx doots




  1. FortuneCookie says :

    What?!And to think we were all just kidding about the bump!!But September=US Open=argghhhh!
    Seriously,if that’s true,huge congrats to them,but fucking hell they got back into that quickly right?;)

  2. FortuneCookie says :

    Hahahahaha,and no way to delete comments! 😛
    I didn’t get to the end!!But hehe good one Doots! 😛

  3. Guy says :

    I fell for that 😛

  4. Noshali says :

    HILARIOUS! best april fool’s prank ever. loved it. i had already emailed this to my friends before reading the last line.

    nice one.

  5. Lou says :

    Ahaha! You totally got me. I was all ‘nooooo, it is the end timez!’ until I got to the end and the subsequent massive relief.

  6. Trip says :

    You got me for a second…
    Really really a good one…

  7. Ann says :

    Nice! I was too ready to believe it. Would explain some things, for sure!

  8. sita says :

    You really got me there doots. Inspite of having read enough April Fools’ stories in the morning paper !

  9. Jack says :

    I fell for it too!!!

    But can u imagine if he did announce that they were expecting another child?!

    It would probably be triplets next! 😀

  10. sita says :

    And that wasn’t funny , ok ? My BP shot up higher than when watching the Baghdatis and Berdych matches.
    “On the road with three children” Good heavens !

  11. BS says :

    OMG…you totally got me there! Good one 🙂 I was way more shocked than when I read this one:

    That one was more WTF than OMG hehe 😛

  12. breadstix says :

    Aaaaah, that was cruel, Doots! I actually screamed out loud before I remembered what day it was!

  13. Isobel says :

    When I first read the title of this post I thought you were going to literally claim Roger was pregnant. 🙂

    • dootsiez says :

      I was hoping the title would give it away for some people. Obviously Fed fans all subconsciously thought he had ovaries.

  14. jfK says :

    You got me. Good one!!! 😀

  15. judy says :

    holy crap! that was awesome! i was like geez rog, give the woman some breathing room!

  16. Gracie says :

    GAH! Good one Doots. If the Federer’s get wind of this post it might incent them to triple, or quadruple their methods of birth control!

  17. pban says :

    my first reaction was OMG US Open, and then I read the last part .Good one doots but I googled Federer just to be doubly sure you know 😉

  18. srdjana says :

    I knew this was a gag even before it was April 1 where I am. Your babelfish translation was heelarious!

  19. Ljubica says :

    You certainly had me fooled for a sec!

  20. elizabeth says :

    Even though today is April 1 that would be fantastic news! Can you imagine our genius having a son? Exactly the way Roger is? Wishing them a third child from the bottom of my hart.

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