Quotable Quotes: Thank God the hard court season is over.

Just yesterday, Roger Federer lost another stinker to the Big Berd and managed to come off sounding confused for the first time I can remember in the press conference.

Look, it’s no secret I’ve struggled the last, what is it, five matches I’ve played here in the States.  It’s disappointing, I think, my performance overall, if I’ve got to analyze right now after the match.

But I fought as much as I could under the understood circumstances with my game having issues at the moment.  Definitely lack timing.  I don’t know where that comes from because I played so nicely in Australia.  So it’s disappointing to not be able to back it up.

Maybe the sickness did take it out of me more than I thought.  Maybe the break was quite long.  I’m kind of used to those things, and I still, you know, think I could have done much better.

I was a couple points away this week and then also in Indian Wells had my chances.  It’s disappointing having had a chance to move on.  Maybe I had a chance to sort of turn around my game.

But, you know, we’ll see how it goes forward.


I’m a bit confused with how I’m feeling the ball at the moment.  Sometimes it flies and sometimes it doesn’t.  It’s a lot to do with how you feel at the moment.


When I’m not playing my best, it’s hard to judge my opponent, to be quite honest.  But he’s a good player, so I knew the danger coming in, especially with the timing issues I’ve had already the last couple weeks.

But I thought I worked hard enough to iron those things out.  Maybe I did.  It was still the confidence lacking, and that’s what kind of cost me these last two tournaments.

Only fuels my desire to go back to the practice courts and come back even stronger.  I don’t like to lose these type of the matches. [NO SHIT.]

I’m looking forward to the clay court season now.  It helps to kind of move on to a different surface.  Then this has nothing to do too much with the clay court season, and that helps.

So I’m looking forward to that.  Definitely need to practice harder, and that’s what I’ll do.

Practice harder was what he said, and practice harder was what he did. How’s this for PR?

A day after losing in Miami, Roger is already hitting the practice courts. On clay.

Look he even added an exclamation mark to show you how excited he was!

In 17 minutes, over 4000 people “liked” it. I ‘facebook-liked’ it too Roger! I feel like we had genuine communication between us! And if you do better during the clay season, I’ll have your babies again!

Fine Squishy, I can’t stay mad at you for long. I’ll pick Federbear off the ground now.

xx doots


14 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Thank God the hard court season is over.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    Black clay confuses me…
    But yes,it felt good to see him moving on so quickly,at least this year is nowhere as depressing as last,when we were all wondering if Fed would ever make a tourney final again nevermind win another slam!
    But,come the fuck on,accept a Monte Carlo wildcard,why do you feel so obliged to play frickin Estoril!?

    • dootsiez says :

      He only needs like 3 matches to win in Estoril, so I think he sees it as a good opportunity to get paid for some practice sessions lol.

      Plus Mirka used to play Estoril, no? She’s prob like “hey Rogibums, I wanna go back. *sniff sniff*”

  2. Jack says :

    There are clay courts in Miami?!?!

    I like the clay season. Its always exciting and there is less players who can really play well on it. And who knows, maybe it’ll become Rogers safe domain! 😀

    Plus, i know everyone is thinking “why the f**k is he playing Estoril?!”. But I like that he’s playing it. It looks such a nice place to play 😀

    • dootsiez says :

      Think the Americans play on green clay, don’t they?

      I wouldn’t know. Never seen a clay court that’s not red in my life.

      • elisha says :

        Yeah, the sports center near my house has green clay(I’m from the States), although I don’t know for sure if all the clay courts here are green… It does seem very weird. O_o;

  3. jfK says :

    We use green clay in the U.S. 😀 I dunno why.
    I for one, hope Fed does play MC. He needs it.
    Because if he has another one of these WTF? losses in Rome…then what?? Then he has to depend on Estoril and will get zero points for Madrid even if he wins it.

  4. sita says :

    He said he won’t play MC before the loss to Berdych yesterday. There ‘s still hope that he will reconsider since he has a lot of time to assess where things stand.

    I know everyone is drawing parallels with 2007 already, but this is supposed to be the grand slam year, just three slams won’t do . But it’s more than obvious that Wimby is his no.1 priority. I am a little worried with the way he talks about defending FO – ‘I’ll try to defend it, I’ll be playing without pressure for the first time’ etc
    I think he’ll be more than happy if he makes it deep enough in the FO to get the no. 1 record.

    • dootsiez says :

      “but this is supposed to be the grand slam year, just three slams won’t do.”

      Greedy sita 😛

      I dunno, I actually think Roger sounds quite happy about defending the French, as different to previous years where he tends to get a little defensive when people ask him about the French. You can look at it both ways I guess.

  5. pban says :

    One positive that will surely come out of this madness in March is that Roger will no longer be under the spell of Simon Reed’s kiss of death for the summer…..something I predicted when he first picked Roger for RG after AO.I had a feeling Roger would mess up in March a la 2007,just hoping the rest of the season mirrors it too.

  6. Nilhenwen says :

    I used to try commenting and liking on his FaceBook but it’s impossible to get in there in time lol.

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