Federporn (Good) Friday: Feddy-shaped Hole.

I’m stealing the phrase from Arundhati Roy – the first time I heard her use it to describe absence was in the “God of Small Things“: a cat-shaped hole in the universe, a mother-shaped hole in a daughter’s life… It’s a passing phrase that for some reason stayed with me, and it was the phrase that came into my head when Roger lost to Tomas Berdych a few days ago – a Feddy-shaped hole in Miami.

This week’s Federporn Friday attempts to fill this hole, however temporarily, with the practice pictures Fed’s fans took over the past few weeks in Indian Wells and Key Biscayne. So goodbye, Spring hard-courts. You were pretty, but like a pair of good shoes, you were all fashion and no function.

Stoopid man.

Lung infection? Never fear! Nike prepared some extra protection for Feddy’s vital organs.

I’d ask y’all to name this rear-end, but I don’t think you’d get it wrong.

Fly Rogi fly!

Hey hey, Ms Photographer Girl, wrong angle!

The Hair Porn Enthusiasts should be pleased to know that the chocolate swirls are coming along nicely.

Of course, it wasn’t all “Hipster Rogie” on the practice courts. Ferd the Turd also turned up for some air time.

You know! The guy who didn’t get enough sleep because his girls kept him up all night.

Often confused with Federdork, who was once a cover-boy for Federporn Friday.

I want me some Federdorkery.

Oh go you! Monte Carlo!


xx doots


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15 responses to “Federporn (Good) Friday: Feddy-shaped Hole.”

  1. nilhenwen says :

    Is Roger playing Monte Carlo now??

  2. pban says :

    I knew nothing good would come of the short hair and the non blue wardrobe. Short hair only works at Flushing meadows and wimby….I want my blue back and not the blues he has put me into right now. Bobby Sod you are my most favored one after Fed but I so need Rafa to win this one. Oh Doots I was so not up for Federporn today,having nightmares of 2008.All that talk of not caring about these losses was hogwash by the way, how could he waste a matchpoint on his serve??

    • dootsiez says :

      It was only 3 months ago that you were saying Roger needed to stop wearing blue because it’s bad luck for the Australian Open

      Sheesh pban, get a superstition that works 😛

      • pban says :

        No blue mantra was only for aussie open,nm till this year that is.I like blue…. he has won 7 slams wearing blue.That is the frustrating part doots superstitions don’t work because they come only when he is losing 😦 ….so the entire concept is a paradox & I am not a superstitious person generally except where that douchebag is concerned so I never have one that works anyway 😉

  3. srdjana says :

    Is that ribcage t-shirt in shops? Or is it a one-off like Fed’s special edition “Quinceanara at the roller disco” 15 jacket?

  4. jfK says :

    Maybe if we all hope hard enough… he will play Monte Carlo. C’mon let’s do it guys.
    Ps. Doots you said if Fed won Australia you would write in iambic pentameter..:(

    • dootsiez says :

      Damn. You’re like the second person to catch me on that.

      I should take out the Federporn Friday sidebar. You guys are sneaky!

  5. judy says :

    i’ve missed fed ever since birdy eeked out the win, bringing out the federbear only helped him win set 2. thank you for all the feddybear goodness. i’ve been obsessed with his perfect hair lately and he’s been looking super hot! he may need to play monte carlo to get more match play in.

  6. Amandita_FP says :

    Nice Federporn Friday blog post! =)
    I’ll sure miss Feddy these next weeks… but I’ll hope he’ll come back stronger than ever =) I want him to successfully defend his title at Roland Garros. I can’t wait for the clay season to begin. It’ll be very interesting.

  7. northcay says :

    I love Arundhati Roy! And can you please allow me to say that I love you more now for the simple fact that you were able to somehow bridge “The God of Small Things” and Roger Federer. I wanna cry.

    P.S. I’m assuming you like Kiran desai & Aravind Adiga, too.

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