Quotable Quotes: Mystery solved?

Rafa fans wouldn’t be the only ones slightly concerned about his act of self-violence against Roddick in Miami, where Rafa was seen pounding his knee during the change of ends in frustration. It was a disconcerting sight, to see Nadal so down on himself in the middle of a match.

Perhaps there is an explanation for the angry display: word in the Spanish media is that there was a little niggle with the left knee knee.

According to Uncle Toni:

“I think he [Rafa] played at a high level. It was a pity losing to Ljubicic, where I think we needed more calmness to win the match, and then in Miami he had a problem with his left knee that prevented him from playing at its highest level. ”

“Our intention is rest on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday we’ll go to Monte Carlo. This stretch of the season has less wear on the body as clay is less taxing on the joints, but it’s also most important.”

Source: Mallorca Esports

Excuse my shoddy google-assisted translation. If anyone has more information or wants to jump in and fix up the misinterpretations, feel free.

xx doots



13 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Mystery solved?”

  1. Alex says :

    Doots – it’s more bullshit by Uncle Toni Soprano. Obviously the knee is troubling Rafa. But this Uncle Toni character has got to go.

    • dootsiez says :

      Actually, I like Uncle Toni. He seems like a man with a lotta common sense. Obviously, he speaks to the media a bit more than Rafa himself …

  2. Paul says :

    I like Rafa, I really do, but this bullshit ‘Rafa doesn’t lose unless he is injured’ bugs me, a lot.

    • Paul says :

      What that more means is, Roddick beat him fair and square, becaue ona hard court it is a 50 50 toss up with those 2.

      • dootsiez says :

        When Rafa’s on, I’d give Rafa the edge on hard court. On any court really.

        Although I do tend to agree with you – in the end, Roddick beat Rafa fair and square.

    • elisha says :

      Agreed. And it bugs me that when Rafa claims he’s injured, everybody feels bad for him because his knees are VISIBLY taped, so people notice and can understand that he’s “injured.” But for Roger who had mono and the lung infection or back injury that isn’t as visible, it’s all lies and excuses.
      Either way, I’m still a Rafa fan, but the double standard will always upset me.

      • BS says :

        I agree with you about the double standards. It’s really irritating when people don’t believe Federer about his illnesses. It’s hardly acceptable to say that he’s just making excuses for “poor form” when clearly something has caused him to play below his best. Federer said himself recently that he can’t understand why people didn’t believe him when he had the back injury.

        Hopefully Rafa gets better soon. He has to be back at number two by Roland Garros because I can’t think about a Rafa-Rog semi. I wouldn’t be able to put myself through that! I don’t think RG is going to be such a happy place for us fedophiles this year but we can continue to hope…… 🙂

        • dootsiez says :

          Hahaha BS, more optimism! I’m looking forward to seeing Roger as the defending champ at Roland Garros for once. Hope he enjoys it.

          As for the double standards, I guess as always, Federer created his own monster. Because he *so rarely* gets injured, and is usually so secretive about the extent of his injuries and illnesses until well after the effects had passed, we never cut him some slack for them.

          The plus side to that is that he keeps a veil of mystery over his form, so that the opponent walking on court on any given day doesn’t automatically assume that he’s not going to be playing at 100%.

        • flo says :

          Grandpa Federer needs to do his part and give interviews about how Roger is struggling with his injuries. Unfortunately he’s too busy just being supportive in private and not worrying about his son because he knows Roger can handle himself on the court and with the media.

          Oops, sounded mean there. I think Toni is just doing his best to let Rafa build his game back up and he doesn’t want doubt to seep in regarding whether the peak Rafa will show up soon; just being positive and staying on message.

      • hen says :

        It’s because Feddy’s back always goes wrong before DC matches. Even the loving Swiss media noticed it.

  3. pban says :

    I am with Paul here, what is the meaning of this statement by Toni when Rafa made claims to the contrary.I saw the match, Andy beat himand not the knees. Rafa played rubbish in the 3rd set as he did against Ljubi. I like Roger’s attitude on injuries but as a fan I would want more information sometimes.

  4. TennisAce says :

    It has been like this from the Nadal camp and Nadal apologists for quite sometime now. It has only just now caught on with other fans because of who he has just beaten. Whenever Fed beat him there was always some excuse as to why Fed beat him, especially if the match was on clay. Hamburg, he was tired after playing so many tournaments. In Madrid it was because of that 4 hour epic (yeah, when both players take 20 minutes between serves, that certainly is an epic) with Djokovic that made him not have anything left in the tank against Fed. Then Roland Garros comes around and poor Soderling gets absolutely no credit for beating Rafa on his favourite surface. No, it was the knees, then the crowd, then his parents breakup. Then the WTF rolls around and he gets taken to the cleaners. Did not even win a set and the knees come back. He is being manhandled by Murray and it is the knees. He gets rest and relaxation, runs around like a rabbit and beats poor Tsonga into the ground, outruns Ferrer, beats Nalbandian like he stole something and then when he gets to Roddick he starts abusing his knees. Whatever, I am over the knees now. You take your losses like a man and stop using the darned knees. It is the same thing with Sharapova. Sharapova has been serving up double faults since 2005 (go back and watch her match against Clijsters in the USO that year). Every time she loses it is the shoulder. When she wins, she is mentally tough. In Memphis she beat a bunch of no-name players who could not hold serve to save their lives, then when she meets someone who can not only return serve but basically make her run all day she folds like a cheap blanket and now it is her elbow that is injured. People say that the Williams Sisters do not give credit, at least when they come on court all strapped up and they lose, they dont blame injuries, they just say it like it is, she just played better than me today.

  5. srdjana says :

    Ha! So basically Toni is also saying here that Ivan Ljubicic was mentally stronger?! Bravo, Ivan!

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