Quotable Quotes: Mr Smart Cookie.

One of the things that always struck me about Federer, after reading his Captain Wasabe blog back in 06, was that Roger Federer can write, in a bizarrely calm and pleasing sort of way.

I don’t know why I expected otherwise, perhaps I’ve read too much of other players’ blogs and tweets – so filled with double exclamation marks(!!), spelling mistakes (Australia’s famous ‘kenguries’) or just general Sveta-WTFuckery (r u CRAYYY?!!).

Besides, as reports and biographies suggest, Roger wasn’t much of a smart cookie back in his school days. Yet he’s strangely eloquent in prose.

100 of the world’s eminent voices – from politicians and scientists to philosophers and … Jackie Chan – have written tributes ahead of the Shanghai World Expo 2010 to share their wisdom, suggestions and well wishes.

This is Roger’s entry:

Although I am running all over the world from one tournament to another all year round, I always cherish a particular attachment to Shanghai, one of my favorite cities in Asia and even in the whole world.

I have been in Shanghai five times since 2002. This is a wonderful city, very modern and full of skyscrapers. It is different from Switzerland and has many new things that fascinate me. Of course, the restaurants here are really great. Every time I come to Shanghai, I experience something new and different. On my way into town from the airport, I am always amazed by the constant changes taking place in this city, such as the skyscrapers rising up in Lujiazui and the downtown areas changing their look with each passing day. The greatest excitement for me is the exceptional enthusiasm of the tennis fans here. They all anticipate our visit so eagerly and with such great warmth that I always feel reluctant to leave once I am in Shanghai. Among my tennis fans, those in Shanghai are the warmest and the most loyal in the world.

I know 2010 is an important year for Shanghai and this World Expo will further enhance the charms of this energetic city. In fact, I already felt Shanghai’s World Expo“pulse”during my last visit to Shanghai. I saw so many posters and slogans promoting the exposition, and some working sketches of the venues still under construction. Together, they remind us of the approaching of the World Expo. Every time I saw them, my heart would leap. Perhaps the most lingering impression for me is Haibao, the spritely blue mascot of World Expo 2010 Shanghai China that greets visitors everywhere across the metropolis

I have never visited any World Expo before, but I know something about the one held in Germany and another hosted in Aichi, Japan. I believe World Expo 2010 Shanghai China will be the most successful of them all. I am looking forward to it eagerly.

It is a pity that I have a heavy schedule of tournaments next year and may not be able to visit Shanghai during this World Expo. However, I will certainly come and see the World Expo site when I am next in Shanghai. The top attraction for me will surely be the Swiss Pavilion, though I would visit others as time permits. I have heard that the China Pavilion looks great, so I think it will be a must-see for me.

Every time I come to Shanghai for a tournament, I find the warmth and friendship of local people among the most overwhelming of anywhere in the world. This is why I feel such a deep attachment to the city. Shanghai has become one of the most renowned tennis cities in the world. The welcome I have always received here has been heart-warming. I am sure that other people coming from across the world who visit the World Expo will be equally impressed by Shanghai’s hospitality.

In the end, my family and I would like to send our best and most sincere wishes for your wonderful World Expo.

Source: EastDay


30 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Mr Smart Cookie.”

  1. jfK says :

    I still wonder if Mirka ever got revenge on Captain Wasabi :P. Why doesn’t Federer-san blog? He’s really quite hilarious.

  2. pban says :

    He is not intentionally hilarious, its just that we find his federdorkery amusing but then we can hardly be considered objective where Feddy is concerned.But he certainly can start a standup comic show with Courier ….and the best thing about him is that he can laugh at himself 😀

    • flo says :

      second. he’s more gary marshall-funny than chris rock-funny; more runaway bride than princess bride. it’s lame but then i watch him destroy Murray so it’s not so lame. it’s like sesame street: it’s funny if i’m being generous or infantile if i’m not. so yeah, it’s predicated on his success (at least initially); it’s conditional. roddick, i find much funnier.

      but lest i be taken for a self-hating fed fan, i believe it’s the same for rafa fans: if rafa wasn’t puffy the federer slayer would fed haters love him only for his being not a douche as federer is (to them at least). get real, folks; we’re all success whores to some extent. success is attractive, so say we all (haha, bsg) literally. Oh, also, thanks to Desmond the final season of Lost is back on track.

      • TGIF says :

        No question Roddick is far wittier than Fed (or anyone else on the ATP tour); he’s the king of one-liners.
        Can’t wait ’til he (hopefully?) becomes a commentator upon retirement . . .

      • dootsiez says :

        LOL. Feddy’s not known for his humour. When he cracks jokes, they tend to be “dad jokes”. Even when he wasn’t a dad. 😛

        I do find him to be a very expressive person though. Both verbally and in writing.

        flo – I’m with you on success being attractive. Never pretended that I would’ve given Roger a second glance if he wasn’t the prolific world beater that he is. If that makes me a “self-hating fed fan” in some people’s eyes, so be it. I tend to think that it makes me “aspire to greatness”. 😉

        And you’re obsessed with Lost. Just to state the obvious.

        • pban says :

          well I started with my fed fanaticism in its truest sense from wimby 2004, but I knew I was going to back him in a match ever since 2001 so I don’t know about his success being the only attraction for me, but yes it helps if your guy is winning everything.Fandom is an escape route for all the bottled emotions, you can feel without feeling responsible…so it is pointless to rationalise behaviour which springs from our subconscious desire to just let go.

  3. TGIF says :

    I know just what you mean; I’ve always noticed that as well, and it’s strange as I don’t find him articulate in speech, tho’ he has his moments.
    Tho’ now ironic, his article on TW for golf magazine I thought wasn’t half bad http://www.golf.com/golf/tours_news/article/0,28136,1910353,00.html

    • TGIF says :

      Edit: The Tiger things is much more polished tho’ ; he may have had help. This expo piece is pure classic Roger phrasing, “in fact, I already felt”; “it’s a pity”, etc.

  4. TGIF says :

    I do think RF has a feel for language tho’; recently in Miami he referred to the “flamboyant” character of the latin americans; I remember thinking that was quite a well, flamboyant adjective to use . . .

  5. TGIF says :

    This article about Fed’s school days is cute:


    His high school prof didn’t think he was all dumb; said he had occasional “strokes of genius,” mostly in math.
    He also wrote a story about a boy who wants to be a tennis coach; that would be a blast to read, lol.

    • FortuneCookie says :

      Of course he’d tell the teacher to keep the signatures and sell them when he was famous.OF COURSE he would 😛 Typical Roger arrogance was there even at 14 clearly 😛

      • TGIF says :

        Hee. I think it was a classmate he said that to.
        I remember the days of doodling signatures in class . . .

    • pban says :

      Translation please guys

      • TGIF says :

        I don’t have time to do the whole thing now, but what we’re discussing above (roughly) is:

        Roger was doodling in class in his notebook trying different ways to sign his name; he asked his classmate which he thought was best. The kid answered, “I don’t care, you won’t be able to use it anyway,” so Roger responded, “you keep the paper and when I’m famous you can sell it.” Unfortunately he didn’t keep the paper. 🙂

        • flo says :

          thanks for the translation. nice story. a story for the children, a nice memory but not sure it would have been worth that much since he autographs quite a bit of stuff. If it were mine I’d keep it.

        • pban says :

          ThanksTGIF ,heard something similar about a painter (can’t remember who) who paid his innkeeper by drawing something on the tablecloth and signing it.The innkeeper had the good sense to keep the souvenir unlike Fed’s friend.

        • dootsiez says :

          Hmm … just out of curiosity: who *hasnt* done that?

          Or maybe I just have an ego too big for Roger Federer.

  6. judy says :

    i think fed is one of the smartest, most eloquent, well spoken (and yes sometimes dorky) tennis greats of all of time. he balances boyish charm with thoughtful and insightful answers and writing. it’s part of what makes him so appealing! it also helps that he’s obsessed with and so passionate about tennis!

  7. oracle86 says :

    Hey there Dootsiez,

    I’m a huge fan of your blog. Love the way you write, love the federporn. Keep the goodies coming! 🙂

    BTW, could you send me an invite to tennistorrents.com [you’re a member there, right?]

    Thank you so much in advance! 😉


    • dootsiez says :

      Hmm didn’t tennistorrents.com go down a year ago? I *was* a member there, but now I just use t3nnis.tv.

      If you want an invitation to that lemme know.

  8. oracle86 says :

    Is that so? Apologies then. I was under the impression that the site was up and running again – perhaps on a new URL. I’m already a member on t3nnis.tv , thanks once again! 🙂

    And keep up the good work!!! 😉


  9. hen says :

    Having heard a lot of Fed’s pressers and interviews and being a professional linguist I am pretty sure that Fed didn’t write it. The manner of expression is absolutely incompatible with his normal pause-filling ungrammatical blabbering.

    • TGIF says :

      Really? Well whoever wrote this is not a native english speaker, eg “one of my favorite cities even in the whole world” is awkward.
      To me the style is very similar to Fed’s newsletters he used to do for his website.
      Sure he probably got someone to proofread / clean it up, like I do at work if I write stuff in another language.

  10. heyo says :

    I may be dense, but can someone explain the source of Captain Wasabi? I read the blog from 2006, but the character of ‘Captain Wasabi’ seems to enter the story with no explanation…..


    • TGIF says :

      Roger calls himself “Captain Wasabi” because he played a joke on Mirka by hiding some spicy Wasabi paste in her food.

  11. pban says :

    Good one doots,couldn ‘t have said it better 😉

  12. srdjana says :

    Djokovic is funnier and smarter.

  13. pban says :

    Funnier maybe if you like imitations as a source of humour, but smarter ??? I donno he has a propensity of putting his foot in his mouth.From what I have heard Roger likes to fool around in the locker room.

  14. TGIF says :

    First off, why is it a competition?

    Yes Djoko is very articulate in his interviews (esp more general ones, not the post-match stuff), and I would agree he comes across as very bright.

    Roger has his own charm tho’; he has imagination, earnestness, and a touch of a lyrical/poetic quality to the way he expresses himself.

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