Federporn Friday: Fedal Bonanza – Pt 1

Many of you might know that I started off on the Rafa side of the rivary. Roger really didn’t take my fancy until Aus Open 2007. From then on, my love for Roger grew and conversely, I became less interested in Rafa.

But despite all that, Rafa is still my second favourite male player. Being the bandwagon skank that I am, I may cheat on him occasionally with Bobby Sod or Jo-Willy, but rest assured Rafa: you will always be my biggest concubine.

This week’s Federporn Friday welcomes Rafa as a guest star. And because it’s our beloved Fedal, I’m devoting two weeks to picspamming you with their goodness.


We can start, of course, by going through a gazillion photos of them touching each other’s abs. Yay!

[Rafa’s hair … I have no words.]

Of course, Roger and Rafa have more than just great abs in common. They also share the same dedication to this sport.

… the same “bro-shirt”.

“Kinbé pa lagé”, meaning “hold on tight, don’t let go”. Made for the Haiti Relief.

They share the same dorkery.

… The same love of  cars …

… The same furry eyebrows …

They even shared a secret handshake at Wimbledon, before the parting of ways.

They shared many stolen glances, as Rafa made gooey eyes at Roger.

And sometimes, Roger made gooey eyes back.

Err … sometimes he didn’t.

But that’s hardly the point!

The point is that what we have before us is one of the most professionally heated, but personally friendly rivalries in modern sports.

Watching the Sampragassi relationship come crashing down over the past few months has given me a renewed appreciation of Federer and Nadal and the way they’ve gotten along over the years: not because their mutual sponsor demanded it, not because it was good for PR that two of the most prominent men in this sport act like friends, but because the alternative – a war of words, bitching to the media, carrying out adolescent grudges at a charity fundraiser – was never an option.

It simply didn’t seem to occur to them that they should have reason to not to like each other.

So while Agassi and Sampras fell out at Indian Wells and created a media frenzy, Roger and Rafa walked off the court together, engrossed in friendly chatter.

It wasn’t the story of the day, but it was the better story.

xx doots

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42 responses to “Federporn Friday: Fedal Bonanza – Pt 1”

  1. LJ says :

    general fedal makes me all warm and fuzzy…fedal finals however…make me want to kill myself.

    • dootsiez says :

      no kidding. While looking for pictures, I went sadistically through all the AO 09 final pictures.

      😦 😦 😦 😦

    • pban says :

      My sentiments exactly.If Feddy had not been around *shudders*methinks Rafa would have been the way to go, unfortunately our relationship started on the wrong note ,RG 2005 just did not endear Rafa to me at all and the subsequent years just squashed all hope of a reconciliation ,however with the passing years I have learnt to appreciate Rafa(Muzza &Djoko have helped no doubt ) and the fact that Feddy obviously likes him and that Rafa adores him have helped.Love the pictures doots:) now let us get him back at 2 , a Fedal semifinal at RG is not my idea of bromance.

  2. grace says :

    I can´t stand Rafa so out of your blog for two weeks, what a pity!

  3. roadrunnerz says :

    Eeeek!! I love me some Fedal!

    The first pic, Doots! OMG…can you say bromance?

    This has got to be one of my fave Federporn Fridays yet!

    I cannot lie and say I enjoy Rafa on court. Everything about his game is just not my cup of tea.

    BUT…off the court I adore him.

    And you’re so right about how watching the latest in the Sampragassi feud (at a charity fundraiser no less), gave me new appreciation for Fedal.

    And much as the Wimby ’08 and AO ’09 losses sucked for a Fed fan, in hindsight, they gave us some of the best Fedal moments to date.

    I still get goosebumps when I recall the interview with McEnroe after Fed’s Wimby loss where, minutes after his most gutting, heartbreaking loss ever, he praises Rafa to McEnroe as Rafa looks on from behind.
    And the AO trophy ceremony where Rafa hugs him after Fed cries almost made me bawl.

    I flove those two.

    • dootsiez says :

      “And much as the Wimby ‘08 and AO ‘09 losses sucked for a Fed fan, in hindsight, they gave us some of the best Fedal moments to date.”

      As much as I hated to see Roger lose two matches, they’re probably two of the most poignant moments in his career, said so much about his character and passions. ❤

      • judy says :

        doots, this post rocks! i call this a ‘BFF rivalry’ because that is what it is! pics are hilarious. memories…

        we are so lucky as tennis fans to watch these two contemporary legends play each other at the highest of heights, while displaying a love and passion for the game, tremendous athleticism, respect, admiration and sportsmanship and incredible shotmaking and drama filled battles! each match is a part of history. totally agree on how tough it has been to be a fed fan during the fedal finals, but i’d rather have those than not having these two go head to head on the biggest of stages. here’s hoping we get them in a major final this year! FO or wimby please! would be super meaningful and intriguing.

        next time, please consider some pics from HFH AO since they were all giggly!

        • judy says :

          btw doots, excellent writing in this post as well. you hit it right on the money and captured their rivalry wonderfully! it also helps that they are two handsome men. 😉

          the caption in the last pic should be, ‘can you believe the tension out there? let’s never ever be like them.’ 🙂

          i stand corrected, you did have some HFH pics, but i know there are some from rog and rafa on the bench, sharing a laugh, way too cute.

  4. marcoiac says :

    beautiful post, beautiful picts. you are a true artist

    rog-rafa vs pete-andre: could it also be just a general cultural difference? rog and rafa are europeans, pete and andre raised americans….the gun culture in the u.s. damages brains and minds….

    • dootsiez says :

      I tend to steer off stereotypes of Americans. I tend to think that Pete and Andre, well – Andre particularly – coming from a US tennis academy background, are going to be more confrontational.

      Whereas Roger and Rafa, who grew up with very relaxed parents are more well-adjusted to a bit of friendly competition.

  5. flo says :

    Quite a bit of ho yay on display (under/overtone). Or maybe just seeing the pictures together. Luckily not much fanfic in the tennis world. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • dootsiez says :

      “Luckily not much fanfic in the tennis world.”

      flo, you obviously don’t go on livejournal that much. I’m pretty sure there are quite a few Fedal-slash groups there. 😛

  6. Mia says :

    Aww, this is a great entry on one of the greatest bromance in sports. Two decent guys who I think are genuinely fond of each other. Now if only some of their er, rabid, fans can grow up and be civil.


  7. Ceeza says :

    They both look goofy as heck in that boat pic..

  8. northcay says :

    Haha “Tennis Bromance”… I admire their mutual respect for each other. It’s a really good thing for tennis. It reminds people how tennis should really be : gentleman’s game.

  9. Emma says :

    If someone gone back 12 months ago and told me I would have learnt to love Rafa through the awesome bromance that is Fedal I probably would have laughed but it’s happened! It’s such a unique nice friendship among sporting rivalries.

  10. BS says :

    Oh Fedal. Rafa and I really didn’t get off to the best start (ok, I *hated* him) and even though I disowned him for breaking my heart at SW19 and AO, I have come to love him over the last two years. That said, anytime the two of them face off, I completely forget that Rafa is no longer the moody teenager that I like to think he was back in 2006 when he won he won all of those matches. The thing is the two of them are so alike off-court – dorky, cute and unintentionally hilarious, but SO different on-court. That’s what has created such an intense rivalry, the constant comparison and contrasts that were made between them. We are truly blessed to have two such classy players at the top of the men’s game.

    The champagne photos are definitely the best. Along with the secret handshake at Wimbledon. Well done doots, A+!!

    • dootsiez says :

      Hehehehe BS, that’s the opposite of my story, no? Me and Rog didn’t get along to start with. I remember feeling fabulous whenever Rafa beat him in 06.

      Of course, these days, as much as I’m pro-Fedal, when Roger plays Rafa, all bets are off. I think the Fed-sympathetic Rafa fans will feel the same way. 🙂

  11. girl from michigan says :

    … And the award for Best Picspam Theme goes to… DOOTSIEZ!

    My love for all things Fedal knows no bounds.

  12. Red4Fed says :

    Doots, your blog is evil! Ever since I stumbled across it a few weeks ago I simply cannot stop reading it, despite my best efforts to tear my eyes away to study for a hugely important exam. What a treat to find a fellow Fedal fanatic who writes with such entertaining, sardonic humor, and what a relief to discover there are others like me who chew their nails right down to the quick every time Fed finds himself in a tight match! I absolutely adore your blog and now I read it every day. Please don’t ever stop writing – it would break my heart! By the way, Federporn Friday is absolutely the best thing ever, and this post on my favorite tennis bromance of all time has just filled me with warm fuzzies. I can’t wait for the next installment!

  13. breadstix says :

    If in future anyone ever asks why I’m a Fedal fan, I think I shall simply direct them to this post. ❤ And ohmegosh, there's going to be a PART TWO as well? Awsms. They can be such cute goofballs sometimes. I'm glad their rivalry's not like the Sampras-Agassi one.

    Federporn (Fedalporn?) Fridays never fail to bring a smile to mah face.

  14. pban says :

    Exactly Red4Fed the overwhelming sense of relief which encompasses you in this forum when you realize that you are not alone in your madness and there are plenty more like you is priceless. One of the best part about this blog is that the ones(full marks to you Doots) who post here are aware of Feddy’s weaknesses but love him anyway.We may occassinally stab our federbears or subject our pillows to inhuman torture,tear our hairs out at another shank and promise ourslves that this is it ,we are definitely over him but then we miss him the minute he is off air.The joy of watching something indescribably beautiful has made us greedy and demanding but the truth is Roger is so much more than just tennis, he is a reminder of how success does not have to be ugly infact a liitle grace can go a long way.

    • Red4Fed says :

      So true pban! My husband thinks I’m absolutely insane when I invest hours of my day and many centimeters of my fingernails into cheering on Fed, only to descend into despair when his forehand takes off into shanksville. But even when he loses those inexplicable matches and I swear I’ll never get so upset about someone I’ve never met again, I inevitably get all excited for his next match anyway. Watching Fed play tennis in the stunningly beautiful way that only he can play it is just too addicting… and the fact that he’s such a gracious, generous, and charming person makes it impossible to tear myself away. What will I do when he finally retires?!? *shudder at the thought* It’s such a relief to find I’m not alone in my craziness! 🙂

      • Deb says :

        Not hardly alone. I am a woman of advanced years who has to hide just how over the top I am with my Fed love. I am on constant watch for the raised eyebrows of my family and friends. I lost my mind in 2006 over that cream jacket at Wimbledon and have been in sheer madness ever since. I hate it when he loses early because the thought that I won’t get to see him next round leaves me bereft. I don’t have anything against Nadal except watching his game is like watching paint dry with sound. I do like their friendship although I can’t help thinking Roger would think animosity towards his closest rival would be unseemly unless he was an a**hole like the Djoker used to be. Roger is every cliche that has ever been used to describe him. He really is poetry in motion.

      • pban says :

        Please we don’t use the” R” word here 😉

  15. srdjana says :

    Sampras and Agassi did not suddenly fall out at Indian Wells. Their rivalry in the early years was partly manufactured by Nike, trying to sell Agassi’s day-glo and denim to the urban set, Pete’s conservative whites to the country club set. But it was always clear they never liked one another, and I for one didn’t need them to. It irked Andre that Pete was the first to get a slam, and it irked Pete that Andre was the first to win Wimbledon – even after skipping it for years. While I do appreciate the Fedal circle jerk (sometimes Murray and Nole join in the fun!) I like my rivalries a little meaner and spicier.

    • dootsiez says :

      I like my rivalries a little spicy sometimes. But then there’s a difference between a fan of the rivalry and a fan of the players in that rivalry, no?

      At least for me, there is.

  16. Deb says :

    Can I just say, I never get tired of seeing pictures from Wimby 2006!

  17. Jack says :

    Even though without Nadal, Federer would probably have about 20 Grand Slams by now, I don’t know whether people would appreciate, and respect, Federers career and achievements as much if Nadal wasn’t around.

    Plus, when you see their rivalry, I wonder if their ever has been a womens rivalry like theirs?………..maybe Serena and Maria!! 😀

  18. elisha says :

    Favorite “tennis bromance” with Roger-Marat a close second for sure! I remember reading a Roger-Marat special in here! haha Thanks for sharing these pics, doots! I haven’t seen a lot of them! The first pic cracked me up! And the absolute dorkery of the champagne photo is priceless! Can’t wait for next Friday!

    I feel like the media kind of over-hyped the rivalry between Agassi and Sampras. Maybe more so since I’m from the states, but I’m not a confrontational person so the Agassi-Sampras rivalry always made me cringe. Although it wasn’t much of a competition for me as I’ve always rooted for Andre. For some reason, I could never bring myself to really enjoy watching Pete’s game…!

    • dootsiez says :

      Totally agree – always rooted for Agassi. Still do, after everything that’s happened in the last few months.

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