Picspam: All those glances that we stole.

You and me. Could write a rad bromance.

It seems just yesterday that Miami wrapped up with Randy and Kim feeling the good vibrations, suddenly, we’re entering the hustle and bustle part of the clay season as the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters kick off this week.

Much like the principality itself, the tournament threw a lavish players’ party, attended by Rafa, Nole, Jo, the Nandopez (Felicinando?) and the Ljubs.

Raise an eyebrow, if you must, at Rafa’s choice of shoes.

Dapper Jo can do no wrong. He’s bringing out the shoulder-fetish in me these days.

Nole needed his better half present to upstage the competition.

Unfortunately, the security was a tad lax and a couple of hobos managed to crash the party.

Since Rogie and Mirka are going to adopt me, these guys can be my godparents. Have you ever seen anything sweeter?

Mrs Ljubs totally channelling the Mirka vibe there. You go Boss.

xx doots


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10 responses to “Picspam: All those glances that we stole.”

  1. raindelaysplay says :

    We tried “Felando” but that means something in Spanish best left to the imagination, so someone suggested “LoVers” for the Bromance 😉

    • gamegrrle says :


      I’ve been saying that for a long time now! They remind me exactly of two friends of mine who are married to each other…

      P.S. My friends are men 🙂 … and they are also both beautiful!

  2. FortuneCookie says :

    Andy tweeted how he’d been chatting to Shirley Bassey,god that’d have been a hilarious conversation to be a fly on the wall at…
    And awww bless Jo for turning up with a tie and everything,I feel like he’s trying to channel a certain RF with his suit wearing skills? 😉

  3. Mia says :

    Don’t know why but Jelena Ristic reminds me so much of Mirka.

  4. Ribbons says :

    Jo looks FANTASTIC. Tomas can get away with the leather and denim, but saints on a showerhead, Muzz, get Gillette or Bic to sponsor you already. Looking like someone drew on your face with a dry-erase marker — sheesh!

  5. Ceeza says :

    I’m glad to see Verdasco in Monte Carlo.. They just showed kiM Kardashian is in madrid.. I hope for Fernandos sake he stays far far far away..even though I already know he can’t help himself.. If he starts dating her he’ll finally blow up over here in America and it will be for all the wrong reasons..

  6. srdjana says :

    Aida Ljubičić isn’t remotely like Mirka Vavrinec Federer.

  7. Ceeza says :

    Also Rafa needs to step his swagger up off the court ..his style needs an upgrade stat..

  8. BS says :

    Rafa. Just a small piece of advice. Grow your hair longer. You look SO much better like that 😉

  9. srdjana says :

    Rafa does a Continental look that’s a bit passé- but you would think Murray could find a decent Savile Row tailor.

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