Picspam: Nerdalicious.

You learn something new every day: apparently “oceanographic” is a word.

Not only is it a word, it’s also a museum in Monte Carlo, attended by Nole and Jo-Willy head of the Monte Carlo Masters this week.

Gawd, I don’t say this often but Nole totally looks nerd-chic. In a Dostoevsky-reading librarian at an all-girls school who listens to indie music and writes Eskimo poetry kinda way. Golly.

Ahem so … MOVIN ON NOW.

Well dressed, Nole. I’m impressed.

Jo-Willy doesn’t have to wear anything to impress me. In fact, he doesn’t have to wear anything at all.

Tsonga’s shoulders. Unf.

xx doots

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9 responses to “Picspam: Nerdalicious.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    Nerdy Nole>On court Nole
    Also,sounds like someone um,admired,their high school librarian no? 😛 Mine unfortunately is a terminally miserable 50-something American woman!
    And Jo just always looks so,manly…which is of course a ridiculous description but the most accurate 😉

  2. raindelaysplay says :

    And you’ve only just realised that Nole cuts a ridiculously fine intellectual figure?! Please tell me you’ve discovered his Novak-powered perpetual motion experiment? It’s brilliant.

  3. srdjana says :

    Plus, he speaks at least as many languages as Fed but doesn’t get the same credit.

  4. pban says :

    Lol srjdana that’s because he is 15 slams short of Fed and doesn’t have to give half as many interviews 😛

  5. FortuneCookie says : says Nole and Todd Martin have split,he says he’ll be working full time with Marian again…
    I dunno,that’s not the way I’d go if I was him,he seems to have been slumping since about Wimbly 08 (relatively,I know he’s made 2 USO semi finals and reached no.2!),it just seems to be clearly not working…Maybe he feels some sort of loyalty towards Vajda?

  6. Mia says :

    Nole seems to be channeling Fed in that outfit.

  7. Ribbons says :

    Too lazy to gather links at the moment, but Nole in eyeglasses = wicked hot.

  8. srdjana says :

    His compatriot Janko also makes the nerd look work – anyone else see the ad in which Tipsarevic “plays” a waiter?

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