‘Fedalporn’ Friday: Bonanza Pt 2.

Greetings pornos! Yer ready for the Fedal Bonanza Pt 2?

Why do I even ask?

[Try not to compare arm sizes in that last photo.]

So where were we up to last time?

Oh yeth …

The great thing about the Fedal bromance is that the two of them are full of secrets. They share secret jokes

Secret glances

Secret signs of admiration

Secret chit-chats

… and many secret messages!

Pssst Rafa.
Your hair smells really good.

Psst Rogie.
… You’re wearing your pants back-to-front.

They even went on a secret date once … and they thought we didn’t know.

With you by my side, I will never walk alone.

Even when you’re hurting…

Even when I’m hurting…

Indeed, things were not always rosy between Feddy and Rafa. I’d be lying to say that I didn’t at some point hold a grudge against poor Rafa for making Rogiebums look like this.

… and this. 😦

Hear that, Rafa? That’s the sound of my heart breaking.

And this is the sound of you treading on pieces of my broken heart.

And when I uncurled myself from fetal position after the Australian Open 2009 final, I looked like this.

Yet despite all that, I remember waking up the day after the Australian Open and seeing this picture. I felt certain that Rafa’s consolations were genuine, and that he really thought Roger smelt good too.

… and that somewhere down the track, there’ll be more fairy tales for Fedophiles and Rafaelites again.

My favourite picture.

xx doots


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18 responses to “‘Fedalporn’ Friday: Bonanza Pt 2.”

  1. pban says :

    Aah doots it took sometime to recover from the gooey mush that the first half of this post had turned me into, but wimby 2008 oh no 😦 , the AO 2009 ones are heartbreaking but understandable in the context of this post.Absolutely agree about the best picture ever, it is my most favourite as well,both are looking gorgeous and the gesture was so affectionate and so unself-conscious….. love it 😀

  2. Emma says :

    Thank you SO much for this amazing picspam.. My love for Fedal is second only to my love for Federdork 😀 So many great pictures here, I miss these two! I really hope we haven’t seen the last of their playing together 😦 Also, that picture of Roger at the net from Wimby 08 – WOW! That is actually an amazing photo, the lighting is just beautiful.. Thanks so much!

  3. Mia says :

    I have to LOL at that Madrid picture. The fact that Fed was almost always collecting cookie trays (i.e., the runner-up) in clay tournies was a running joke. He went and won Madrid but wound up with a cookie tray anyway. 🙂 So much for justice in the world.

  4. elf princess says :

    This FF made me cry! You did a wonderful job, doots.

  5. breadstix says :

    That was amazing. :3
    When was this ‘secret date’ that you speak of?

  6. LJ says :

    I also would like to ask when the secret date was…was it a madonna concert? In my head that’s what it is.

    also for me Madrid 2009 was the least angsty final I’ve experienced, although i didn’t watch it live so maybe that doesn’t count, but the trophy celebrations were the gooeyist ever, from them 2 preening eachother to feddy and dinara been scared by the confetti mortars, it was GOLD.

  7. Lovekosifed says :


    Thanks for the touching Fedal FP, Doots! I got all gooey with all the photos of their secret exchanges, and then my heart got broken all over again with the Wimby 08 and Aus 09 pics…and then you sprang up the Becks beer! 😀

    Rafa’s face in the last pic is priceless. I’d probably have the same face if Roger so much as look at my curls.

  8. girl from michigan says :

    You know, when they get to the point of personal grooming each other (as in Madrid), the bromance has reach a whole other level.

    here’s another pic of their football date during the madrid masters in 2006


  9. BS says :

    I had never really noticed Rog’s puny left arm before, but since you pointed it out in the first pic I can’t stop staring at it! I love these two on their own, but together, their awesomeness is just taken to a whole new level. I hope Mirka knows about the secret date, or else Rog is gonna be in big trouble….. 🙂

    You just had to bring out the SW19 and AO pics, didn’t you?! I felt the same as you, I was so upset after the AO final, but I had so much admiration for Rafa afterwards that it softened my hatred for him ever so slightly.

    I love that during the trophy presentations at the Masters events they always have great conversations, even though one of them has just lost. I marvel at how much they respect each other and it would be such a shame if they didn’t get on as well as they did.

    Great post, I loved it. Thank you!! 🙂

  10. lauren says :

    These pictures just sum up why I’ve loved tennis so much for the last few years. I’ve always felt that they are both inextricably tied to each other – both so astonishing in their own way but both stopped from reaching their ultimate by each other. It made them both better players, the game more fascinating, the suspense more delicious. And they did it whilst being so different and so decent to each other.

  11. jfK says :

    I didn’t know they went on a secret date together!! 😛 Cool scarf, Rog. but the Wimb 08 pictures and Aus 09.. just can’t look at those, rips my hear to shreds 😦

  12. judy says :

    rafa is definitely a heartbreaker. he killed me during AO ’09 (though i will always remember that wonderful hug during the trophy ceremony) and even more so during wimby ’08! but then nadal is so unbelievably gracious and caring and adorable! i want to hate him, but he’s just sooo nice! 🙂 love them together. if they didn’t have mirka and xisca you know…

    bff rivalry forever! every time i see pics of them from madrid i get all melty! we really couldn’t ask for anything better. they are both the total packages and go together like pb&j. 🙂

    absolutely brilliant doots! you chose the perfect fedal images. thanks so much!

  13. roadrunnerz says :

    Ooooooh…more Fedal porn!!

    Thanks, doots.

    Rafa, I want to hate you for breaking my guy’s heart so often, but how can I when you also gave him a chance to show the world what he’s really made of? (Wimby 2008, anyone?).

    Love every single one of those pics and I don’t want to imagine a day when we’ll have tennis world without these two guys in it.

    • dootsiez says :

      “how can I when you also gave him a chance to show the world what he’s really made of?”

      *sigh* it might’ve been easier to get over it if Roger had lost it in straight sets, but I would not have had the same level of respect for him.

  14. srdjana says :

    I’m old and remember decades of tennis before these two. It’s a fine bromance, to be sure, but the tennis world will always have new players to be excited about.

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