Picspam: 11 secret herbs and spices.

Roger and his original recipe legs are back on court, looking rather delectable.

Don’t you sometimes just want to sink your tee-


Alright folks, at some point, I do plan to write about Monte Carlo and Charleston. For now, just enjoy a rare taste of Switzerland.

Thanks Robbie Fed.

xx doots



19 responses to “Picspam: 11 secret herbs and spices.”

  1. Mia says :

    Those mighty legs are finely chiseled. Yummy.

  2. Nic says :

    Whoa. Fed’s obviously been using his training time wisely. I don’t think I’ve ever seen his legs so toned and muscle-y. I guess you have to start training early if you want to look nice in your Wimbledon short shorts.

  3. TennisAce says :

    A sight for sore eyes indeed. Hmm those legs and that colour. Did he get baked in the clay or something? Looks so yummy

  4. grace says :

    Thanks for the nice pics, back on your blog after the horrible M.C.,I was missing your blog and of course missing Roger, can´t wait…

  5. pban says :

    Wow it is almost a year since RG,I don’t know about you guys but I am worried about Feddy.Every January I say that one slam a year is good but I simply cannot take another post Wimby loss Fed 😦 .But his legs do look great, besides the obvious they are the ideal ones for a tennis player who is so nimble on his feet, the only other player who comes to mind with something similar was Steffi.

    • BS says :

      I understand your pain. I am very worried 😦 Let’s hope Madrid-Wimbledon 2010 is a repeat of Madrid-Wimbledon 2009. You never know though, he could surprise us…

      • pban says :

        I don’t think we will have a repeat of last year but I am OK if he comes out of it with Wimby, however another loss to Rafa and all those naysayers having a field day after it with their asterixed opinions …..I don’t think I am up for it BS.Roger has put me through this emotional rollercoaster since 2004 …. sometimes I feel Ican’t bear it any more and then he gives us the AO2010 experience…..and we are left craving for more .

        • jfk says :

          pban,I know what you mean, if Fed loses at RG this year the haters will just say it was a ‘fluke’ win even though he has been in the finals for the past 4 yrs.

        • BS says :

          Yeah, I agree, I don’t see a repeat of last year happening either. It will really hurt if he loses to Rafa at RG, even if he does win Wimbledon. It’s always been like that!

  6. sazzylove says :

    Way to go Fed!Cant wait to see you play next week! ;-0

  7. judy says :

    love the chix ref doots. you never cease to make me laugh and enjoy rog in a different way!

    let’s have confidence in rog! i know it can be super hard to be a rog fan given what happened in ’08, but the GOAT and 16 GS champ is capable of anything, no matter the opponent. plus, he should play more freely since he finally won FO, repeated at wimby in spectacular fashion and went on to win AO again with some of his best tennis ever. i don’t care that he beat le sod at FO, he made it through some tough matches and dug deep. he earned that victory and career slam. i also feel like rog should have learned a lot from ’08 and ’09. he will not and should not make the same mistakes, like in AO ’09 and USO ’09. seeing how he dismantled murray at AO gives me confidence that when it comes to the slams, rog will not underestimate his opponents and will be more aggressive. it will help for him to have a decent clay court swing.

    i would love to see rog and rafa play some finals this year, with fed being the victor of course, improving the HTH and solidifying #1.

    • elisha says :

      I agree about Roger deserving FO and not only because I’m a terribly biased Federer fan. He had really tough matches from the beginning of that tournament, and he came through all 7 rounds to win the damn thing. Even he said it felt like he was playing final after final when Rafa lost. And to come out and play with that much pressure weighing down on him alone. It was an amazing feat.

      I do want that HtH not so lopsided as well.

    • pban says :

      Admire your positive attitude judy but seeing the clay monster in full swing last week has not helped uplift my mood at all.We don’t even know where Roger’s game is right now and IW and Miami did not inspire any confidence at all 😦

      • judy says :

        i’ll be honest, i am concerned for rog, but he stepped things up last clay court season and look what happened. i know nadal wasn’t as much of a factor from madrid on, but still, rog had to play everyone else at the top and came through. let’s hope for favorable draws and that fed’s training and practice pays off! we have to remember that he hasn’t been doing as well at masters series events for some time, but continues to kick ass at the slams. 🙂 he will be defending champ at FO, but i think it’s a little bit less pressure and he should play more freely given that he’s gotten that monkey off his back. trust me, i’ve been a fed fan for years, so i totally hear ya on the worry. i admit it, i may have to bring the feddybear out for rome and wear my i heart rog t-shirt just incase!

  8. Deborah says :

    I promised the Universe and my slave ancestors that, if Roger could win the FO and Wimby last year, break that Slam record, I would stop begging for Roger stuff. Well, obviously, I ive broken that promise. I know everything from here on out is gravy. I even said on that we are debating how much icing should go on an already delicious cake and what flavor! Sigh, I can’t help myself: go get the calendar slam, baby boy.

    • dootsiez says :

      Hahaha I know exactly what you mean. Our greed is insatiable, but we can’t help it. I’ve taken to making a donation to charity every time Roger wins a slam (crazy I know) to somehow “offset” the Universal Law of Tennis God Karma. The alternative is sacrificing a goat.


      Bonkers, I am.

      • Deborah says :

        I can only tell fellow crazy Roger fans, the lengths I have gone to to deal with Tennis Karma. I have missed seeing so many Slam finals in real time because I dare not miss church for tennis. Sure didn’t help at FO 06, 07, 08, or Wimby 08 but there you go. Fortunately, first my VCR and then DVR saved me. Funny, but true story: a friend sought me out at church on the day of the Wimby 09 final and asked if I had seen any of the match before coming to church. When I said no, she told me Roger had lost the first set. She later told me the look on my face made her regret telling me. When I got home and saw the score of the fifth set, all I could think was, just like in 2007, I may have died before he pulled it out so it was probably for the best!! All I can say is I am a woman of, ah, mature years and I have lost my mind over Roger Federer.
        I like your charity idea and I think I’ll do just that! Let’s not bother the goat. After all, one did beat Roger in the race during his Ethiopia trip.

      • braggaditis says :

        “I’ve taken to making a donation to charity every time Roger wins a slam ”

        Doots: You’re absofrickinglutely awesome! Keep it up.

        Nice story as well, Deborah. 🙂

        Echoing the positive vibes though it looks kind of an uphill task for Feddy, with Nadal in this form. 😕

      • pban says :

        You are not the only one doots,you should see the scribbles in my books….there are numerous letters to the almighty one begging for Feddy,some even in codes(the first letter of each word) sometimes even I feel it is a little too much and I have lost it but then I come here and feel safe. Is it the same for the fans of other players or is it Feddy who inspires such lunatic tendencies…?

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