Picspam: At home with Dina and Masha.

Good to see Dina and Masha are putting their time away from the tour to good use. Might as well werk it while you’ve still got it.

That said, Dinara Safina photoshoots always make me want to laugh into a pillow. For starters, she looks like she’s 30 with eye make-up. Only slightly awkward and totally innocent.

I put my hands like a madonna, no?

You want my head … how? 45 degrees? Like this?

Really, she still feels like a child sometimes. Someone who plays with Eeyore and Winnie.

Here’s a lady who hasn’t felt like a child since she was the age of 17 … anyone need a gardener?

Or a badminton buddy?

Girl, you realise it doesn’t bounce, right?

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7 responses to “Picspam: At home with Dina and Masha.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    Oh good god the make up Dinara…the make up!There’ve been shoots of her before where she’s looked pretty good,way more natural,here she looks like she’s about to work the streets of Moscow though!Seriously photographer,no need to force her into an image that she just isn’t…
    And Maria looks pretty great,as always,I want her legs lol!

  2. jfk says :

    I agree, the Glamour look is not for everyone…
    And I love Maria’s shoes in the 3rd photo..

  3. Deborah says :

    Now, will any of this help their serves? No? Well enjoy anyway, ladies.

  4. judy says :

    i think dinara said she wants to run a beauty salon when she retires or something about it being her other dream. hmmm… i think she looks prettier when she’s more understated and not trying so hard. love all the marat pics in her house.

    masha knows how to work it a bit better. i like them both though.

  5. Nic says :

    Dina darling, quick get a decorator. If I wasn’t told otherwise, I would have thought that was her grandmother’s place.

    • inez says :

      You are almost right – the pics of Dinara are from her parent’s place in Moscow…hence the photos and trophies around the place…..I agree that thisimage is not really “her’ in some ways – but she is a young Russian girl – and, right or wrong – they all WANT to look like this….go figure!

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