Picket Fence Vids: Beat that, Carol.

No WTA tournaments on this week, so I thought this would be the perfect time to have a stroll down memory lane with a youtube video “marathon”! Hurrah!

Monica not your cuppa? She wasn’t mine either. I liked the other one, you know, German, fearsome forehand, won a few slams …

Of course, Fraulein Forehand featured in one of my favourite matches against … who else but the Swiss Miss!

Okay girl, since you’re not getting married anymore, how about a comeback?

Of course, Hingis wasn’t always the easiest little lady to like.


While good ol’ Pat Rafter was every fangirl’s first crush, Gabby Sabatweeni was probably the one for the boys.

And then, there was this lady.

We miss you, Momo. 😦

xx doots


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5 responses to “Picket Fence Vids: Beat that, Carol.”

  1. srdjana says :

    Hang on, there are tennis fans who don’t like Seles? She was the most awesome combination of fearlessness on the court and giddiness off it. And let’s face it, Fraulein Forehand would likely have had a few less slam trophies had Monica not been stabbed.

    Pat Rafter was not my first tennis crush – I date back to the 70s – but Sabatini was my first girl crush!

  2. srdjana says :

    As for Swiss Miss:

  3. pban says :

    yes srjdana lots of tennis fans don’t like seles… count me as one.I found her game ugly and her grunting uglier.As for Graf winning lesser slams I don’t know, she played the last few years with a debilitating back injury ,couldn’t play in Australia in 95 &96 won the remaining slams the rest of the year(twice against Seles) ,retired early so there are lots of what ifs involved…..let us not go there.My all time Steffi favourite is the 1991 Wimby final against Gaby, the 2 points she played on matchpoint….sheer magic. The only one who comes anywhere near her today is Serena the rest are just ridiculous.

    • Mia says :

      Count me as another Graf fan. She got me started on women’s tennis. And odd as it may be, one of the things that drew me to Fed was because he reminded me so much of Steffi — gazelle-like movement, to demeanor, fearsome FH and prominent noses, too.

  4. srdjana says :

    The grunting of Seles pales in comparison to some of today’s players. It’s funny to see clips of Monica engaging in moonballing with Evert, when that’s the last style anyone would normally associate with Monica. Don’t get me wrong – I agree Graf was astounding. I also agree that Serena (who is herself a huge admirer of Monica) is head and shoulders above the rest of the current crop. I am already sick to death of Wozniacki, and fear we’ll be stuck with her for years to come.

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