Frazzle Post: Roma, put me in a coma.

Rome final: Nadal v Ferrer (Rafa in two)

Stuttgart final: Stosur v Henin (Henin in 3)

What say you? Aha, I was right.

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44 responses to “Frazzle Post: Roma, put me in a coma.”

  1. Jack says :

    I WANT HAIKUS!!!!! 😀

    Anyway, putting Japanese poetry aside, before the tournament started I just wanted Fed to a least defend his semifinal points from last year. But now that I’ve seen his draw, I’m just gonna take it one match at a time.

    Also, I think we should just hope Fed shows up at Rome, and not Ferd. Because IF we do get a Fedal semifinal, I don’t want Ferd to be there!

    I do want a Rafa-Bo Carl rematch though!

  2. PJ says :

    Seriously awesome draw for Feds to kick off his clay season! And starting in week of tomorrow, I have an assignment, chapter 4 of my thesis AND a massive work report due. TENNIS IS SUPPOSED TO RELAX ME OKAY!??!

    I need to find less stressful hobbies. Like, fighting tigers in a cage.

    Okay, totally going to die now brb. If I don’t brb means I’m probably dead frazzling.

  3. pban says :

    If this is an indicator of the RG draw then kill me now, for once the people who do the seedings at Wimby make more sense.

  4. FortuneCookie says :

    Well that’s a great draw isn’t it!?Couldn’t work
    out why I had so many tweets in an hour on my tweetdeck,then allllll became clear…
    A Fedal semi can’t happen,for the simple reason that I’d be at work and unable to see it 😦
    If they errr wanna move the Rome tournament to England outside my workplace though then I wouldn’t mind 😉

  5. sita says :

    Gulbis/Baggy in the first match in his first clay match of the season , after a long break, after what happened in IW and Miami….Why do you do this Tennis Gods ???

  6. Annie says :

    Nadal vs Sod better happen.

  7. girl_from_mi says :

    1. Rafa
    2. Roger
    3. anyone but Sod

    • dootsiez says :

      Hehehehe girl_from_mi, can’t agree with you there.

      Love Soddy these days. Don’t say no to the dimples!

  8. evie says :

    I feel bad, but I have to hope Nole doesn’t defend his points in the next few tournaments. Rafa must get back to #2 by Paris, because even the thought he and Fed could meet in the semis there is horrible.

  9. srdjana says :

    It’s a big ask for Nole to defend those points from last year, aside from Belgrade.

    • dootsiez says :

      He won’t be defending much Roland Garros-Wimbledon. He can afford to lose a few points now, and save his energy for the slams. Last year his mistake was to burn out before Roland Garros.

  10. Alex says :

    You can count on Federer to tank and lose in the QF to avoid Nadal. That’s his new policy – avoid Nadal until the FO when we’re talking about the IW to Madrid part of the season. I know I’m cynical, but it’s Shankerer until otherwise noted.

    • jfk says :

      Why would he tank? He needs all the points he can get to break Pete’s record at most weeks at #1.

    • dootsiez says :

      Sorry Alex, don’t agree with your conspiracy theories.

      People said the same thing about Montreal last year – “oh Roger Federer doesn’t want to play Andy Murray so he lost in the quarters”.

      What happened the week after that?

      And didn’t Federer beat Nadal in Madrid?

      My point is, Roger will do his best.

  11. BS says :

    I feel sick after reading this. I feel bad but Rafa, please do me a favour and lose this week. I don’t think RF has much chance of winning the title but if he has to play Rafa in the semis, I really don’t know if I’ll be able to watch. I almost prefer when he wasn’t playing, because I didn’t have to put up with all of this worrying! Bring on Wimbledon 🙂

    • dootsiez says :

      No no BS! Expect the usual and hope for the exceptional! And should Roger go down, know that he went down swingin’.

      I always think that as Federer fans, if you’re prepared to enjoy his wins, you have to be prepared to watch him lose!

      Doesn’t mean we give up or stop supporting him of course.

      • pban says :

        Of course not doots we are here for the ride come what may, but only wish the ride wasn’t so bumpy, sometimes it is a lot of strain on the poor old heart. I don’t want another loss to Nadal, yet Iwant Rafa back at 2 and then Iwant Roger to at least defend his points and then there is the possibility of Baggy first up(Volandri???? he still plays) …..dear lord it is too much ,I don’t think it is going to be an easy week ahead 😦

        • dootsiez says :

          It ain’t all meant to be easy pban. Would Wimbledon 09 have been as amazing if Feddy didn’t take his time? Would the Australian Open 2010 be as sweet if Roger didn’t lose in 09 and 08?

          Besides, it’s Rome. It’s worth some frazzles. But not a whole lot, no? 😀

      • BS says :

        Ok, I had just looked at the draw before writing this so that’s probably why I sounded so weird. Stupid BS 😛

        Yes doots, I agree with you about having to be prepared to watch him lose, but it’s just so frustrating. I sincerely hope that it is Rog and not Ferd that turns up in Rome, because Ferd has most certainly outstayed his welcome! Anyway, come on Roger!!

  12. cecilia says :

    ahhhhh scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  13. grace says :

    Sad to say Roger is going to lose, the same was said
    during the A.O. and then ….
    Nadal won the last tournament because neither of the top players weren´t there.Roger has had some time off and he will play his best.I believe in Roger.

  14. sita says :

    Roger is also playing doubles with Allegro ; they got a WC ! Don’t know how far they’d go but he’ll get some extra match practice which is nice.

  15. Salma says :

    Good luck Roger.

    Fedal semi-final. WTF?! Can someone slap the tournament organisers plz?

  16. breadstxik says :

    I’ve frazzled so much that I don’t have any more energy left for more frazzling. 😦

    … what the hell, there’s always room for further frazzles. Thank god this is only Rome. If it were RG, I would probably have bawled my eyes out by now.

    And yay! Gulbiscuit kicked Baggy out so that means a FeDDdDDddyyYyYyy v ErrrNriieee R2!11!11


  17. jfk says :

    oh nightmares of Fed Gulbis Doha match. C’mon Fed!!!!!

  18. Tru says :

    Tignor has Rafa taking out Nole in the final. For once I agree with Steve’s predictions 🙂

    Little miffed both Marcos and JCF are already out. Not enough to rate a tantrum, but I have high hopes for both guys this year.

    Doots, where the heck are these pics??!!!!

  19. breadstix says :

    Two breadsticks handed to Chardy. I suppose that bodes well for Nole.

    Interested to see how Muzza does, but in the meantime, FEDDDYYY.


  20. pban says :

    Look at the bright side guys, at least he won’t lose to Rafa .Roger is trying his level best not to break Pete’s record

  21. girl_from_mi says :

    Well, so much for Rome.

  22. jfk says :

    oh FFS!!!
    I knew it was a bad sign he didn’t play MC. and another WTF loss. The 3rd one in a row. What was he doing the past 4 weeks?

    The panic button has been pushed.

    • judy says :

      you’re much calmer on the other side. 🙂 i’m not pushing the button, but i am giving federbear the stink eye!

  23. pban says :

    you mean to say it hadn’t been pushed yet … is 2008 once again in all its nightmarish splendour and the worst part I am scared about Wimby now.Iwonder if that chest infection was indeed not a mono relapse.

  24. Jack says :

    I haven’t pressed the panic button yet! (But my hand is hovering over it though).

    If he loses early in Estoril, then I’m pushing it!

    And I don’t think its gonna be 2008 all over again. I’m sticking with the 2007 theory.

    After all, 2010 and 2007 are following a similar pattern.

  25. pban says :

    Iwas looking through the ATP ranking points, if Roger loses early in Madrid (which he totally will) he has to lose really early in Paris (which Iam hoping he won’t ) to not break that record.As for Estoril,considering the present state of affairs I have officially withdrawn myself from frazzling to prevent an ulcer before RG as I am sure that Ferd will do his level best to induce one then.

  26. BS says :

    Oh Lord. Back to this same old stuff again. Why can’t we go back to the days when it was actually easy to be Rog’s fan?! 😦 (2006, it’s been a long time!) Although, I’m not hitting the panic button yet, I think it is really strange how this year is almost an exact replica of 2007 so far. At least he is playing Estoril next week, hopefully he can get some matches there, but with the way things are at the moment I’m not so hopeful. That said, Rome is not a slam and his results there over the past few years have been shady, so it’s not the end of the world. I only saw a very small part of the match, how well did he actually play? Was Ferd there for the majority or did Federer actually show up in the second or third sets?

    P.S. Doots, I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t here. Where would I vent my frustration then?! 🙂

  27. Puffin says :

    Rog and Yves won their 2nd doubles match beating the No 6 seeds Aspelin and Hanley. That’s not bad!! 😀 Hope they can keep this up. Roger needs all the clay court match practice he can get!

  28. elisha says :


    And I’m actually really confused with how the tie-break(?) system works in doubles. I took a look at the live scoring when Roger was playing doubles and his team and Aspelin/Hanley won a set a piece then they went into this weird tiebreak where the winner is the one who gets to 10 first? Can someone please explain this ruling to me?

    I’m still confused why Roger and Stan do not partner up for doubles… I mean, they won a gold medal together…

    • Jack says :

      The 10 point tiebreak is called a super tiebreak. It what they do instead of going into a third set. I think they introduced it as a way of shortening the matches.

      Don’t think they do it in slams though.

      • dootsiez says :

        What Jack said.

        Only to add: it’s tennis’s way of saying “two sets of this was bad enough, let’s not have a third set.”

      • elisha says :

        Thank you, Jack! I wanted to ask about this for a while because I remember in one of the other tournaments this year, I saw a doubles team won the third set 12-10. I thought it was like the slams where they don’t have a tie-break in the decider or something…!

        • elisha says :

          and thanks doots, too! haha I think doubles can be exciting! Er… well, maybe playing is more fun for me than watching but (I’m such a biased Roger fan that I’d want more than that tie-break for a “third set” hehe =X)

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