Picspam: Lest we forget.

The phrase “lest we forget” gets thrown about a lot more as Australia, New Zealand and Turkey approach ANZAC Day. But on the eve of this year’s ANZAC Day, there is something else – or rather, someone else – who we need to remember.

This week, former IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch passed away at the age of 89.

Samaranch took office in the IOC in 1980, in time for the West’s boycott of the Moscow Olympics and for Eastern contingent’s boycott of the games in LA 4 years later.

During his tenure, Samaranch pushed for the idea of shying away from a politics of division towards a politics of universalism. There were circumstances beyond his control, but in the end, the number of countries participating in the Olympics rose during his tenure, and the concept of “sports without border” became an Olympic ideal we all aspire to.

Moreover, his understanding of the importance of sponsorship and broadcasting deals turned the IOC from an organisation nearing bankruptcy by 1980 into the central authority for an industry that has generated massive profits since 1984.

And as such, we will remember him.

Samaranch was to be cremated and then laid to rest on Friday near Barcelona’s Olympic Stadium. Rafael Nadal attended his funeral as the pallbearer.

“I came here above all to support the (Samaranch) family and show appreciation for everything he did for our sport.

“He was able to revolutionise sport, until he became one of the most important people in the international Olympic movement. “He will always stay in our thoughts.” – Rafael Nadal


On a lighter note, Roger Federer has arrived in Rome for the Rome Masters, taking the time to familiarise himself once more with the centre court.

Original recipe sighting!

Roger then did the honour of cutting up Rafa’s Davis Cup uniform a red and yellow tape to open the new Nike store in Rome.

“Anna said we fashionable people, we don’t call this grey. We call it pewter.”

Lookin’ fine, Mister.

xx doots

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14 responses to “Picspam: Lest we forget.”

  1. Mia says :

    Aaah, death by pewter doesn’t sound as good as death by chocolate, no?

  2. pban says :

    You might think I am blind or mad after this but I never considered Feddy’s looks before coming to this blog, in fact I never even noticed his hairgodliness(to tell the truth I was not happy when he got rid of his ponytail, his losses in the 2 following slams further vindicated my stance but good old Wimby restored my faith) I know he is looking great in the ESPN magazine but nothing works better for me than the sight of Fed on bent knees hitting that down the line backhand or skipping into mid court to hit that inside out forehand,I am an incoherent, bumbling, drooling idiot on the days. these 2 shots fall in place.And nothing can be more squishy than his joy at winning another slam, tears and all goofiness included 🙂

  3. breadstxik says :

    RIP Samaranch. 😦 And I can’t help noticing that Rafa looks remarkably fetching in that suit…

    Yaaay, Squishy– I mean Roger’s back! I’m not hoping for much but I do hope he sticks around long enough to give us fans a good healthy dose of tennis (and puny left arm and monkey face).

  4. srdjana says :

    Sorry, but wasn’t Samaranch proven to be more than a little corrupt as IOC leader? (Aside from being a Fascist sympathizer as late as the 1970s, that is) I guess I don’t expect Rafael Nadal to know about this stuff, which says something about Rafa. But you’re never too young or sheltered to know something about history.

    • Alex says :

      Rafa is a bit light in the head when it comes to anything outside of his own tennis game and Playstation.

    • dootsiez says :

      srdjana, Samaranch had Fascist leanings when he was young. A lot of young people had radical political beliefs. What’s important is that they get over it. Samaranch then dedicated 20+ years of his life to the Olympic movement and ideals completely opposite to fascism.

      Rafael Nadal attended the funeral of the most esteemed member of his country’s sporting community. If you can be cynical about the celebration of such a life, then perhaps more so than a reflection on Rafa, it’s a reflection on the kind of person that you are.

  5. srdjana says :

    okay, goodbye. I don’t even like Roger Federer.

  6. pban says :

    You don’t need to spell it out srdjana it was obvious from your posts, we may behave like loonies about Roger but we are not morons you know.

    • dootsiez says :

      No, I assure you pban: I’m a total moron. 😛

      And know that whatever a person writes and how they view others say more about the kind of person they are than about the world around them. And the same goes for an inability to accept criticisms, or cowardice in running from a difference of opinions.

      • pban says :

        Couldn’t agree with you more doots, for me progress has always been synonymous with acceptance.Iaccept that people have different tastes, obviously it is easier to accept opinions which match yours but to denigrate someone just for having a different preference is narrow mindedness.In my house no 2 persons agree over anything but we always agree to disagree no??As for you being moronic well Irefrain from commenting, would be yet another case of the pot calling the kettle black especially in the light of my antics when Feddy plays 😉

      • Alex says :

        Honestly if I were only 23 and world-famous sportsman it would not even occur to me to look into the background of a political figure I was burying. I’d just agree to do it.

        • AB says :

          How can you make such comments and assumptions from Rafa attending a funeral?

          Hey have you read Rafa’s comments? He has personal reasons for being there. He’s not a robot that just does what he’s told.

        • dootsiez says :

          Personally don’t see anything wrong with Rafa attending the funeral of such a prominent person in Spanish sports.

          As for Samaranch’s former political views – he died at the age of 89, it was a long time ago, and compared to that, he has done far more good. A life deservingly celebrated IMO.

  7. sazzylove says :

    Gorgeous Feddy…!what else is new?(Haaay….)

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