Picket Fence Vids: Hello Sunshine!

Oh look at you! You just can’t help being a happy little camper can you? You make me want to eat apple candy and … yeah!

With Rome starting this week, Roger sat down for a press conference and an interview with the ATP yesterday.

Finger porn! ZOMG FINGER PORN!

A low-down of the press conference.

  • On playing on clay again: nothing new here – Roger says he’s more relaxed, because the expectations and the questions being asked are different.
  • On the tournament: knows he has a tough first round, arrived on Tuesday and feels prepared for it
  • On Djokovic and Murray: raised an interesting point – without performing well in slams, losses in the Masters bother Djoko and Murray more than they do to someone like Roger or Rafa, simply because these are the tournaments they’re supposed to dominate or do better in.
  • On Nadal: clearly has a lot better assessment of Rafa than the media, particularly in his perceptions of the Qatar final and all the unnecessary negativity after the Australian Open. Nice to see Roger keeping an eye on the other big man.
  • On clay court seedings: an emphatic “NO AND THAT’S THAT” from Roger. Personally, I think it’s a good idea.
  • On playing doubles: I thought Roger was trying to use Yves to make Stan jealous. Turns out the Concubine was using Jo to make Roger jealous. Sneaky boy!

xx doots


7 responses to “Picket Fence Vids: Hello Sunshine!”

  1. Alex says :

    Nice Federporn Monday.

  2. breadstxik says :

    hell, everything he does is porn.


  3. pban says :

    Doots how did you miss Benneatue in his quarter, the Frenchman has as good a chance as Querry to reach the 3rd round……I didn’t think the draw could get any worse but it just did. Baggy is out anyway but Gulbis is playing well….I know I know if he can’t beat Gulbis then there is no point but that is not stopping me from frazzling big time.

  4. Jack says :

    Finger Porn?!

    I’d be careful typing that anywhere other than this site. 😀

    I do wonder what word had been used more here though; Roger or Porn?? 😀

  5. jfk says :

    It’s good to see him back. Don’t waste any match points Rog. I’ve got my panic button right here.

  6. Deborah says :

    So glad he’s back! Go get it all, baby boy!!

  7. jfk says :

    baby photos!! and Rogi in Rome
    http://tinyurl.com/2cad2h8 😀

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