MRF/CRF: Daddy’s little girl.

Oh Baby Goat, you’re a spitting image of you dada. Did you know that? You are!

And is that Auntie Diana whose shoulders your little bum is sitting on?

The Goat Kid was out with her nannas, enjoying the sun and greenery in Rome.

I always knew there was a reason why Roger and Mirka didn’t name the Mighty Babes after their grandmothers – one would be called Lynette and the other … Drahomira.

But what happened to the other baby? Is she with her pops Robbie and Miroslav?

While their parents were busy bridging the generation gap with MRF and CRF, Roger and Mirka used their time off from the Mighty Babes to roam the streets of Rome with the in-laws.

Thanks for JFK and Nilhenwen for sending me the links. See Roger? I have eyes. I have ears. AND THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. *thunder and lightning*


xx doots



21 responses to “MRF/CRF: Daddy’s little girl.”

  1. evie says :

    Who is the girl in the black wrap? She’s always in his box, but I can’t tell if she is an asst/friend or family member. Does anyone know?

  2. Katrin says :

    isn’t that geraldine on the first picture with lynette.

  3. luvfedgame says :

    The girl with the baby on her shoulders is Geraldine Dondit, Mirka’s assistant. That baby is so cute and healthy looking, just love them.

    May I also say how much I enjoy this blog, after checking I come straight here for my Roger-fix and you never disappoint.

    • dootsiez says :

      Thank you LFG.

      Mirka has an assistant?! Woah.

      • sita says :

        Yep -that def looks like Geraldine. I think she was a former pro and took over whatever Mirka was doing (handling the media etc) after the twins were born

        • TGIF says :

          Yes, that is Geraldine in both pics.
          She is now Roger’s official press relations person; her name is on his official website under “media contact”. Mirka stopped working officially for Roger when she became a mom, opting to do that full time instead 🙂

  4. Jack says :

    What do you mean?! I think Drahomira has a nice ring to it! 😀

    Also, I used to think that girl in the black wrap was his sister because I remember seeing her at the final of the French and Wimbledon last year.

    But it turns out she’s actually a friend of Mirka.

    • dootsiez says :

      Love that Roger’s totally surrounded by ladies these days, the mums, Mirka and her sisterhood of travelling pants and the Mighty Babes.

      Lucky man!

  5. pban says :

    Are they even normal,the mums-in-law having a leisurely stroll with one of their grand kids without tearing each other’s hair off….is this for real??and the kid love her mode of transport and the fact that she is not wearing one of those silly baby booties. It is so normal that it is almost unreal. Mirka’s mother is totally a Drahomira ,whatever that means :D, Feddy inherited his mother’s chocolate swirls but what about the baby’s hair?

    • Mia says :

      But from pics, Fed was a blonde when he was a kid, with his hair taking on a darker hue as he grew older — so maybe the same thing’ll happen with the babies.

  6. sita says :

    Why is it that we only get a picture of one of the Goat Kids at a time and not both ?
    Dada better have passed on his gorgeous hair to those babies in addition to that nose 😀

  7. breadstix says :

    I hope that nose gene isn’t too dominant… 😛

    I don’t suppose anyone can tell which one of the twins it is? Hehe, still epic cuteness. As is their father… aaah, cutecute

  8. salma says :

    lol wtf. isn’t Drahomira a name of a pokemon or something?

    who is the girl in black wrap. I have seen her before…

  9. Katrin says :

    the girl in black is geraldine dondit. a friend of mirka

  10. girl_from_mi says :

    I would give my left ovary (and the right one as well) for a full on pic of roger in his stripey hoodie and his jeans and those nikes. But without that sour looking woman standing in front of him.

  11. Puffin says :

    Isn’t that possibly a double baby buggy that Lynette is pushing? I remember seeing a pic of Mirka pushing a double baby buggy last year, and it looks similar (same colour, anyway). Perhaps the other baby is asleep in that?

    Also just wanted to say: Love this site!!! Thanks so much for all the gorgeous Roger pics and news.

  12. BS says :

    So that girl is the new press relations manager. Interesting. Was it not Diana at RG and SW19 last year with Lynette and Mirka? I thought it was her for definite.

    Any photos of the babies are awesome. Rog looks great in those photos too. I really hope for the kids’ sake that neither of them gets his nose. Has anyone noticed how much like his father he is getting? Everytime I see him, it’s like I’m looking at Grandpa Federer. Freaky 😛

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