Quotable Quotes: Perfectionist.

It’s no longer news, nor is it considered an upset these days. A.Rad took out Ana Ivanovic  7-6(4) 6-4. Considering A.Rad is ranked 8 in the world, and Ana – 58, the score line actually looks semi-respectable. And as usual, we had a blast of Ivanovic’s self-help optimism.

“It was a tough loss but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I have to be positive. I’m trying to make every shot perfect and it’s just not coming every time. I just need to relax more. A few mistakes here and there are costing me matches. I just have to be patient.”

What I don’t understand is why she’s still pursuing this much perfection in her game. Seems to me like she could do well with a bit of Brad Gilbert-styled “winning ugly and proud of it”.

Moreover, as a 58th ranked player, it’s time for Ana to start assessing the sort of tournaments she chooses to play. While Stuttgart has the attraction of a spiffing Porsche and a stellar field, it’s the sort of tournament that does nothing for Ivanovic’s desperate need for wins. So why play? Especially when there’s another tournament on in Fes where she could be bagelling Katie O’Brien first round?

Is it pride? Perfectionism? Or just a blind optimism? Most likely a combination of all 3. But unless she gets some mickey mouse wins under her belt before Roland Garros, the free fall ain’t gonna stop there.

The troubles for Ivanovic doesn’t stop there. Sneki, the grand dame of the Jankovic family, blasted Ana for hanging JJ out to dry in last weekend’s Fed Cup tie.

“Jelena missed only one match for Serbia in the last 10 years. This time she flew 48 hours across half the world to play here, despite a serious wrist injury,” Jankovic’s mother said.

“At the same time, somebody else had coffee somewhere while my child played hurting for her country.”

Mee-oww. Yer don’t mess with Sneki. We all know how much she mollycoddles her daughter.

Not satisfied with just pointing the finger at Ana, Mama Jaja went on to blame Serbian organisers and politicians for showing no interest in Fed Cup.

“I think the organisation failed this time and marketing flopped,” she said, referring to the miserable visit which has left 18,000 out of the 20,000 seats in the Belgrade Arena empty. The VIP seats, packed by politicians at any high-profile event, were also empty.

“Why were our political elite and tennis officials absent,” Snezana Jankovic asked. “Those in charge should think: Does anybody care about women’s tennis? Do we need a Fed Cup team at all?”

I will not let my child play injured again, especially if people who want to see her play cannot get into the empty arena because they cannot afford the tickets.”

She has a point – on the one hand, the tennis media routinely criticises top players for bailing out on Fed Cup; on the other, when a player makes time in her schedule to play, only to be confronted with an empty stadium and a solitary effort, you have to wonder where the ITF expects her to find the inspiration to win.

Because ultimately, that’s what the Fed and Davis Cups are about – a little inspiration, a little camaraderie.

Over the weekend, JJ got none.

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6 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Perfectionist.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    Hey hey,what did Katie O’Brien ever do to you!?We Brits try our best at this tennis thing! 😛

    But yeah,I don’t Ana’s quite realised that she’s not top 10 (or even top 50)anymore,she needs to enter the lower tier tournaments,just get wins from anywhere really!Look at Agassi,who went back to playing Challengers (after what we all
    now know was his meth year!)to get his ranking up,although granted,she’s not fallen anywhere near as far as he did yet!

    As for Sneki?You do NOT mess with the Jankovics,I think they’d totally beat Ana and Dragana in a fight…

    • FortuneCookie says :

      I don’t *think*
      And appropriately for this post,that’s the total perfectionist in me coming out 😛

    • dootsiez says :

      “Hey hey,what did Katie O’Brien ever do to you!?”

      Nothing. She just happened to be getting bagelled in Fes by someone whose name I can’t even pronounce as I was writing this.

      Let’s face it – if Katie O’Brien is the future of British tennis, then British tennis has no future.

  2. Jack says :

    I agree! Leave Katie alone…..I mean, come on, double bagel!!! I’m sure she could have won at least one game! 😀

    Also, what is up with all this names?! Drahomira, Snezana and now Dragana!! Even Mirka’s real name is Miroslava!

  3. jfk says :

    Ana has been in a slump for 2 years. How long is this going to last? Should we be calling it a slump still?
    Even Shazam played better than her when she was injured and beat some top 10ers,

  4. DV says :

    Considering Ana’s form it is better for her to skip event like this. Not playing lower tournaments is not smart, and she obviously having some bad advisers.

    As for JJ, she plays for fame, not glory, and some $$$…
    It’s not a secret that she was the last to sign to play Fed Cup asking more money.
    And if she can’t stand empty seats, I can understand that, but you can’t force people to like you. As for absent politicians in VIP seats, if you crave that kind of attention than you deserve what you got (empty Arena).
    So stop whining, take your $$$ & play, or simply leave.

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