Baggage, passion and German engineering.

Czink in Brisbane, Wickmayer at the Australian Open, Jelena Jankovic in Stuttgart. I watched Henin tough out all those matches this year without quite understanding how she did it, but that’s part of her package. Of all her weapons, her ability to remain calm when she’s down and seemingly build momentum out of thin air is astounding. You expect it every time, you ask yourself “surely not?” And you finish the match smacking your lips happily, ‘yup yup, that’s it.’

Highlights (check out the last point):

And check out Justine’s reaction.

I like Henin 2.0. Much less baggage, much more passion.

As for Jaja, she knows what this feels like – her 10th straight loss to Henin, pinkie-less or otherwise. And yet the vast majority of those matches were closely contested.

And despite the early losses of Azarenka and Wozniacki in Stuttgart this week, Stuttgart tennis has been simple and militarily efficient. Much like the country’s engineering.

Sam Stosur sealed off her 10th victory in a row yesterday, with a match so straightforward, so methodically executed it was a relief to watch. Serve, forehand. Serve forehand. Oh you’d like to rally a little, okay, just let me find a forehand somewhere – oh there it is.

Nothing terribly creative or dramatic about it, but given the default mayhem of the WTA, it’s nice to see strategy, execution fall so seamlessly together for Stosur these days. With a sprinkle of confident too, like a pinch of lemon zest to finish off a great fish.

You know what final I want in Stuttgart this week.

xx doots


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3 responses to “Baggage, passion and German engineering.”

  1. cecilia says :

    wow that 2nd set looked so tight… i’m sorta glad i didnt watch it live or it would have stressed the hell out of me

  2. Mia says :

    That is grace under pressure. Justine’s BH delivery is Guga-like in efficiency and sting. Jelena should ask Anta to use some other material for her kit, because it looks really wet when it gets wet.

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