Newsreel: the Agate-stone Queen.

1. Excuse the lack of bloggage. Not only are work and my Bachelorette degrees owning my ass right now, it’s the clay season, and my mind wanders (mind you, not to snooker), but it wanders nonetheless.



2. She may be diminutive in height, but Justine Henin was a colossus in Stuttgart, winning her first title since returning from her ‘retirement’. It also puts her at No 1 in the Sony Ericsson Championships race ahead of Venus and Serena and raises the million dollar question: can Henin end the year as No 1?

“I thought about a comeback when I saw Roger Federer win the French Open (for the first time last year). This brought back the fire,” she said.

Shocker of a second set aside, it was vintage Henin on all the big points, as she ended Stosur’s winning streak 6-4, 2-6, 6-1. I see no reason to nitpick her tennis, not when she’s just taken out Yanina Wickmayer, Jelena Jankovic and Sam Stosur back-to-back in a tournament that featured 7 of the world’s top 10 player.



3. As for Sammy, to be honest, a slight let-down at this point was exactly what she needed. Winning Stuttgart might’ve actually sent her quiet, introverted self into freak-out mode over the possibility of something grand. Grand and slammin’, that is.

And we wouldn’t want that.

With a title and a final to start her clay season, Stosur has pulled out of Rome to rest her sore arms. Good girl.



4. Rafa won Rome. Yay!



3. Oh wait …  Were you looking for “commentary”? Umm, were you?

Didn’t watch a single point of the Rome final.

As far as the tournament was concerned, Ernie was the wild card, Wawrinka might’ve, could’ve but ultimately wouldn’t have. But you’d have to be delusional to think anyone from the so-called Armada is capable of pushing and then closing out a match against Rafa. Not unless Rafa was going into the match on one leg.

So the narrative of yesteryear ensues – Rafa and Justine reign supreme on clay. And frankly, after the frightening tennis plots of last two years, we could all use a little stability.



4. Notable mentions of the week: Iveta Benesova won her second career title in Fes, defeating French junior champ/breast reduction girl Simona Halep 6-4, 6-2. I say ‘notable’, because it was only Halep’s third tournament in the WTA main draw and her first ever WTA tour final at the age of 18. Someone’s star is rising.



5. Not to be lost in the fine print: Iveta’s 63 46 75 semifinal win against Alize Cornet was a welcomed sight. For these two “could’ve beens” of the WTA, good weeks are now few and far between.



6. While I’ve barely had time to review last week’s actions, the WTA tournament in Rome has realdy kicked off, with Sveta Kuznetsova becoming the first major casualty in her 6-2, 3-6, 6-4 loss to MariKiri.

With this loss, Sveta descends onto a shiny 7-7 win/loss record in 2010, and has yet to win 3 matches in a row since the Australian Open. But then again, neither has Fed. The Roland Garros voodoo has struck.



7. In other first-round action, local hopes Flavs and Franny both progressed into the second round – Schiavone with a bit of a struggle against Daniela Hantuchova, eventually wining 3-6, 6-2, 6-2.

Ana Ivanovic made news by actually winning a match, and winning it easy -sailing past E.Vesnina 6-1, 6-3. She faces Vika next.

With injuries stalking Azarenka these days, I say Miss Muffin is overdue for a much needed scalp.



8. Things not to do while drunk: watch Roger Federer play tennis in 3D.

MEO, the cable channel from Portugal Telecom, will broadcast for the first time a national event live in 3D.

It will also be the first 3D broadcast from an ATP World Tour event. Roger Federer’s first singles match is to be broadcast in 3D on Wednesday, in what will be a historic day for Portuguese television and tennis broadcasting.

Homes with 3D television sets and spectators on-site at the Estadio Nacional, will be able to also watch the semi-finals and final.

Source: Estoril website

Right … that’s exactly what delusional monkey-loving Fedophiles need: Roger Federer sashaying around in their living rooms with his moobies and swirly hair.

It’s not so much an assault on the senses as a cold-hearted murder. Oh my poor ovaries. 😦

xx doots


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6 responses to “Newsreel: the Agate-stone Queen.”

  1. Jack says :

    I love the fact than Ana winning a match is making news. Because when you think about it, it’s both sad and funny! 😀

    Also, how exactly are you meant to watch in 3D??

    Do you need those special glasses?? Because the last time I wore those……I cried!!!

    Granted, I was a child and I did think a giant snake was going to kill me!!

    • dootsiez says :

      Yup yup. You need glasses for 3D. Some 3D TVs are sold on the market these days, although they’re very expensive.

      LOL – I don’t think you’ll cry watching Feddy in 3D, although you might try to jump your TV.

  2. Mia says :

    I wonder how Portuguese women watching from home will react when he changes shirts during the match …

  3. breadstix says :

    I don’t think my TV can survive 3D tennis with 3D Federer, not with me watching. 😦 Remember all those times that I *may* have mentioned shoving things up his nose/ear/otherorifices…? Yeeahhh… poor TV.

    ‘But then again, neither has Fed. The Roland Garros voodoo has struck.’
    OMG. I’m forgetting how generally, umm, not good he’s been recently. But it’ll be alright, right? … right?!1

  4. pban says :

    I don’t think I will survive a Feddy loss in 3D I barely get through them in 2D and as for him ” sashaying” in my living room, I am too worried about his game to even care what he looks like nowadays 😦 ….breadstix you just hit the nail on the head in your post

  5. Paul says :

    Wee point on snooker article. It was the World Championship you Aus boy won, not the ‘biggest tournament in England.’

    Its more that outside the UK snooker just isn’t played, except for Neil and some Chinese boys.

    It would be what the Tennis season is if it was only played on clay, only Spain instead of the UK.

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