Quotable Quotes: Even Rod Laver bullshits.

On 2008-09:

“Roger went back to work,” says Rod Laver, the last man to accomplish the single-season Grand Slam, in 1969. “He developed a slice backhand to counter Nadal’s heavy-topspin backhand. One thing about Roger: He remembers. If someone does something once, it’s logged in his brain.”

– ESPN magazine.

There’s a reason why the Rockhampton Rocket doesn’t commentate. What and WHAT?



4 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Even Rod Laver bullshits.”

  1. Forehand Shanker says :

    In defense of the Rocket, I wonder if the ESPN editorial process eluded a few things. Every one hander including the Rocket himself knows a high bouncer is their kryptonite. A more subtle observation (“Roger worked on his footwork to his BH and will slice if it bounces high”) could easily have been turned into the above by the trolls at ESPN. This is the crowd that thinks ‘no one’ cares about Wimbly 2008.

  2. pban says :

    What Wimbly 2008 ??? I don’t particularly care about it either.

    • Deborah says :

      I have to visit a grief counselor every time anyone says Wimby 2008, you know the match where it was too dark for Hawkeye!

  3. judy says :

    i love rod, except when he makes rog cry, win or lose! 🙂 the site of him is pretty much a guarantee that fed will get emotional.

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