Picspam: YOU can be a princess TOO!

When this…

… and this …

… turned into this:

I was instantly reminded of this:

As a promotion of the event in Estoril, Roger drove a tram through the historic part of Lisbon, carrying 15 adoring school kids.

Naturally, it was time to teach the minions how to do the regal wave.

Practicing his daddy-skills.

Line 1, Destination – Federer. THAT IS A PLACE THAT I’D LIKE TO GO, MR TRAM DRIVER. Oh oops … I just stumbled into your lap. Forgive me. Trams are not the smoothest of vehicles, no?

FACT – if Roger Federer ran trams in Melbourne, we would not have public transport woes.

xx doots



10 responses to “Picspam: YOU can be a princess TOO!”

  1. sita says :

    Is it me or his fingers appear a foot long in the sixth picture where he is smiling down at the little girl ?

    He better win Estoril and get enough match practice on clay. God, RG is closer than I want it to be !!

    Btw Doots, since you have officially lost the battle, do we get our FPF this week ?

    Or atleast a Feder-goochiness-Saturday like we did last
    time ? 😛

  2. Jack says :

    Is that Severin lurking in the background in that 3rd pic??

  3. judy says :

    there’s a vid of this ride and severin is definitely there in the back. this is one of the more interesting atp excursions so far. good job estoril open!

    doots, your destination fed comment is awesome. i love how you turn a kid related event into something more fitting to your purposes. fed just brings that out of you, doesn’t he?!

    • dootsiez says :

      “i love how you turn a kid related event into something more fitting to your purposes”


  4. Lily says :

    Gorgeous haircut, fashion interest, love of sport… Roger Federer is our new Lady Diana, the royal wave is the last sign !

  5. jfk says :

    “Oh Oops… I just stumbled into your lap”

  6. PSP says :

    Ha, ha, your blog is really priceless. 😉 It’s gloomy and rainy where I’m at. Your blog just makes my day brighter.

    And oh, I hope that tennis player had better not turn into a princess on court!! You should win this one, Fed!

    • dootsiez says :

      Awww thanks PSP!

      If Fed turns into a princess this week, I AM CANCELLING FEDERPORN FRIDAY.

      Seriously peeps. I am.

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