Feel the love.

Topspin brought up a good point in the comments section below – what’s with the half empty stadiums in Rome? (a good word, meanwhile, for Tennis is served, for their equitable coverage of men’s and women’s tennis)

Empty seats in Doha I can tolerate. Having about 15 people watching the Barcelona final I can understand, but Rome? A top tier event with a quality field – how is it acceptable that people don’t turn up in droves?

Not when the tennis has been so merry and clay season story-line filled with twists and turns…

Venus Williams, impeccable one match, listless the next.

Serena: oddly competitive given how much time she’s had off the tour.

And this little lady? She just warms the cockles of my chest cavity. YES SHE DOES.

Watching Justine Henin last week, I wondered – with Clijsters, Azarenka and Wozniacki all struggling with injuries – who is going to stop her at Roland Garros?

Who knew that a few days later, Jelena Jankovic would emerged as the unlikely contender.

Never mind her 0-10 record against Justine, JJ’s match against Wickmayer this week in Rome was simply the best I’ve seen her play. Not just since 2007, but ever. When Lady Jaja serves up 6 aces and posts a shiny winner/unforced error stat of 22-7, you know normalcy in your tennis world is about to come crashing down.

While JJ’s always had a strangely feminine fluidity to her game, what I saw this week in Rome – and to some extent last week against Henin in Stuttgart – was more aggression, more willingness to attack.

This turn-around, of course, came out of nowhere. I distinctly remember watching Jaja lose to ABond at the Australian Open with a sigh, thinking that she has missed her window of opportunity to win a slam now that Kim and Justine have crashed the Gen-Y party.

For someone who has come ‘so close, but no cigar’ to winning a slam in her career, keep your fingers glued cross and hope that Lady Jaja saves herself a bit in Madrid, and goes into Roland Garros firin’. Henin will be a pain in the ass, but we’ll solve the problem if and when we get there.

Because women’s tennis is so much better when JJ plays well. Because she epitomizes everything that is unique in “girl’s world” – drama, glitter, elegance, grudges and happy-splits.

Because we can all do with a little glitter in our lives.

xx doots


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4 responses to “Feel the love.”

  1. caillean says :

    don’t blame the people. we had such bad weather this week, sinking from 30 to 10 °c in 24 hours, and rain never stopping in most of Italy, that, apart from Rome residents, nobody dared to move.And the number of seats is doubled, this year, so the stadium seems emptyer

  2. TopSpin says :

    Thanks for the shout!

    So gladdened by JJs resurgence – at least as big a story for me as Ana right now – vastly more naturally skilled than either of Ana or Dinarik and they’ve both had multiple shots at Slam glory.

    I had hoped (in vain as it turned out) for her to make good at RG last year. Maybe I’ll have more luck this time round

  3. Jack says :

    I’m not really sure why people aren’t attending these matches. Maybe the WTA isn’t marketing the tour as well as the ATP are??

    It is a shame though, because I think the clay season is more exciting on the womens side, than the mens.

    Also, with JJ, I know people call her a pusher but I’ve never seen her as just a pusher. I’ve always thought of her as someone who takes calculated risks. Plus, glad she got rid of that service motion! 🙂

    Oh, and regarding Madrid, JJ got Ana first round – wonder who you want to win that one, doots?? 😀

  4. TennisAce says :

    Doots this is where you and I part company. I have seen this on too many occassions – players play out of their minds in a warm up event and come crashing down when something big is on the line. Not a fan of JJ. Too much theatrics for my liking and the gamesmanship on court annoys the heck out of me. She will not win a slam, no matter how many of her fans want her to.

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