Madrid: the Frazzle Post

  1. Venus in yet another clay court final. Aside from Justine Henin, she has more titles on clay than any other player on the WTA tour. No one saw that coming huh?
  2. Nestor/Zimonjic v Bryan Bryan: the Fedal equivalent of men’s doubles.
  3. … There’s some other match on too. It’s not important or anything. (OH MY GAWD OH MY GAWD OH MY GAWD OH MY GAWD)

Manolo Santana (from 13.30hrs)
1. ATP: Nestor/Zimonjic vs. Bryan/Bryan
2. Singles Final: Aravane Rezai vs. Venus Williams (NB 15.30hrs)
3. ATP: Federer vs. Nadal (NB 18.30hrs)


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44 responses to “Madrid: the Frazzle Post”

  1. Mia says :

    Hoping Fed was just play-acting all the while and springs the gotcha! moment here.

  2. Puffin says :

    This looks tough! Maybe Stan will feel sorry for Rog and allow him through to get pummelled by Gulbis (just kidding! ;))

    Ah well, we’ll all just have to wait and see how it goes, and in the meantime [choose one of the following]: ‘bite our fingernails to the quick / chew gum à la Mirka / frazzle’!!

    Vamos Roger! 🙂

  3. Jack says :

    First of all, do anyone else think the Madrid website is awful?? Its so hard to find anything. Plus that f**king audio….!!!!

    Anyway, crappy website aside, I can see Roger gettin past Moya/Becker but then I’m not so sure…..Stan, Gulbis…even Roddick could beat him on clay at the moment.

    As for Masha, Safarova is a tough first opponent and I’m not too confident about that match as its Maria’s first on clay. But If she does get past her, I’d love a Serena-Masha QF.

    I have a feeling Madrid is going to be fantastic……or craptastic!

    • xta says :

      i SO agree about the madrid website…(but you know you can turn off the audio, right ???) i have yet to find draws or orders of play there, so i just get them from the atp site…

    • girl_from_mi says :

      It’s a bad website. But then again, most of the tournaments have bad websites. WTF?

  4. pban says :

    The draw is of no consequence Roger is so awful that the opponent just does not matter just as it does not matter when he is on song..Frazzling is so overrated….. I am on hiatus till Wimby

    • dootsiez says :

      No need pban. If Roger plays like this on grass, he’ll lose early anyway. Surface isn’t the problem.

      • pban says :

        I know doots but what’s the harm in hoping, you know what the bummer is I couldn’t see any of the matches on account of work and I have no idea regarding how bad things actually are.

      • meretricula says :

        idk if non-Chicken Little comments are welcome, but… I thought it was really very apt when you compared this bit of a slump for Roger to that miserable stretch Rafa went through during the indoor season, up through getting utterly slammed in every match at the WTF. once he got his feet from his least favorite surface to his favorite one, it took him literally ten games to perk up, and I’m pretty sure a transition that fast has to be mostly mental. Roger’ll be fine when he gets to grass. =)

        • dootsiez says :

          Words of comfort meretricula. With a shipload of points to defend, I’m hoping Roger perks up a little in the lovely Madrid altitude.

  5. Jack says :

    No Masha-Serena QF!!! 😦

    I HATE CLAY!!!!

  6. BS says :

    Ok. I think I’m over yesterday. Except now Masha has lost and I’m back to wondering why the tennis gods are punishing me. I’m sorry I haven’t watched a full match Rog played this year, but I don’t want to jinx him OK??! Anyway, where was I?

    I have an unusually good feeling about Madrid, if he keeps insisting that he’s not worried about anything, shouldn’t we believe him? The guy has had to deal with this kind of thing for certain periods of every year since 2007, so if he still believes everything is ok then so do I. We just have to be really patient, as difficult and frustrating as it is. It was this time last year that things turned around so I’m hoping the same thing happens again. Just do me a favour Sod, beat Rafa. Please.

  7. grace says :

    I see Roger is figthing with his game, he wants to win that´s for sure, he looked sad, so I hope the click is coming….Be positive “failure is the road to success”

  8. jfk says :

    Come on Roger..time to shake things up on the clay.
    Vamos Rogelio!

  9. pban says :

    I am already groggy from sleep deprivation and it is not even Wimby yet, how on earth does he expect us to survive if this crap continues???

  10. Jack says :

    I’d like Gulbis to win a few matches here – only because i’d prefer him to be seeded at RG!!!

    And I really hope Roger doesn’t lose today! On one hand, I’m thinking he’s not been playing that well so it could happen.

    But on the other hand, I’m thinking “ITS BENJAMIN BECKER!!!”. If we’re frazzling now, what are we gonna be like if he goes deep into the draw!!

    • dootsiez says :

      “If we’re frazzling now, what are we gonna be like if he goes deep into the draw!!”

      I’d be relieved!

      • roadrunnerz says :

        LOL. Seriously.

        The deeper he goes the less I’d frazzle. It’s the early rounds that are making me frazzle these days.

        I read that after today’s match he said: “…when I lost that drop shot at MP, I thought ‘Oh no … another match i’ll lose 7-5 in the 3rd'”.

        How can I ever hate him when my arrogant douchebag is so willing to admit he frazzles as much as the rest of us during his matches? lol

        • pban says :

          How is it possible to stay mad at someone who is so remarkably normal……(well if he loses to stan ) By the way guys Rafa is 285 pts behind Nole so all he has to do is reach the final and he is back at 2.

  11. Jas says :

    I don’t care whether Feddy wins or loses anymore, he has won everything and I just want Nadal in the finals so that he can finally relieve Djokovic of that number 2 ranking.

  12. Jack says :

    Roger apparently isn’t seeded for this tournament!

    Just check the scoreboard to see proof 😀

  13. FortuneCookie says :

    Not Madrid-related,but I’m tardy to the party and only just saw the Davis Cup playoff draw…
    Some random ones,obviously guessing you know Oz are at home to Belgium,US travelling to Columbia,and as for Switzerland?
    Um yeahhhh hands up who sees Roger travelling to Kazakhstan a week after the USO?No one…no one!?Okay then 😛

    • Jack says :

      Switzerland play Kazakhstan?!

      They shouldn’t need Roger to win that one!

      Plus, the fact that Kazakhstan can get into the play-offs, but Great Britain can’t, kinda depresses me! 😀

  14. Jess says :

    “Youzhny and Gulbis. Two players with disproportionately undeserved fan followings.”

    Ha – I love them both, well, racket-breaking fetish you know.

  15. Warwick360 says :

    Lol @ the Jankovic fist pump.

  16. Philip says :

    Well Fed destroyed Stan today. Clean match, low error count and serve at 60%. Looking pretty solid.

    Dropped serve to open the match but Fed steamrolled the rest of the way.

    Hope he gets revenge on Gulbis tomorrow!

  17. jfk says :

    Yes. Revenge. Come on Roger. Don’t let Gulbis be the next Simon. PLEASEEEEEE.

    And I love that JJ fistpump making fun of Ana. hahaha.

  18. pban says :

    **antijinx** *fingers crossed* *prayers to all tennis gods* ……Gulbis the next Simon !!!! PLEASEEEE NO 😦

  19. q says :

    Have you thought about doing a Marat picspam? He was all over the Serbia Open last week.

    • dootsiez says :

      “He was all over the Serbia Open last week.”

      … that was not meant as a homoerotic innuendo was it?

      Urgh. I need coffee.

  20. Tashi says :

    Dootz! He won!!! Yes!!! And now he plays…oh shit. *hides under bed with obscene amounts of alcohol*

    EPIC gif BTW. Lady JaJa FTW!!!

  21. Jack says :

    That gif of JJ is strangely hypnotic! 😀

  22. sita says :

    So the ‘underdog’ actually won the Battle of Swiss Dads ! And how !
    I had better not be dreaming only to be woken up rudely in the Gulbis match

  23. pban says :

    HaHa read what that Bozo wrote,as usual a ridiculously condescending piece , but the live comments of the match on the blog more than made up for that pile of shit that qualified as an article …. there are some batty ones out there doots(sounds familiar 😉 )

  24. jfk says :

    Awesome Maria gif
    Pete Bodo writes garbage what else is new..
    Rog..please beat Ferrer. JUST DO IT!!

  25. sita says :

    Holy %$%$ . So all those waiting for a Fedal final are having their wish granted.
    Wake me up when it’s over.
    *Shuts eyes and hides under the table*

  26. jfk says :

    FedVamos 😀

  27. Joanna says :

    Hahahahahaha “There was some other match on too. It’s not important or anything. (OH MY GAWD OH MY GAWD OH MY GAWD OH MY GAWD)”

    Cannot wait to watch another Fedal match… although I have uni tomorrow I’m staying up for this one!!

  28. Jack says :

    I wonder whether Hilary Swank will be back this year?!

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