Weekend Winners: Bad karma sutra.

A little snippet of the Melbourne music scene before we get onto the tennis, worth it just for the guy at the start.



1. Dear Tennis Gods, it would be great if you … you know … stopped kicking my ass. Weekend results – in the order of misery:

Madrid: Aravene Rezai def Justine Henin: 46 75 60.

Madrid: Lucie Safarova def Maria Sharapova 64 63.

Whatshisface def. GOAT 62 76(5).

Darth Federer def Dootsie 60 60.

I wonder how Maria Sharapova feels these days – back in 08, she was playing the best tennis of her career before her body came crashing down on her. She came back, slowly but surely, climbing her way into the top 20 with a rustier, more uncertain brand of tennis, before her body crashed again.

But Sharapova wouldn’t be Sharapova if she didn’t have that never-ending relentlessness to her. It’s no surprise that she lost first match in Madrid – coming back from injury, rusty, hasn’t played or won much this year, she had the misfortune of drawing the baby-faced giant-killer that is Lucie Safarova. No frazzling needed – her comeback from injury begins in earnest in Strasbourg.

As for Justine, she was reportedly ill after Stuttgart, looks like she ran out of gas in the third set. I say “looks like”, since no network had the decency to cover an OOP featuring Venus, Henin and Sharapova.



2. To top it off, Jizzy let match point slip at 63 53 before losing to Querrey 36 76(4) 64. WHAT. EVER. No one wants an erectile dysfunctional trophy anyway.

Mentioning erectile dysfunction …

(Lordy, Nole looks pre-pubescent.)



3. Since his very public act of self-mutilation two years ago, Mikhail Youzhny has tumbled down the rankings before sneaking his way slowly back up. Who knew? Dude’s closing in on Top 10 again.

Over in Munich, Mish outlasted Red Hot Cilic Peppers 6-3, 4-6, 6-4, making it third time lucky for the finalist of 2007 and 2009.

Marin. Scruffy. Dimples. Alas …

4. Over in Estoril, Whatshisface successfully defended his title. *grumbles*

What happens in Estoril stays in Estoril, ya hear me?

xx doots


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9 responses to “Weekend Winners: Bad karma sutra.”

  1. Jack says :

    This post highlights exactly why tennis has sucked since the AO!

    Roger, Maria, Justine….all losing at the weekend 😦

    And I agree with you regarding Maria. She was playing fantastic tennis back in 08, then her shoulder gave out. I blame that moronic doctor who misdiagnosed her.

    Thats why its annoying seeing her lose sometimes because I know how good she can play. Same go for Roger, when he plays crap 🙂

    I still believe that she can back to that level though. It just might take a little longer then we’d like.

  2. roadrunnerz says :

    For some reason that I can’t explain, I was oddly meh about Fed’s Estoril loss. And it’s not because it’s ‘just’ a 250 event.

    His losses to Baggy and Berdych made me want to throw things, but this time? I half expected him to lose…weird.

    I feel like i’m undergoing some sort of Fed-fan transition… :-0

    • dootsiez says :

      I half expected him to lose to Baggy and Berdy, to be honest. (Not that it didn’t make me want to throw things)

      This one is more like “OKAY I NEED TO TYPE IN CAPS LOCK NAOO”.

  3. Ru-an says :

    Its been tough times hasnt it Doots? Djokovic looks so small next to Isner lol.

  4. pban says :

    I was never comfortable with him playing Estoril so the loss, infuriating as it was did not really shock me. What really really worries me is his postmatch comment that he is not confident of his movement…….did you see the match doots is anything wrong??? lol at darth federer double bageling dootsiez love the photo.

    • dootsiez says :

      I didn’t mind him playing Estoril. I knew he could also pull out if he wanted to, and it was really only 4 matches to the title, so I knew he’d just use it as cashed-up practice sessions.

      Didn’t see the match live, watched it with the benefit of hindsight. Total retard in the first set, actually played a decent second set, up 5-2 in the tiebreak and didn’t win another point with 3 shanks.

      Piece of shit. *FANGER* >:O

  5. Warwick360 says :

    WOA…….never thought I’d see djoko appear so short………….O_O

    And nice to see safin around….. 🙂

  6. kssmeford says :

    sorry (for the godly asskicking) but this is too funny…

    in order of misery!

    Darth-cute-Federer def Dootsie 60 60!!

    You’re awesome even in pain (should I say more so?)


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