Quotable Quotes: You TEASE! *squinty eyes*


… What was I gonna say?

Oh yeah. Good news for Fed fans, bad news for Mandy Curry. Sir Roger Shankalot wants to keep playing forever. ETCH THAT INTO A TREE YO!

“I don’t have a problem saying this is the second half of my career because I do have kids and a lot of things have changed around me,” he said.

“It’s a lot of fun right now and I obviously want to do this as long as possible.

The moment you start questioning yourself and asking ‘how am I going to go out of this sport’ – well it’s never crossed my mind. It’s just not something I’m even in the mood to think about.

People think I’m going to retire at the 2012 Olympics – which is not true. Even though you never know, it depends on your body, I would like to play beyond that so we’ll see how it goes.”

On his Roland Garros-Wimbledon stretch of wins last year:

“It was a very emotional few weeks and months,” added Federer.

“Looking back now, one year ago I didn’t have two daughters, I didn’t have three more Slams and one more Slam final. It’s quite amazing what has happened in the last year.”

The full interview with Jonathan Overend will be aired at some ungodly hour (22:00 BST) on BBC Radio 5.

xx doots



15 responses to “Quotable Quotes: You TEASE! *squinty eyes*”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    Ah good job you have a few Brit readers!I’ll try and listen to it and report back some more teasing quotes 😛

    • dootsiez says :


      • FortuneCookie says :

        Just a short interview,not too many teasing quotes or things we haven’t heard before,but interesting nonetheless 🙂
        They started with last year’s Madrid,how it really kickstarted his season and ‘things clicked for him’ at French Open and Wimbledon…
        When asked about motivation getting through that intense part of the season he said that there were ‘a couple of things in the belly of my wife’s stomach’ spurring him on,LOL oh sensitive Fed comes through! 😛
        Then the quotes about ‘2nd half of my career’,the Olympics etc you already posted,wants to just enjoy tennis instead of thinking about retirement…
        Then interesting talk about how his
        mind works during matches,is it instinctive or like a game of chess?Says it depends on opponent…
        And then ending with talk about WTF,said he loved last years,great crowd,stadium etc,just a pity that he couldn’t win it,has a good chance of qualifying this year…
        And there you go,in a nutshell 😉

  2. sita says :

    Right, one year ago…Fed didn’t have so many things and we didn’t even have FPF…
    Wth is he doing there in the picture ? 😀 Preparing us for the worst tonight ? I hope not…..

  3. grace says :

    I used to come to this blog and it was funny to read, now it has become to be a hater Fed´s blog, I believe in Roger and as his fan I can´t say he´s going to lose,
    OMG. COME ON ROGER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • FortuneCookie says :

      Yep,we’re a bunch of heathen Roger haters,the whole lot of us… 😛
      Yeah he’s had some bad losses over the last couple of months,but no one who posts on this site hates him,least of all Dootsiez I’m sure!

    • dootsiez says :

      grace, if you want to read a blog that

      1) does nothing but put Roger on a pedestal
      2) hates Nadal
      3) takes everything at face value

      You have come to the wrong place.

  4. breadstix says :

    22:00 BST TONIGHT??
    Hohohoho, this is indeed joyous news. Raawwjah!

  5. jfk says :

    What interview? I stopped reading after I saw that photo. Just FPF early 😛

  6. federerlive says :

    I’m Uk-ish so I’ll record it, post on YouTube and post a link. Good to have something to look forward to after the match whatever happens! 😀

  7. grace says :

    Doots as you can see you have to believe in Roger, HE WON BUT HE PLAYED FANTASTIC TENNIS.
    Please be positive because you hurt saying”he´s going to loose…

  8. ismaco says :

    Ohh… The pic! O.O
    I don’t care if you accept it or not, but it seems to be part of a small FPF.

  9. Lily says :


    Loosing, winning, when you’ve got a so gorgeous bottom life is an endless victory…


  10. Puffin says :

    I love hearing Roger talk. it was a very good interview and he sounded so relaxed and really happy about life. 🙂

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