Fashion: Nike has photoshop skillz y’all!

Roland Garros outfits for Nike players, with varying degrees of photoshop competency.

Serena, blueberry bubblegum.

Feddykins – “bluegrass” coloured outfit with “French-inspired” details on the sleeve and elements of “tailoring” on the shorts. Sounds a lot nicer than it actually is, but it ain’t bad.

What del Potro would’ve worn. For some reason, I laughed when I saw the banana shoes.

Rafa – nice stuff, shying away from the bubblegum horror of last year. Gotta say – it looks more like something John Isner would wear.

Nike, I want Fed in green yo!

Li Na and Vika – same design as what they’re wearing now, but in shinier colours.

Masha – I like the wrap design and the silver layer underneath, but the burgundy overlay is horribly dull for someone like Sharapova.

7 days away folks. 7 DAYS!


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13 responses to “Fashion: Nike has photoshop skillz y’all!”

  1. Mia says :

    Sorry, but the “French-inspired” details – and I thought France is the fashion capital of the world – on Fed’s sleeves remind me of towels. Like Rafa’s and Vika’s kits. MaSha’s colors are too old for her.

  2. pban says :

    What’s with the sleeves for Feddy’s tee and him with his puny left arm….like the colour though ,good ole blue is back.Somehow I feel safer with blue.

  3. Ceeza says :

    Damn Roger’s sleeves are the wackness!!.. Dissapointing and a let down in my opinion ..
    I do like his shoes though.. They look like something he would’ve worn earlier on in his career.. Overall I give the kit 2 1/2 Wintour bobs out of 5..!!

  4. whynotme says :

    “French-inspired details”?? What the hell? Eeeer I don’t see what’s French with the sleeves, but eh, I’ve only been French for 19 years xD

  5. breadstix says :

    Looks like Vika’s the one who gets pink this year…

    Rafa’s is way less shocking than what he was wearing RG’09, I mean, I actually spent about an hour of his first match simply gawking at his kit. Not much to say about Feddykins’, he always look the same in the same kinda colours and same kinda style and just same kinda-ish (even with the sleeves)… but he looks good, so I ain’t complaining. 😛

    LOVING those banana shoes, I hope at least some other player gts to wear them. Oh Delpoopoo, I miss yooouuu… 😥

  6. Jack says :

    I thought the exact same thing regarding Rafa’s outfit!

    I feel with Roger outfit, the sleeves were an after-thought.

    And I like Masha’s outfit. I like that Nike has kept it relatively simple this time.

  7. Ann Ames says :

    Oh no – Fed’s collar is back! And just when he’d gotten used to collarless… Anyone else notice how he couldn’t stop touching the (missing) collar at IW and Miami, but by Madrid it didn’t exist for him any more? Do we even want to think about the comparison in results? Oy… Nike needs to stop fooling with Roger’s neckline. If he loses early at Roland Garros I’ll… I’ll… write them a letter, I will!

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