Picket Fence Vid: OMG. ME! ME! I WOULD LIKE TO! ME!

Ping Pong Fedddy! Shy Rogie! Oh my ovaries! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

*rolls around in sweet torture*


11 responses to “Picket Fence Vid: OMG. ME! ME! I WOULD LIKE TO! ME!”

  1. Ru-an says :

    nice 😉

  2. LJ says :


    although couldn’t rog find someone hotter to go after than rooney? You can do so much better than him rog.

    but ping pong is always good

  3. jfk says :

    Rog playing table tennis in a suit. Sweet.

  4. sita says :

    I thought nothing could top Fed playing tennis in a suit.
    Until I saw this.
    Wonder what’s next ?

  5. FortuneCookie says :

    This advert is so random I don’t even know what to say…Rooney and Fed!?He does look cute though,uh Roger that is! 😛

    • dootsiez says :

      To be quite honest, I know Wayne Rooney’s a Brit soccer player, and that’s about it.

      But yer know, Feddy looked like a cute little bunny chasing those pingpong balls. YOU ADORABLE LITTLE TURD!

      • Jack says :


        You know the sport where they kick a ball around with their foot…..makes more logical sense to call it football than soccer! 😀

  6. roadrunnerz says :

    OMG…that is priceless!!! LOL LOL

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