Federporn Friday: Get your dirty hands off my heartstrings.

It’s that time of the year again. Roland Garros, as always, I head into it with a sense of dread. A world without hope is a bleak, bleak place. A world with hope almost certainly brings a sense of unwarranted disappointment. Take your pick – which one is the lesser of two evils for you?

But it doesn’t always have to be a choice between the lesser of two evils, if there’s one thing that hope, or the lack thereof, cannot take away from us, it is the story of yesteryear.

So this Federporn Friday takes a look at one of the most emotional sporting experiences of my life, and possibly yours too: Roland Garros 2009. Perhaps we can’t have everything, but we already do have a helluva lot.

Talking about Roland Garros 2009 inevitably brings up two matches – Haas and Del Potro. When the Tennis Gods parted the seas for Roger, they also laid down land mines. But the land mines started way before Tommy Haas dirt-talked his way onto Philippe Chatrier, they started in round 2, against a Jose Acasuso.

It was a 4 set victory, but like Fed v Andreev at the Australian Open this year, “four sets” is a misleading stat.

I don’t think I’ve ever chewed my nails as much as I did during a round 2 match against a player who’s irrelevant, 99% of the time.

In a way, Woger’s 2nd round match against Acasuso foreshadowed what was to come. He would lose a set to Mathieu, but play (in my opinion) his best tennis of the tournament to come through.

Then, disaster struck. Djokovic, the “second best player of the clay season” according to some, tumbled out to Kohlschreiber in a stinker of a match.

And then, a certain rodent-looking player I used to despise sent Rafa packing, yet until match point had been played and won that day, I didn’t believe for a second that Nadal wasn’t going to come through. Believe me when I say that I felt terrible for Rafa. A twisted part of me had always wondered what it would look like when he finally lost at Roland Garros – I didn’t expect it to look like that. To Soderling of all people.

But of course, despite my sadness for Rafa, a part of me was starting to panic already. It didn’t help that Roland Garros radio chose that moment to announce to the world “If Federer doesn’t win this, we can put him on suicide watch.”

Oh yeth, folks, IT WAS TIME TO FREAK. OUT.

Funnily enough, ‘suicide watch’ came in the next match, in the form of Haas.

It was one of those matches where every Federer fan remembers what he or she was doing at the time. What were you doing at the time, by the way?

I was coming home from work, knowing that Feddy was down 2 sets to love, I walked past the homeless man who always camped in front of a cafe on Spencer St. I had never given him a second glance before, but this time, in my desperate need for good karma, I walked back and dropped $10 into his hat.

When I got home, Roger had rolled through the fourth set, and since then, I have superstitiously donated money to charity during every slam, hoping to write off Tennis God wrath.

Hey, no one said it was rational.

But through all the struggles, Sir Rogie Shankalot made it through.

Call it grit, call it determination, call it luck that at 30-40 in the third set against Haas, his forehand had the decency to touch the line. Call it whatever you want.

Personally, I call it courage.

And when he finally did get into the final, I thought to myself, “surely, the Tennis Gods are done toying with us? Surely, we’ll get a straightforward win?”

In many ways, it was. But in so many ways, it wasn’t:

  1. Dystopian weather. Rain threatened to fall through the entire match, but didn’t fall until match point had been played and won.
  2. Jimmy Jumper. I still don’t know how Roger didn’t shit his pants.
  3. Not only did he not shit his pants, he played the most incredible tiebreaker. 4 aces, 4 serves, one core of steel.
  5. 5-4 30-30 in the third set, THE STOOPID ASSHOLE DRIVE-VOLLEYED INTO THE NET, and Dootsie ducked behind a rock groaning, “you are not taking this away from me, Tennis Gods.”

Luckily, they didn’t. 3 points later, Soderling netted a return of serve …

And while the circumstances have changed, some things never change.



And as if by some divine design, Andre Agassi was there to present the trophy, 10 years after he won his own Roland Garros title with similar drama.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my two favourite men in tennis compare hair.

Roger desperately needed to get a room with la Coupe des Mousquetaires.

And where was Dootsie during all this? Sitting in her room dabbing eyes with a hanky that’s where!


So, despite the sweet sweet tales of 2009, I’m not heading into this year’s Roland Garros frazzle-free.

There are a lot of records riding on this tournament, including Pete Sampras’s weeks at No 1.

Roger could’ve made things easier for himself by building an unassailable lead after the Australian Open, but he didn’t. And the likes of Koenig* and Goodall* no doubt are waiting for the next available opportunity to put an asterisk on things.

But what I will remember and keep within my heart, is that magical feeling of 09, that feeling of catharsis, of infinite fuckyeah, of Fedgasms and frazzles and chewing on pieces of paper. Of stomach ulcers in the name of tennis angst.

Above all, I will remember that a guy I never knew tugged at my heartstrings and singlehandedly created the greatest sporting moment of my life. And looking at the faces of Roland Garros spectators, the staff and organizers that day, I know I’m not the only one.

xx doots


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  1. Glenda says :

    Thanks for the memories! They are still pristine in my mind, but there’s nothing like visuals to amp up my excitement for RG even more. OMG. And you saved the best photos for last! The weepy Rogi literally made me yelp!!!

  2. marcoiac says :

    lovely post, you are great. after many years of watching fed losing RG finals, last year i was stuck in a meeting during the final! not good. i was checking the game with my laptop, but it wasn’t the same thing….
    i tuned in the haas match just few minutes before the famous inside out forehand. after that shot, i knew it….nobody could stop him

  3. TennisAce says :

    Where I was when the earth stood still:

    Hass match: Watched the first 2 sets at home while drinking copious cups of coffee. Willing him to win any of the first 2 sets. After seeing him get broken for the second set, I glumly took up my handbag and car keys, got in the car and drove in silence to work. No radio, no CDs, nothing. I prayed though. I got to work and booted up the computer. Office was kind of empty but another attorney was there. He is a Fed fan as well. We talked in low tones about the first 2 sets. I turned on the computer and went to the livestream link. Saw that they were 3-3 third set, Haas serving. Hass holds and change over. I sip my coffee and clasp my hands together. I hate this part of a set. Too close. Roger comes out and the game starts. Haas senses it is his time to break and serve for the match. Commentators agree. 30-40, I get up from my desk and stand up. Jonathan comes by my desk, so does Michael. We are all watching. Eyes wide open, jaws clenched. First serve, into the net. Second serve, good deep return to the backhand. Roger runs around and hits an IOFH that catches the line. He would hold, break, hold and win the third set, take the next set at love and lose just 2 games in the 5th. My heart beat once again until the next time.

  4. TennisAce says :

    DelPotro match:: I am at home. It is a Friday. . I took the day to stay home. Not feeling well. I think he should not have many problems with DelPo seeing as he carved him to pieces in Australia. This was a different DelPo. He was now confident, hitting that forehand harder than I have ever seen a forehand being hit. He was blasting Fed off the court. I could not take it. This match was without a doubt a blur. I only remember that in the 5th set he was up a break and DelPo came storming back but Fed held on to get to the final.

    Soderling: I was in church. I was afraid. What if Soderling was the real deal. H2H made no difference to me. After all most of the guys who tested him during this tournament, Roger had a positive h2h against them. Soderling took out Rafa. That must mean he had a big game. I checked the stats. This guy was serving bombs. Aces on almost every service game. Hardly being broken. Roger was returning like shite. I watched the first few games and went to church. Checked my blackberry in church and saw that he had won the first set. Then I saw that he had won the second set. They had a penny collection in church that Sunday. I got up, went outside to my car to get pennies. Gave the pennies to my church sister. Did not bother to return to church. Drove home as I had to see it for myself. I watched match point. I celebrated match point. I bawled. I called my son and his girlfriend and told them he had won. I celebrated with my friends on message boards. I changed my blogging moniker. I was a happy girl.

    The next day. Oh the next day. .I bookmarked almost every article that I could find. I still have them. I still read them. I am one happy Fed fan.

    In closing. Every Fed fan should remember this. For us it has been many years coming seeing Federer win Roland Garros. If he does not defend this title this year, we should not be discouraged. Fed has said that no one can ever ask him when he is going to win Roland Garros because now he has it. No one can take that away from him. Regardless of what the jealous commentators and writers say. Our guy won it fair and square. He was there. His nemesis was not.

    • Deborah says :

      Tennis Ace, I went to church, too. When I got home, I turned on ESPN News with trembling hands, figuring one way or the other, the result would be “breaking news”. When I saw the headline, ‘Federer wins French Open’, I dropped to my knees and cried like a baby.

    • marcoiac says :

      ok, this is a fed celebration, but i got to say one thing: you are totally right, delpo whacks the forehand like nobody. i don’t know how the shot stays in. it should sail away. he manages to keep them in. how does he do it?
      ok, we can go back to fed 🙂

      • dootsiez says :

        My feeling is that he never quite aims to paint the lines?

        Despite how it looks, Del Potro gives himself some margin of error when he shapes up to hit the shot, so that even with all the pace, the shot stays in.

    • Mia says :

      Am a Catholic, albeit marginal. But I remember dropping by at a chapel – after eons of non-attendance – on my way home the day of the Haas match. So you can imagine my chagrin when he was 0-2 sets and a breakpoint down. I seriously felt the guy up there was getting back at me for all those times I stayed away. Promised right there that I would hear mass every day for the rest of the tournament. And I damn sure stuck to that promise. Of course, to free-thinkers there’s-no-darn-connection. I’d like to believe however that, in a way, it was my version of “Roger Federer as Religious Experience”.

      • Sunny says :

        You guys had the presence of mind to go to church that morning!?! Not that I’m deriding your Christianity or faith…but Federer in the finals (a Rafa-free final!) of the FRENCH OPEN…seeking to complete the GRAND SLAM?!?! You earned some serious admission points for those pearly gates…. I worship at the altar of the Tennis Court now…and Roger is my saviour! 😉

        I could barely make it to the bathroom through the whole thing…I stopped drinking fluids so I could stay in front of the television!! I was watching with a girlfriend of mine and when he won, we ran around the house screaming and crying and her husband ran in from outside worried that someone had died!! I called all of my friends, most of whom don’t watch or care about tennis and they all thought I was a wee bit crazy so it’s always nice to hear that I wasn’t alone in my hysteria! That’s why I come to this blog…to be surrounded by people who love to wrap ourselves in the glory and genius that is TMF.

        Doots, you have my heart for all the the fantastic Federeporn you’ve gifted us with…you have my stomach for all the giggles you’ve given me, and you’ve got my respect for having one of the best (and most fun) tennis site out there!! … Ummm, but I’m taking my eyes back because I have to admit I’m not a fan of the new layout (site) . It’s hard to read with all this white and it lacks the vibrancy and personality that is soooooo you.

        But even that won’t keep me away! Still…no chance of giving us a little more color? (she asks in a tiny voice with her eyes scrunched up…)

        Anyway, this last post inspired me so much that I had to pop in the DVD of last year’s French Open and watch the glory all over again…I’m hoping that it will brace me for the eventual loss the is sure to come this year… ;-(

        How was that Doots? Think the Tennis Gods hear me?? 😉

        • dootsiez says :

          No changing the theme yo! I like the simplicity of a black and white theme. Besides, the columns are nice and wide on this theme and wordpress doesn’t offer me a lot of options. 😛

      • dootsiez says :

        That is so sweet Mia! You softy, you.

  5. Deborah says :

    doots, you are beautiful. Just when I thought I had cried as much as humanly possible (good tears) over the FO2009, you teared me up all over again. I have watched the trophy ceremony (well, the entire match) more times than is healthy and I never get over it. When I hear folks refer to Roger as robotic, I wonder if there is some parallel universe Roger they are watching. Because I have watched that final so many times, I’ve had ample time to notice the collective and individual joy in that arena that day. Anna Wintour sitting in the rain? Wow, Roger-love is a powerful force. The applause and cheers that would not stop. The NBC commentator, Ted Robinson, said, “never have so many people wanted one thing for one athlete.” I kept a wonderful article that described tennis players long gone from the tournament getting up to watch, like James Blake cheering him on. Yeah, in a few days, I’ll be a hopeless mess, trying to retain some degree of outer normalcy, attending meetings and pretending I’m not worried to death about a young man (younger than my own children) and how he is doing on a pile of red dirt a half world away. But as you so brilliantly said, I won’t be the only one. French Open champion has a nice ring to it.

    • dootsiez says :

      “I kept a wonderful article that described tennis players long gone from the tournament getting up to watch, like James Blake cheering him on.”

      Is it online Deb? Would love to see it! 😀

  6. jandemom says :

    I was at church, too! It was my daughter’s Confirmation day but my husband and I kept checking for updates throughout the service. Silly, yes, since we had the DVR going at home & we had a good feeling that Roger would win, but I had to know how the match was going. We watched the match later in the afternoon – no frazzling required! It was just a wonderful day for Roger and it will always be one of my favorite sports memories. Funny (and great) how we can become so attached to athletes, isn’t it? This FO is the first Slam since I began visiting your terrific site, doots; I look forward to frazzling through the entire tournament with all of you. Go Roger!

  7. abr says :

    oh no doots… you were not the only one!!

    this RG will be the stuff of dreams… you gotta believe!! ALLEZ ROGER!

  8. Noshali says :

    I really feel that was your best Federerporn article ever. Loved it. I might have even teared a little….not telling.

    Haas Match: I had completely forgot about the match but switched on the tv when federer was 2 sets down. But weirdly i was not panicking at all. I just knew he could do this.

    Soderling: Here I was panicking. The guy that beat nadal. NO WAY in hell federer could beat him. H2H did not matter to me. No previews predicting Federer’s wins mattered. I just thought Soderling could kill federer when it mattered. Boy was I wrong. I remember everything I did that day. Not kidding.

    I love you FEDERER!!!!

    • dootsiez says :

      Wow Noshali, you totally had a reverse feelings to everyone else – frazzle free for Haas and frazzling for Soderling? Muahahaha!

  9. flor says :

    This is the first time I live a comment here. Great post, I remember with love that moments.Come on Roger for a second French.

  10. braggaditis says :

    This could be one of my most favorite threads!!

    Fawsome pics and stories (by all!), too.

  11. pban says :

    aah doots what memories, like you I entered the tourney almost zen like but after Nadal lost I started panicking( don’t think I slept the next 7 days) sat through all those matches and came out exhausted and sweating like a pig after the adrenaline wore off.And the trophy ceremony, well I would have teared up too if I hadn’t been so bloody furious at the cable guy for choosing that precise moment to lose his link. To this day I have not watched that ceremony in its entirity. Can you believe the irony,4 years of heartbreak…the trauma of 2008 and when my guy does win I don’t get to share it with him.

  12. jfK says :

    I overslept and woke up just in time to see Fed 2 sets down to Haas. I started crying and praying so hard. And then he hit that gutsy FH.
    I couldn’t breathe during the Del Po match, but we survived! Before the championship I woke up shaking. Everything was on the line. The best part was at 5-4 in the 3rd set, instead of going to commercial break, they stayed with Rog on the changeover. The crowd was chanting. He stood up to serve and could not keep the ball in the court! When he fell to his knees I had so many emotions; it felt like such a dream. After so much frustration the previous years, he had finally done it with all the pressure and being so close to losing. Thank you Roger, supporting you has been some of my happiest days as a tennis fan.

    • dootsiez says :

      You know the Paris crowd gets a lot of crap for being rowdy, but I will never forget how they carried Roger to victory last year. ❤

  13. Jodi says :

    I have never rewatched a single game of tennis so many times as the last game of that Roland Garros final. I still get nervous when he drive volleys into the net, and still have to blink back tears when Soderling nets that return.

    One of the greatest moments in sport, ever. He was the king of tennis before that day – that’s when he became a god. 😉

  14. PJ says :

    You know I’ve never been a fan of the clay season/RG (too much angst over the years) so it’s ironic that RG09 ended up being one of my BEST memories. It had everything: extreme angst, extreme excitement, extreme OMGOMGOMG, extreme hiding behind blankets, and of course, extreme extreme JOY at the very end.

    Seriously, losing sets to Acasuso and Mathieu? So much fkdjsdkfjksdfjksdfj. The day he played Haasi, I wanted to stay at home and watch, but my friends bundled me out for dinner. My other tennis frazzle buddy was so confident that Feddy will steamroll Haasi in three sets because “he learnt his lesson dropping sets to Acasuso and Mathieu”. Damn her and her big mouth. I came back home, expecting to catch the end of the match. Switched on my stream, Feddy 2 sets down, 3-all.

    Cue calling Miss Psychic and yelling. Cue blankets and nails being bitten down to fingertips. I didn’t watch that mindblowing forehand in its glory. When he was facing breakpoint, I mute the sound on my laptop and went to the toilet. I came back, steeled myself, told myself IT DIDN’T MATTER IF HE WAS BROKEN (totallylyingbitch) and saw that it was 4-all. OMG. Then I began to feel confident…maybe, MAYBE he could do it. Confidence grew and deflated a little at the end of set 4 because I felt Haasi was conserving energy. And set 5…I survived it. Fed survived it. Good GOD.

    Delpo was another nightmare. I was SO deflated when Feddy was down two sets to one…I just crawled into bed with blankets over my head. Phone kept buzzing with messages from frazzle buddy. Woke up again to see him win the 4th 6-1, and Delpo just couldn’t keep up after that, MUAHAHAHAHHA (Sorry Delpo. I am unfairly unleashing rage on you, blame it on Fed and USO09).

    On match day against Bobby Sod, I strangely felt that he would win. If his serve was on, he would win. First set was comfortable. Second set I was dying, Jimmy Jumper the Idiot didn’t help. Tiebreaker was SCORCHING. Feddy was one set away. And yes, he was totally choking back tears when serving at 5-3. I sensed it coming, but didn’t want to hope. Anything can happen. He was up 2 sets to love and serving for match against Lleyton at Davis Cup and he lost that fucking match.

    He faced breakpoint. I hyperventilated into a paper bag. He saved breakpoint. He had advantage. Bobby Sod sent a return into the net. Feddy cried. My tennis frazzle buddy cried. I cried. The whole world cried as Feddy finally got the Slam he had tried so hard to win for the past few years. It was seriously the best Slam win EVER. Never had I had a Slam season filled with so many, MANY emotions.

    Oh, such wonderful memories all contained within this Federporn post, Doots. Thanks for giving us the porn! Now Feddy should take all the porny inspiration and win RG10. YES!?!!?!?!?

    • dootsiez says :

      Actually, you and I did the same thing for Fed v Del Potro – I was so deflated that I crawled under a blanket, literally, and asked the tennis gods why they would do this to us. 😦 😦

      I’m not even sure if I slept, or how long I was like that for. But when I turned on my stream again, the fifth set was just starting – saw most of the fifth set. Didn’t stop frazzling until match point had been played and won.

  15. Jack says :

    Such great memories of last year! I think, out of all the slams he’s won, this is the one most Federer fans remember the most.

    I watched the Haas match from start to finish. I remember when he went two set downs, just feeling dumb and deflated. Dumb because of everything that had happened in the tournament already and deflated because of what I thought was going to happen. But when he hit that shot in the 3rd set, it sparked something in me. Then I was bit confused when he bagelled him in the fourth set. I was thinking “is Roger on a roll or is Haas just saving energy for the fifth?!”. And then when he won, I thought “one of those matches is enough!”

    But then I nearly died during Delpo match! I can honestly say I really did think he was gonna lose that match. That wasn’t because I didn’t have faith in Roger but because Delpo was taking it to Roger. But then he won!

    And I was really nervous before the final (I was even thinking about it during the womens final). But when Fed won the 1st set, I just had a feeling things may be easier today. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more nervous Fed than that last game of the match. I was hoping for four errors from Soderling, and I think he was too!

    When he won, I think i was smiling for like 2 weeks after that! And I agree with you doots, it was certainly my most emotional sporting experience too!

    Plus, I don’t know whether it’s just me but wasn’t it nice to see how much it meant to Mirka too!!

    • BS says :

      I felt exactly the same way during the Del Potro match. It almost felt as bad as (dare I mention it?) Wimbledon 08. I also tried to convince myself that Soderling was going to win the whole thing and that we would be deprived of Roland Garros forever. And yes, Mirka was so incredibly cute during that fortnight, especially in the moments after he won.

      • dootsiez says :

        “I also tried to convince myself that Soderling was going to win the whole thing and that we would be deprived of Roland Garros forever.”

        Not just you, BS, mee too. I think it was my subconscious’s way of lowering expectations. EFF YOU SUBCONSCIOUS.

  16. Isobel says :

    I didn’t have cable back then, so I followed most of the tournament on the Slamtracker and the attached Radio Roland Garros(the morning I woke to the news of rain delay and the commentators were trying to sing Annie Lennox’s “Here Comes the Rain Again” when they couldn’t sing and didn’t even know the words, I decided this was the only way to follow a slam. But when my bandwidth was limited I was continually getting behind and took to closing my eyes during match points to avoid being spoiled; I still remember blinking them open in shock on hearing the commentator cry that Rafa’s final shot had gone wide). I also often wake up in the middle of the night, and I remember the wee hours of Monday morning lying awake sick with fear in the pit of my stomach, thinking about how Rafa and Nole had gone out over two days and Roger was playing that day and Mandy was playing the next; I saw all four of them going on in patterned succession. I was right on one account there…
    Haas was the last time I either watched or listen to a Federer match for more than a few minutes at a time until the Madrid final last Sunday(when I figured screw it, Rafa was probably going to win anyway and there was no way I missing this!) Even then I’d noticed that being away from the computer for long stretches of time during his matches was much better for my health, so when their names first appeared on the scoreboard I went out on an errand. Bad timing; I got home just in time for the tiebreak! By the time he lost the second set I was crying on my bed. At about 3-all in the third or so, when a commentator made one comment too many about how Roger just wasn’t playing well, I closed the Slamtracker in devastated fury and told myself I wasn’t going to follow tennis anymore because it was getting to me too much. I then aimlessly wandered blogs waiting for the posts of lamentation to begin. Sometime later I wandered into a tennis livejournal and read about the fourth set bagel, after which I started turning tense again, saying to myself wouldn’t if be funny if Roger lost now and laughing like I was half out of my mind. I finally got the courage to return to the Slamtracker and the radio just as Roger was converting match point. The first thing I heard when I turned the radio back on was, “Well, I think we all need a breather after that one.” Cue interval music.
    Having started closing the Slamtracker again during Roger’s matches after that, I spent half an hour during his match with Delpo trying not to think about it before checking the Roland Garros website; one look at the score and I decided to flee the house. I don’t remember where I went, but it probably involved a bookstore; I’m good at distracting myself for long periods of time in bookstores. I got back, looked at the score again, and was immensely relieved, both that Roger won and that I hadn’t had to sit through it.
    At the time, Sunday morning my parents and I always went to the gym they worked out and swum while I swum more. Not that we could escape the final, though; it was on in the lobby. As we checked in I saw Roger had broken in the first game, but all I could think then was that Dinara had done the same the previous day. I tried to keep myself calm during my swim but I believe I thought of nothing else. I was relaxing in the whirlpool when my dad came downstairs and reported to me that “Fayderer” had won the first set. I got upstairs during the second half of the first set and watched the rest of it while waiting for dad to finish his shower. I think he joined us for the final points of the tiebreaker; by then my frazzling had got them interested. On the way back they asked if I minded if we stopped at Whole Foods; I told them I did not mind at all. This also meant I had to help unload the groceries when we got home. I tore through them, ran back to my room, turned the TV on, and was extremely irritated to see a commercial break. Then the TV went to a shot of the court set up for the trophy ceremony, and my first thought was, “Well, there’s no way Robin could’ve won three sets that quickly…” Then I smiled.

  17. Freudo says :

    Thanks Dootsie-You are my favorite tennis blogger, and I really needed your particular perspective to help me survive the next two weeks. Your “Yesteryear articel resonates with me: I’m there for ***, and will try for ****, and *****

    ***It’s that time of the year again. Roland Garros, as always, I head into it with a sense of dread. A world without hope is a bleak, bleak place. A world with hope almost certainly brings a sense of unwarranted disappointment. Take your pick – which one is the lesser of two evils for you?

    ****But it doesn’t always have to be a choice between the lesser of two evils, if there’s one thing that hope, or the lack thereof, cannot take away from us, it is the story of yesteryear.

    *****So this Federporn Friday takes a look at one of the most emotional sporting experiences of my life, and possibly yours too: Roland Garros 2009. Perhaps we can’t have everything, but we already do have a helluva lot.

    When I look at Roger’s draws first, they always look formidable. On closer inspection it all depends on him. The final is a possibility. Nadal in hte final is near certainty this year. That enough, lol..I don’t want to get ahead of myself 🙂

  18. breadstix says :

    A very fitting FPF, doots (I thought there weren’t to be anymore ’til after Wimby, what with karma and all…?). Oh how this brings back good memories… I wont recount them but let’s just say had RG been three weeks long I would’ve been in a mental institution by the end of it. 😛

    • dootsiez says :

      I wasn’t going to post FPF until after Wimbledon (I’ll be in Switzerland anyway). But Roger in Madrid softened me up, and I felt bad that he lost to Rafa again, so …


      • breadstix says :

        Switzerland! :O STALKING TIME, YO! That said, where does Swissy go between Wimby and Monty/Toronto/Cincy anyway?

        • dootsiez says :

          Last year, he went back to Switzerland for his name in the walk of fame thingy (I’ll be in Geneva, which isn’t the Federer half of the country I believe).

  19. BS says :

    Great post. Really great post. I remember getting up late the day of the Haas match, I had actually completely forgotten that he was playing that day and to my shock, he had just lost the first set. When he broke in the second I thought okay, maybe here things will go back to normal. Of course they didn’t. I went away and it was just at that moment, 3-4, 30-40 down in the third set that I came back and saw him nail that forehand. Thought it was out, but when there was no call I just shook my head in disbelief. I couldn’t believe it. I watched the rest of the match and when he won it was such a relief. Anyway…

    RG 2009 was by far the best tennis tournament I can remember following. Everything about it was absolutely brilliant. The whole tournament is so vivid to me. I remember what I was doing every match, how worried I was for him, how I couldn’t understand why he couldn’t just win! The way he won the tournament, the way he struggled through every match made the victory so much sweeter. It made you feel as if it was really well deserved. Not that any of his other slams haven’t been, but you know what I mean. The trophy ceremony was so sweet, when I saw Agassi walking out I was so happy! When he won and again when the Swiss national anthem was played I was in tears. It was indescribable joy. I don’t think the chances of another title this year are extremely high, but we can always hope. There would be nothing sweeter than seeing Roger and Rafa on the podium two weeks on Sunday with Roger with la Coupe des Mousquetaires and Rafa with the runner’s up plate. You know what to do tennis gods 😉

    • dootsiez says :

      “There would be nothing sweeter than seeing Roger and Rafa on the podium two weeks on Sunday with Roger with la Coupe des Mousquetaires and Rafa with the runner’s up plate.”

      *sigh* At this point, I’ll be happy with Roger in the final.

      But we can hope. Or do we not hope and hope that he exceeds our hopes? Do I make sense? I need coffee. *sighs*

  20. BS says :

    Forgot to say aswell, Doots I love the new site! Very classy. The man himself would be very proud of you 🙂 I guess that’s what you’re trying to do, isn’t it?! You’re trying to entice him. Naughty naughty!!

  21. judy says :

    AMEN SISTER! i am totally with you, the ups, the downs, the frazzles, the tears of joy in triumph! my absolute favorite and most emotional tennis and sporting fan/viewer moment ever!!! the tennis gods and we the people cheered him on and watched as fed made history. i will never forget the look on his face when he won and the tears during the swiss anthem, along with the unbelievable crowd support and clapping. one of my fav fed pics ever is the one of him kissing the coup with rain drops falling, the 2nd one here where he needed to get a room. 🙂

    thanks for this wonderful post and the new site layout looks pretty cool!

  22. Dippylyc says :

    For the past 4 year of RG final it was really painful to watch especially 2008, Nadal presented a bagel to Roger. Come 2009, I was like NOT AGAIN after AO fiasco. I watched Nadal/Le Sod’s match and shocked that he lost. Next day was Roger against Haas. I was confident that he will streamrolled Haas, boy was I wrong, It was almost like the Gods is jesting. The pressure was great on Roger and I was very worried he will be out of RG soon enough. It was a rollarcoaster ride every alternate night whenever Roger is playing. Gritting teeth, swearing, biting nails and constantly chatting with Fedfanatics onlline. I’m glad I went through it, if not I would not have made new friends and share the same passion on tennis and Roger. Like you, I prayed every night for Roger and hopes he survives till finals. I believe my prayers were answered and I am going to pray hard again this 2 weeks. Lastly Doots, thanks for trip down memory lane…its was hell of a ride and worth every moment.

  23. Sunny says :

    How weird is it that so many of you came into the match at the 3rd set with Federer down 2?

    First of all…WHAT WERE YOU PEOPE THINKING!?!?! People going out to church?!!? Tthere will always be Sundays, but only one Trying-to-Go-For-a-Grand Slam FO 2009! Oversleeping!! …how could you not set more than one alarm!?! Going out for food…who could keep anything down, knowing that with every game Fed was now trying to make it to a Nadal Free final?!?!

    The only thing I can come away with is that the collective power of all of you stragglers who joined us in the 3rd set at 3 all helped to turn the tide… 😉

    So this year, let’s learn our lesson and devote ourselves to supporting Fed straight from the get go! He’s going to need all of us more than ever now! 🙂

    So Doots…Might be a good time to organize some viewing parties… just sayin…

    • dootsiez says :

      Viewing parties? Are you on twitter? “We” have Federporn Party every night yo!

      Or maybe I could do a little chatroom.

      We will see.

  24. roadrunnerz says :

    Judging from some of the responses it sounds like a lot of Fed fans (myself included) tuned into the Haas match just as Fed was down two sets.

    I’m starting to believe that through some united, cosmic karma, all that positive/wishful/desperate thinking from Fed fans across the globe somehow collectively WILLED that forehand to save him from getting broken. And thus turn the match around. 🙂

    When I turned on the TV and saw that Fed was down two sets to love, the day after Sod beat Rafa, I felt my heart sink into my stomach. I wanted to first throw things at the TV. Then I turned it off altogether. If I had a Federbear, there’s no doubt he would’ve been flung off the balcony.

    But then as I angrily contemplated that the tennis gods couldn’t possibly BE this cruel, I decided to turn the TV back on. For the simple reason that IF this was my last chance to watch Fed play at the French Open that year then I coudn’t call myself a fan and purposely decide to miss it.

    At the same time, I reminded myself that I was in this journey for the long haul. Peaks and valleys and all.

    And from that moment on, the French Open 2009 became one of the best sporting memories of my life.

    Thanks for this post, Doots, and for reminding me why.

    • Sunny says :

      HAHA! Great minds think alike Roadrunnerz! 🙂

      Not sure if you were just backing me up on my thoughts or you were busy writing your entry while I was posting mine, but either way I’m inclned to believe we are right… so now you should back me up while I try to get Doots to host a viewing party!

      • roadrunnerz says :

        Holy cow, you’re right. Sunny. I didn’t even read your post when I wrote mine. LOL

        Maybe I was writing it when you posted (i get interrupted, since I’m, ahem, at work). But I’m seriously starting to believe it. The slacker, sleeping-in FedKads made it happen in the third set that day.

        • Sunny says :

          Well, I say why tempt fate?!?

          I want 100% devotion from all you people…i want 100% attendance this time.. and I will know if you don’t … cuz if Federer loses…

          …and I’m afraid he will…

          How am I doing Doots?? Was that convincing enough? Cuz I really am starting to frazzle…

          oh and P.S. to anyone…

          I know this has got to be the stupidest question in all of fandom, but I’m relatively new to this posting business… What does KAD mean? I see it all the time.

        • dootsiez says :

          KAD = kool aid drinker.

          *pours a round of Federer kool aid*

  25. Shep says :

    For Del Potro, I was at work. I turned on my score board, but then I was called into a meeting. When I came out, Roger was down and I was freaking the hell out! Let’s just say there was flailing of arms, and I may have said something along the lines of “he is losing and I am going to die.” to my poor, confused co-worker who had no clue what I was talking about but who seemed very concerned about me!

    I planned a whole day for the Sunday final and had some friends stay the night at my house so we could have breakfast at RG. Neither of these people are tennis fans, but they are awfully good friends. I made it through the whole thing, almost lost my heart when the jumpy man came on the screen, and somehow survived the final changeover. What finally pushed me over the edge was seeing Roger’s mom in the stands after he won. I was in absolute disbelief I think until NBC showed her with tears in her eyes, and I just lost it! I have never felt that stressed, scared, and elated for someone that I don’t personally know as I did that day, and it just still makes me so happy to think about it. This brought back so many wonderful memories, so thank you, thank you, thank you for this post and this blog!

    • dootsiez says :

      I only noticed Mama Fed crying when I rewatched the second final. There was a picture of Roger walking into the lockerroom after and giving her a good hug. It was the cutest thing. *suppresses squeals*

  26. LongLiveKingRog says :

    Dootz, lovely lovely post, thank you!!!!! you are so right. i can remember exactly what I did during the Haas match. I was at work. Out for lunch during the first set. came back he lost 1st set. Stared at the live score screen to see him lose the second. couldn’t stand it anymore and called a friend who was watching (no tv at work) for live commentary. 3rd set, 3-4, break point. My eyes had tears. My hands were trembling. I could not care about my colleague next to me and started swearing badly. Got some strange stares. Then Rog hit that forehand. I shouted COME ON!!!! Then he held. and broke Haas. I put down the phone. Pretended I was working. In fact for the whole afternoon, I did zilch until he won.

    DelPo match, i was in the stadium watching live. That match, I honestly felt Roger would lose. It was a painful sight to see him blasted off court. I only started to feel less depressed when he started playing dropshots and won those points. Yet when he broke Delpo in the 5th and then got broken back, my heart stopped and thought, please, dont. I didn’t know how i sat through the match – in fact without even having a toilet break as I just couldn’t imagine leaving my seat!!! And the Delpo supporter behind me who shouted at 130db should count herself lucky that I didn’t kill her.

    Roger, please, this year, my heart cannot stand all this stress anymore!!!!!!

  27. Nilhenwen says :

    This post actually made me feel like I was reliving those moments better than videos of it can =)
    And I was sitting outside in the sun and then standing and then sitting down again. Scratching my head and then running inside and moaning and running out again. The first ever tennis match I couldn’t actually watch. I couldn’t watch it because I knew how much was riding on it and couldn’t believe that he was about to throw it away. and SOMEHOW I happened to walk in in time to see that inside-out forehand. Needless to say I felt the air move and watched the rest of the match lol.

  28. Maria says :

    What a post!!!!It was indeed better than rewatching the actual match!! Man, that was Strong! Thanks Girl!

    haha when you mentioned “It was one of those matches where every Federer fan remembers what he or she was doing at the time” I just couldn’t stop smiling realising it was indeed! I remember I was confident about this match and m being a shameful new tennis fan (only started watching after the Beijing olympics) i had barely heard of Haas before! Usually i am not one of those who just can’t handle the angst prefer to follow the live scores, not knowing what is going on is driving me more crazy than watching it unravel! I watched the entire first set in silence and disbelief but still not losing hope…until he got broken in the second set and i felt my stomach turn into a stone and my heart sink… apart from my depression i had also to deal with my dad’s exaggerating remarks, who was yet to be convinced roger deserved all the hype around him… and the worst thing is that i couldnt really contradict anything at that moment when he angrily asked me ” But What’s so special about him anyway?”
    So, I left and went to isolate myself in my room following live scores and RF.com trying to ignore the sounds coming from the tv in the living room… until i heard that loud “AWWWWWWWW” and cheers of crowd and i knew i had missed something big(Whats with that forehand by the way?? EVERYBODY seems to have switched on /went back to their TV just at that precise moment… talk about energy vibes! :O ) but i was already starting to adjusting my mind to the disappointment state so that i wouldn’t freak out when the final result would hit me….and then he broke..and my sister started screaming “He did it! he broke!! come over here!” It took me some seconds to understand what she said but as soon as i got it (lol) i run to the living room, took back my place and watched it until the end…the way he came back in that match just left me in awe! and i felt so guilty for not having the guts to sit through it at the hardest of times, and that was the last time i did so. The moment he converted that match point, I looked back at the scoreboard, remembering how I have written him off since a loss and the misery that follows it was almost a certainty and realising that no matter what the scoreboard says, until the last point is played you can never write Roger off… and that’s when i turned proudly to my father who was gasping at the screen and finally gave an answer to his question: ” See daddy? THAT’S what’s so special about him”.

  29. CJ says :

    What a beautiful post!!

    +1 to all the posters above.. I think we all more or less went through the same set of emotions.

    By the way Doots, do you come from Indian background? Mention of Karma, ginger and a few other things in your posts made me wonder.

  30. Help for candy crush says :

    They are all processing immediately into sugar into your body.
    Crush particles in the equipment or perhaps the regular way – inside of a big, hefty-work resealable tote.
    Once this happens, I am sorry to say, YOU ARE ADDICTED

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