66 responses to “Frazzle Post: Roland Garros”

  1. marcoiac says :

    “Rafa’s quarter: lots of people not named Nadal.” priceless. have you considered a career as a comedian? forget the law. you are a natural!

  2. Nic says :

    Ok, so out of Gulbis, Cilic and Sod, who do we want to make it to meet Fed (assuming Fed makes it *throws salt, knocks wood, spits in appropriate manner*)

    Cos actually I would be much happier if by some miracle Jules gets his French together to produce Jean Valjean style strength and takes Ernie out in the first round. Not that I’m intimidated or anything, I’m not. Just bitter 😛

    • BS says :

      I want Cilic. Definitely Cilic. But I don’t think he’ll get there, I’d be very surprised if it was anyone other than Gulbis.

  3. Joanna says :

    The “tennis gods” could’ve at least made the draw a little harder for Nadal; no Soderling no Gulbis : ( Granted he would have won whoever he got anyway. This year’s RG seems like its going to be boring. Hopefully we get a surprise like last year.

  4. Dippylyc says :

    LOL…hilarious post. Well as usual Nadal will be there waiting on Sunday afternoon (eyes rolling) Hopefully PappyFed shows up as well and bring the Master not PoopyFed to court 🙂

  5. PJ says :


    Am still trying to hook up my laptop to my TV so I can have Feddy and his chocolate swirls on the glory of a big screen.

    Now I’m going to plug in my Wii, and have Wii!Fed pummel Wii! Rafa on Wii!Roland Garros. OH YEAH.

  6. pban says :

    I don’t care I am zen, haha who am I kidding……I couldn’t sleep till 2 am after I saw the draw. Tennis Gods just have a twisted sense of humour, well it’s Rafa’s tournament to lose 😦

  7. TennisAce says :

    Hey All. You know what I found funny about this draw. The Rafa kids cannot even say with a straight face that their guy got a tough draw. Now they are calling it a “balanced draw”. Balanced my a** when anyone who could remotely give Nadal trouble are all packed in the top half of the draw. Give me a break. I hope someone is feeling like having a Soderling year. LMAO – now that is funny.

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL TennisAce, you win some and you lose some. I still remember the draw Roger had at the US Open last year. I couldn’t say with a straight face that he had anything but a cakewalk draw.

      Didn’t play like it though.

  8. Jack says :

    I don’t think Fed’s draw is that bad. Like you say, could be worse. It probably is the toughest quarter out of the top 4 seeds though.

    As for Masha’s draw, I blame Roger!!! :D………..no, actually I just laughed when I saw it. I mean, she couldn’t have got a harder draw. But everytime she’s won a Slam, she’s had a pretty hard draw so I can hope……right?!

  9. Deborah says :

    Well, I’m hoping for another fairy tale ending (a Disney one, not a Grimms one) for babyboy. To quote Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon “I’m too old for this sh**”. Some crazy (gorgeous) man in a cream jacket stole my mind and heart and refuses to return it!

  10. breadstix says :


    Could be more worried for Feddykins, but I shan’t be (partly because other things have all of a sudden taken up priority on my to-worry list). If the right Feddy turns up, then we really needn’t worry too much. As you said, Soddy, Cilic and Ernie will end up finishing each other off so it’s not a complete disaster. On the other hand, if Ferd shows up then I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of breadsticking or bagelling by Voegele (oh well, maybe not that bad but you get the drift).

    Trying to have a little more faith in Swissy but I have no idea how long that’s gonna last. A whole three days last year, if I remember correctly…

    SonotreadyforRG… *rocks back and forth*

  11. marcoiac says :

    i disagree with you guys. if fed brings his A game in the final, and he stops being tentative on the big points against rafa, he can beat rafa on any surface anytime, no matter how rafa plays. fed’s paying too much in the mental department against rafa (quite understandable, given his abysmal h2h on clay with rafa). so, i don’t think his necessarily rafa’s tournament to lose. but fed needs two things if he gets into the final against rafa: his best game, and confidence during big points. much easier said than done, but still doable.

    • marcoiac says :

      this comment was meant as a reply to pban and dootsiez claim that it’s rafa’s tournament to lose, but for some reason it showed up as a separate comment

    • dootsiez says :

      I dunno. For me, the “if” isn’t enough, because beating Nadal requires Federer to red-line his game, whereas what I meant was that Rafa just has to keep up his “normal” level on clay, and it should be good enough for the tournament.

      Nothing is certain of course. And nothing would make me happier to see Roger win this tournament. But no talking about the final yet – he’s got a tough draw, he has to concentrate on his first 4 matches, and I have a feeling they should get better and easier for him should he survive the first few matches.

      • marcoiac says :

        i agree. statistically, rafa wins on clay with fed. but how much of that is mental? let’s face it, the mental aspect of the game is the weakest in fed (and mostly because the rest is simply sublime…) and the strongest in rafa. and frankly, as a big fed fan, now that he has won a RG title, i really want him to win another one beating rafa in the final. last year i was happy rafa went out, this year i am not sure i would be happy. rog, earn it this year even more than last year (and he earned it last year, it was pathetic to read those commentators saying ‘oh well, now he can only lose it” what do they think the other guys do when they play against him? they just bow away? every point is a fight in tennis, and more so in professional tennis)

        and i agree that one should take one match at a time. nothing is taken for granted in tennis. this is why is such a beautiful game. you never know. everybody has a chance. and everybody has a chance to lose. this is why we keep watching (well, also because a lot of shots are just incredibly beautiful). 🙂

        anyway…once again, thank you for the most fun blog in tennis, dootsiez!

  12. jfk says :

    Lol!! I knew the tennis god would pull this $h!t after what happened last year.
    One match at a time for Roger… as for Nadal’s draw…Verdasco?? He already said he believes he can beat anyone on clay except for Nadal. So what’s the point of stepping on court if he knows he’s gonna lose?

    For the Women’s I can’t believe the first quarter. How the hail is Shazza supposed to get past the 3rd round if she meets The Hen? Sigh.

  13. Paul says :

    Been studying for a week and the whole website is changed when I return.

    Me no like it.

    Where is the archive?!

  14. Jack says :

    Oh doots, I love that you think Annie K can upset Pennetta!! 😀

    I just hope its a respectable scoreline this time…..last year was painful!

  15. BS says :

    Wow. Really tough break for all of the Aussies. Yes Doots, many of them may lose in the first round, but at least you have some representation! I would love to see Jelena Dokic have a good run, but everything has been so stop-start since AO 09 that I don’t see her having another run like that one. That was just magical. Anyway, Peter Luczak, now is not the time to play your best match ever. Just so you know.

  16. Jack says :

    Didn’t know where to put this but founds these on the LTA website:


    Me thinks someone likes Roger!! 😀

  17. elisha says :

    Surprise, surprise. Guess who lost after being up 2 sets to love?
    Stupid Frenchman <_<

    • dootsiez says :

      Seen it too many times before Elish. Too many times I tell ya!

      • elisha says :

        doots, I am wondering what your thoughts are on Justine and her chances in this tourny. I hope she does well. Oh, and what’s your opinions on Justine’s constant “Allez”-ing to pump herself up during matches. I was watching her match today against Zakopalova, and the commentator is keep saying how amateur-ish he thinks it is of Justine to say “allez” everytime she wins a point whether it be her winner or her opponent’s error. And it reminded me of how annoyed I got whenever Murray did the same thing. Honestly, I never noticed how much she did it ’til today’s match, whereas whenever Murray does it, it’sjarringly obvious to me. =X

  18. pban says :

    OH MY GAWD! OH MY GAWD! CAPSLOCK INDUCING FRAZZLES ……My body is revolting its not a joke anymore you dope I am officially on antiulcer medications.

  19. evie says :

    Last two matches at a Slam level? You skipped RG09 — three sets and out.

  20. Noshali says :

    I’m so frazzled right now. I’m so scared for today’s match. perfect H2H will do nothing for fed. I really hope that ROGER FEDERER plays today, rather than “ferd the turd”, rite dootz?
    sod is in awesome form.

    SO SCARED!!!!

  21. jfK says :

    ugh. rain delay. 2nd set was so uneccessary.
    Come on Fed!!!

  22. BS says :

    Well, it just finished about 10 minutes ago. I saw the first set, beginning of the second and the very end of the match and I’m not quite sure how Rog went from playing so well, to barely coping with Sod’s shots. The SF streak is gone. The Sampras record probably is too? I’m not sure. I could see this happening but deep down I didn’t actually think it could happen. I don’t know what to say. I’m sure there’s a lot of others who feel exactly the same way. Well Rafa, the title is yours. Go for it 😦

    • Noshali says :

      i feel EXACTLY what you feel. call me selfish but the first thought that popped into my mind was that the records were GONE! oh god.

      and you know what, i wouldn’t be this pissed if federer lost in straight sets. i think federer played his best tennis this tournament in the first set, and in the next three sets, it was like he was asleep. he was just going through the motions.

      really really deflated. though sod wud win, didn’t want him to, didn’t wanna be right either.

  23. Jack says :

    I suppose the SF streak had to end someday but its still sad!!!

    Plus its gonna be so wierd not seeing Roger on in the last sunday of a Slam……..think I may just ignore tennis until Wimbledon!!!! 😦

  24. pban says :

    Now I am really scared for Wimby, roger has not defended a title since US open 08 😦

    • BS says :

      Yeah, but Wimbledon is a different place for Rog than Roland Garros and remember its grass. Still, that’s not to say that he’s going to win it again *antijinx*

    • still-moping-under-a-rock breadstix says :

      At least the pressure of the semis streak is no longer handing over his head, waiting to be defended. Which could be a good and bad thing.

      Oh gosh, Wiiimby! >.< *antijinx*

  25. pban says :

    Wimby is not only different, the stakes are always higher for him…emotionally.His comments at the beginning always gave me the feeling that somehow he was invested mentally only in Wimby,Pete’s record was a secondary bonus.Wimby will be tough this year and I wouldn’t want Soderling anywhere near me

  26. Noshali says :

    i think this loss actually relaxes me. its really sad and depressing, but still just imagine watching a slam without having to worry about so many records riding on that win.

    just saying

    • pban says :

      But I can never relax at Wimby records or not…..the semifinal streak was incredible but thank God its over ,at least it ended right where it started after. Right now I have zero expectations, he is pushing 29 it is impossible to expect him to be a regular at each and every slam end. So I am good if he only concentrates on Wimby, by the way is he playing Halle ?

  27. pban says :

    don’t tell me I know…. Soderling.. Now I really want him in the final at RG and it should be a hard long match.

  28. still-moping-under-a-rock breadstix says :

    I can’t even get through his presser. 😦 That man is a picture of depression, no matter what words comes out of his mouth. Pfft. *mopety mope*

    Er… Doots? You *are* still alive, right?

  29. sita says :

    I had been preparing myself for the worst ever since I saw Soderling in his quarter but nothing could have prepared me for what just happened ! I just wanted him to win this one match to keep the SF streak and get that no.1 record. I honestly could have taken a loss in the SF.

    Where are you Doots ? If there is one thing that could cheer me up now, it is one of those posts from you 😦

  30. pban says :

    yeah doots where are you???

  31. Noshali says :

    dootz where are you? we could really use one of your kick ass rants right about now to get out of this deflated state.

  32. BS says :

    Doots, wherever you are, we miss you….

  33. jfK says :

    doots come back please 😦

  34. sunny says :

    Seriously Girl!

    We’re hurting over here…I’ve been back to this site like a hundred times hoping you would pull us through this dark time…where are you?

    Are you okay? Are you curled up into a ball with Feddybear in some dark corner…cuz I know I was for a few hours post match… 😦

    I’m not going to even try to be witty or fun…I’ll leave that for you… but I thought I would post a link for a nice article written about our Darling Fed and his semi-streak wins.

    The author is usually a complete tool, but I have to say he did a good job with this one!

    Oh and here’s the comment I left on the board regarding one women’s response to yet another Rafa fanatic trying to diminish Fed’s accomplishments by throwing his head to head record against Rafa in our faces. Maybe hearing these numbers out loud will make the end of the semi record a little easier to bear … at least that’s what I keep telling myself… :-/

    Thank you Ashleigh for one of the most cogent and concise rebuttals to the hackneyed argument made by Rafa fanatics against the indisputable genius and prowess of Federer’s tennis abilities. I will be cutting and pasting your response (because I am too lazy to re-word what you have so effectively said) so that I can break it out for when we know, will be the myriad more times this argument comes up. And for the record, let me state that I am a Rafa fan and that I think that what he has been able to achieve at such a young age is remarkable and more so, what is less talked about, is his commitment to and proven success in, translating what was essentially a game that was largely built around the clay surface, into an all surface game. And he is still in the earlier stages of his career and will no doubt add to his already great list of achievements.

    However, his success against Roger neither contradicts or diminishes the unbelievable achievements Federer has had in tennis which often times leads to the declaration that he is the greatest of all time. Of course, this article today talks about Roger’s success in reaching the 23 consecutive semis in a row, but what I think makes that stat even more impressive is the of those 23 semi finals he has reached, he has gone on to WIN 20 OF THEM to reach the finals…he doesn’t just show up to the semis…he WINS them. And of 18 of the last 19 consecutive finals, if you wanted to win, you would have to beat Roger to do it. If you want to include non consecutive success… counting from the time he won his first final at Wimby 2003…he has appeared in 22 FINALS of the 27 slams that he has played in. Break it down in those terms and the consistency of his greatness is proven by so much more than 23 consecutive semis.

    It is not the end of an era…just a record…he still has plenty more to break…even some of his own! 🙂

  35. jandemom says :

    Been thinking about you, doots, and hope you’re finding your way out from under the gloom of the loss. Positive energy is what’s needed right now, good vibes sent Roger’s way as he moves on from this. Looking forward to reading your next post – soon, I hope!

  36. pban says :

    a very insightful article regarding the emergence of big hitting players….but the case of delpotro puts everything in perspective, if brute power is the only longterm answer then god help us fans. But I don’t agree completely , Soderling played a perfect match against Roger he will not get 80%first serves everyday and that is when the fun starts.

    • Sunny says :

      Hey Pban! 🙂

      I mean no disrespect but I’m not sure i understand what you are saying…

      Are you talking about Soderling’s 1st serve % in his Qtr final match against Fed? … because he served at only 64% for the whole match… exactly the same as Fed. I don’t agree that he played the perfect match…

      Yes, he played great…but he was far from perfect…The stats tell the story … they were almost identical… 64% 1st serves… 74% /73% winning % 1st serves,…receiving points won 33% ./ 34% , Aces 12/14… even Fed’s Winners to Errors ratio was better… 40 winners/27 errors for a (-13) … while Sod had 49 winners/40 errors for a (-9) The difference of total points won was a measley 3 POINTS!! 121 FED/ 124 SOD… but what Sod did do was continue to apply the pressure, didn’t crumble when HE felt the pressure and played the big points better (especially the break points) …exactly the OPPOSITE of what Fed did.

      Our beloved Fed took his foot off the pedal after the 1st set, when he didn’t convert when he had the chance before the rain delay, which turned out to be everything … I even said to my friend when she asked me “are we happy about this rain delay?” … I think she was thinking shades of the “Davydenko bathroom break” of AO 2010 which we all know turned the entire match around… and I said NO we’re in big trouble…I told her that I knew that the rain delay would just give Fed too much time on his hands to stew about the missed opportunity he had to break and go up 2 sets and that it would throw him off… and sure enough, he came back and lost his serve and subsequently lost the set. And he took his foot off again in the fourth when he did get the break.

      And it kills me to say this…but he played like a rookie…not like a 16 title grand slam champion…cuz he gave in to that disappointment and never really got back into the game… His body language was terrible…like he knew he wasn’t going to win…even when it was still only 1 set apiece!! I mean, hell, hadn’t he had to come back from 2 sets down TWICE last year to get the title?!?!

      SOD may have looked like he played ALOT better because he was smacking the skin off the ball and his body language was so positive but I don’t think that he blew Fed out of the water with a perfect game. Fed has his chances and didn’t take them…it wasn’t like Mr. Shankypants showed up and ruined the party…

      It was that mental edge that separates him from all the rest which it what I think failed him the most. I think he let the conditions and the rainbreak leave him a little dull.. He said it himself in the post game presser…

      “You know, I don’t think I played a bad match, so it’s easier to go out this way, I think. Conditions obviously were on the rougher side for both of us, and I thought he came up with some great tennis…I just missed some opportunities at the end of the second set, beginning of the third. The rain was not very helpful.
      I was one break up in the fourth, and, well, I lost three sets; this is what I did…”

      I thought he gave an excellent presser…he gave full credit where credit was due, but spoke realistically about what his chances had been in the match and what he didn’t do to make good on them.

      You can find the full presser here…


      People sometimes argue that he is arrogant and that he never gives credit to those players who played better than him on that day, but I think when he speaks of the disappointment that he didn’t win on that given day, it’s because he knows he didn’t play his best,.and when he does, he believes he can beat anyone, no matter how well they are playing… and so do I! 🙂

      Anyway, not trying to start anything…I just thought talking would be cathartic…and just like Fed said ” I don’t think I played a bad match, so it’s easier to go out this way, I think. ”

      oh and I LOVED his line about now holding the Quarterfinals record!! 🙂

  37. pban says :

    HI Sunny, I get your point but a perfect match is not just a summation of errors and winners …it is a sumtotal of what as well as when .A lot of matches take place where the no. of points won are the same and yet someone loses.When I said Sod got 80% 1st seves I meant inthe third and 4th sets where he was clocking his second serves at 198km/hr which doesn’t really happen everyday.As for the US open Fed had the match on his racquet….just wasn’t meant to be.

  38. Sunny says :

    YIKES! DOOTS! Get back here… you’re gonna wanna clean up the mess I made over here!!

    I’m sorry, but something nuts went on with the comments board and/or my computer and I’ve inadvertently left a billion messages…guess that will teach me to post when I should be sleeping!!


    I’ll have to get back to you Pban…I’ve got to get to bed! 🙂

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