Vidspam: Ronal-d’oh!

Two vids to kill time.

1. Nike’s full length World Cup ad – ‘Write the Future’. Fabulously stuff – quite apart from the randomness of all the guest stars. But that’s okay: Sir Rogie Shankalot looks way too adorable with his manic counterpuncher face.

Less Rooney and Ronaldo. More Rogie and Gael Garcia Bernal pretty please.

2. Second video is a recent interview with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa. The reason why it’s relevant here should become obvious as you watch.

Thanks to Topsin from Tennis is served for finding this and uploading it onto his ace youtube account.

In the interest of fairness, I personally find the classification of Rafa’s game as “brute” force a little shallow. It misses the point about his game, which has its own je ne sais quoi to it: be it passion, or strategy or competitive fire. Unfortunately, Rafa’s muscles and grunts often distract the casual observer from the finer points of his game. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist though. Give credit where credit is due.

But of course someone like Kiri Te Kanawa would like Roger more. She’s practically Anna Wintour II.

xx doots


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8 responses to “Vidspam: Ronal-d’oh!”

  1. LJ says :

    um, has she ever tried to hit a rafa banana topspin forehand? That’s pure technique/timing, it’s almost impossible to muscle/brute force hit a ball with that grip and that finish

    also rafa’s pretty brilliant at the net, he’s got he’s own version of technique and finesse, a lot of other players hit harder, Rafa doesn’t actually hit that hard. And with Rafa playing smarter now looking at longevity, there’s even more of an argument that he’s less brute and more technique.

    anyhoo, that nike ad makes me squeal.,,,,

  2. Jack says :

    Who would have thought that Roger Federer, Wayne Rooney and Homer Simpson would be in an advert together?? 🙂

    As for the other video, I was just fascinated that there is different ways to breathe! 😀

  3. Puffin says :

    Maybe Dame Kiri is also trying to point out that Roger’s technique is that bit better than Rafa’s (even if he has improved his net play). ie, take away Rafa’s strength and fitness, he still doesn’t have enough technique (apart from on clay)

    • Puffin says :

      agh, stupid laptop, pressed the post comment before I’d finished!! Sorry! Meant to say:

      • Puffin says :

        Agh – today is not a good day – really sorry about this; hopefully full text this time:

        Maybe Dame Kiri is also trying to point out that Roger’s technique is that bit better than Rafa’s (even if he has improved his net play). ie, take away Rafa’s tremendous strength and fitness, his technique (apart from on clay) is not enough alone to always reach finals, etc. However, with Roger, even when he is below par physically, more often than not his excellent technique is such that it carries him through (even if he doesn’t win in the end) – fitness is still a huge deal in tennis. Also, she is saying that Roger’s way of playing tennis is less harsh on his body than Rafa’s, which is already the case.

  4. TopSpin says :

    Didn’t notice this until after uploading it. Observe Melvyn Bragg (interviewer) at 1:30 – pause it if need be – it’s like he’s an undeclared Rafaelite privately resenting the description of his man as a “brute”.

  5. Alice says :

    ^_^ Doots, I think a bit of the ol’ ex Rafa fan is creeping up in you. Maybe the word “brute” is too harsh a word for some people, but I think you guys are kinda missing the point; her main point in the discussion is (a fact), Roger’s style of play is far less taxing on the body and thus being far more effective because Roger has a). achieved far more grand slams and grand slam finals than Rafa and b.) will have the longevity to gain many more by his less straining, and (if any want to throw a shoe, bring it on) more effective style of play. Rafa may have great skill from countless work, but he shall never posses the natural ability and talent that Roger possesses. Rafa literally has broken down his body in order to even scratch the surface of Federer’s achievements, and his strain to achieve this, is brutal on his physical. What people need to come to terms with is this: Rafa’s game isn’t missing one thing from his resume to top Roger’s, he’s missing many. Roger has obtained his level from not completing just one element but all; his physical, his mentality, his strategy, his game experience, AND his God given talent. People need to understand all these things combined have brought Roger to where he is today, not luck not chance but his overall work to develop every area of his game, which naturally was already high. In terms of his talent, you cannot try to explain or duplicate what God himself has given.

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