Newsreel: MOO-RIA!

Excuse the bad pun. I had convinced myself that I would not follow any tennis tournaments on this week, but the ‘Cow on Ice’ winning on clay was a sight of such unprecedented rarity that I had to see it for myself.

And wasn’t it something to behold? She shrieked, she stomped, she blasted balls around the court like a cannon and even slid a few times. See for yourself!

Barrois did well to keep up in the first set and even had a chance to serve for it at 5-4, but Sharapova being Sharapova, she rattled off the next 3 games to win the set, and broke a discouraged Barrois 3 times in the second set for her first title on red clay (she won on green clay on Amelia Island in 2008).

For what it’s worth, I’m not sure that a win in Strasbourg does much for Sharapova’s Roland Garros chances – had she landed herself in the bottom half of the draw, it would’ve been a different story.

But what it does do is kick off her year properly, after the disastrous loss at the Australian Open and the subsequent injury post-Indian Wells. At this stage, a third round loss to Henin would do nicely for Masha at Roland Garros.

After all, grass is the preferred stomping ground for cows.

While we’re at it, Sharapova’s Roland Garros earrings, courtesy of Tiffany’s.

In other tournament news, Gasquet ended a streak of six consecutive losses against the top 10, defeating Verdasco 64 57 76.

Gasquet sends warning to Murray“, read the Times Online headline. If by ‘warning’, they meant ‘I’m warning you now, Andy boy, I’m a mental midget who can’t serve out a match, so you gotta give me a few errors if I’m ever up 2 sets and a break‘.

Forgive me, my once-love for Reeshie has turned into a bucketload of bitter contempt after years of emotional abuse at his hands.

I mean, what happened to him? When did he turn into such a horse face?

Shame on you if you fool me once, shame on me if you fool me twice, Reeshie.

xx doots

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2 responses to “Newsreel: MOO-RIA!”

  1. Jack says :

    So happy Maria won the title! The thing though that impressed me the most was her serving. Judging from this week, it looks like her serve is getting back to what it was pre-injury.

    And even though I would love for her to make a statement in RG and go deep, her draw sucks! 😀

    But I am feeling good about the rest of the year though!

  2. jfK says :

    What can I say, so proud of Maria please take your confidence into RG.
    So glad Richou beat Fernando “I can beat anyone on clay except Nadal” Verdasco.

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