Quotable Quotes: Fame fame baby the fame fame.

In the last 6 months, Gulbis has gone from my good books to probation, and now to the trash. Never mind that he forgot to turn up to a tournament late last year, his recent interview with the Daily Telegraph and the Times induced a steady flow of bile from me.

“The fire in me is that I want to prove to myself that I can do it, that I can be at the top. I don’t care about money, I don’t care about fame. I don’t like money and fame, I don’t need them and I’m not living for them. I don’t know if I like or love the game so much.

“I enjoy competing. I don’t like practising. When I’m on court and it’s a competition, I enjoy it. I enjoy having a goal. When you reach a goal, it’s OK, but also an empty feeling. When I won my first ATP tournament this year, I was happy for maybe 10 minutes, and that was it. Then I had an empty feeling,” he said.

“My career from then has been up and down all the time — a good experience, a bad experience, an interesting experience; I’ve played good, I’ve played terrible, I’ve played incredible, again terrible, but it’s my lifestyle because I am not a big fan of practising. I cannot stay on court more than two hours. I got totally pissed off today during practice because I had to be there more than one hour. I was frustrated because I couldn’t do any more. I like to compete, I like to play matches, that’s what I’m about. I don’t like to practise at all and that’s the reason why I wasn’t consistent during these years.”

“Now I’m happy, it’s more stable. I’m still doing a lot of stuff which isn’t good for a tennis player. I stay up late, I go out.”

But is that not what 21-year-olds do? “Yes, but maybe not so hardcore,” he says, the mischievous grin resurfacing. “I know I have a lot of talent and what else am I going to do with my life right now? I can go study, I could go help my father [Ainars, one of Latvia’s richest men]. I have a lot of interests except tennis, but at the moment this is the best thing I can do with my life. Even if I don’t always like the life on the tour, I still love to compete and I think sports overall makes you a better person.

On his supposed similarity with Safin:

“He is Russian and I’m a quarterRussian. I’m into Russian culture and when I came to the tour, we became friends,” Gulbis says. “I’m going to Moscow to visit him and he is going to come to Latvia for the summertime and I’m going to show him around. It’s better I am similar to him than some other boring persons.

“If you are bored with life, you are too stupid to think of something to do. If I’m alone in a room, I have at least four stable things I can do. I can read, [go on the] internet, listen to music, watch a movie. You have a choice. Boring is not a problem for me. I can have fun with myself. I don’t need thousands of people around to entertain me.”

And then, there was this subtle dig at “boring people”.

For the most part, Gulbis has the sense that his fellow professionals are unexciting or that that is what we have allowed them to become.

“One of my small hobbies is to watch a lot of interviews on YouTube,” he says. “Unfortunately, the sportsmen interviews, they are so boring because they are asked the same questions, all the time. ‘How do you feel after winning?’ ‘Well, I feel great, thank you.’ It’s a joke. To read this in a newspaper is a joke, you spend your time for nothing.”

It could be that I am wonderfully immune to rogues – looking at my taste in male players, I do seem to go for the good (and totally corruptible) boys rather than the ones that were corrupt to begin with.

I liked Safin, but I was never his bitch. And I’m not sure that I even buy into the Gulbis/Safin parallels. Marat’s problem was never that he hated practicing, or that he lacked commitment, or just didn’t care. His problem was that he cared too much, and became the harshest critic of himself as a result. But what would I know, right?

What I do know is that I have no time for womanizing brats without a trace of commitment or focus, viewing the world with a sense of overwhelming entitlement.

Why should I care when you don’t? I was brought up to follow the “3 Steps to Head Bitching“: setting goals, working hard, and kicking ass, and I have little respect for those wishing to skip the first two steps.

I’m sure I’ll have a lovely flux of Gulbis fangirls here shaking their indignant fists at me. But you heard me – tennis is not so desperate for the next Marat or Goran that they’ll settle for any pretender, and a world so ready to treat laziness and disrespect as ‘different’ and ‘interest qualities’ in a person is equally deserving of my trash.

xx doots



32 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Fame fame baby the fame fame.”

  1. Maria says :

    Well said! Totally with you there!!

  2. Noshali says :


  3. Jack says :

    He says he doesn’t want money or fame, and he obviously doesn’t have a passion for the sport, so why does he do it??

    And judging by this interview, it seems to me that he wants the rewards that come with tennis but he doesn’t want to work hard for them.

  4. Jodi says :

    I know in my head that Gulbis is a douche. But I just can’t quit the kid. I love watching him play and I’ve been on his bandwagon so long I just can’t get off it.

    Don’t hate me. *hides*

  5. kaitepai says :

    I can see your point of view but I love Gulbis to bits and I do think he is funny and has a great game. As for his laziness or whatever, put it this way, he could be doing nothing. Boy has oodles in the bank and if he wanted he could sit around on his ass or just be a socialite. But he isn’t. No matter how much he downplays it he is working hard and he is doing something with his life. No, he isn’t a dedicated fanatic like Roger and he isn’t a tennis machine like… some other people, Gulbis is just Gulbis. He makes no apologies for it, (much like Safin didn’t), and makes it clear he doesn’t seek fame or more fortune. If he had zero focus or commitment he wouldn’t be number 20 something in the world. Talent doesn’t buy you that much. Gulbis may not fit in with the ATP crowd but that’s Ok as far as I’m concerned. As for womaniser… I don’t think he’s any worse than most blokes I know from what I can tell. He can womanise me any day 🙂

  6. Forehand Shanker says :

    As a hetero male (and weekend warrior tennis player), I don’t entirely get Gulbis. The tennis gods hath smiled on him with more talent than any of us could ever dream of. At best, he sounds like the kid who has been told his entire life how talented he was, and he’s motivated enough to try to live up to that. But it doesn’t sound like he’s really internalized a love for the game (unlike a certain shanker from Basel). Maybe the most charitable way to take his remarks is that it expresses his ennui with the ATP tour.

    I think we’ll hear more stellar interviews from him over the years, but I’m not sure if he has it in his gut to win a slam like the Safinator..

  7. Alex says :

    I think the biggest problem for him is that the ATP Tour is just so boring to him. There are no bitter rivalries. No glaring across the net. No Connors, McEnroe.

  8. Deborah says :

    I knew I didn’t care for that young man and now I know why. I really do resent him assuming the mantle of Marat without doing the work. Marat was an amazing player with genuine respect for his fellow players.

  9. marcoiac says :

    i know understand how he manages to be so inconsistent in spite of all his immense talent. i think only mcenroe climbed the top of the game without gruesome practice every day. and gulbis does not have mac’s talent!

  10. TennisAce says :

    Gulbis always struck me as someone who was just a spoiled rich kid. At his age his dad should not have to be travelling with him to no doubt keep him in touch. He is really the stereotypical spoilt rich kid. A bit like Chuck Bass but without the angst. I guess that will come later when he starts losing more and injuries start piling on then he may very well start to become like those boring players that he so detests.

  11. pban says :

    Boring…..if talking trash made anybody interesting then we could watch politicians all day. Besides so much disrespect for the game which gives him recognition just doesn’t cut it with me, I mean guys if it weren’t for his tennis a lot of his fan girls would have thought Latvia was one of Jupiter’s moons.

  12. lauren says :

    I couldn’t agree more, and I’m immensely glad that here is a part of the tennisverse that isn’t besotted with the little moppet. It’s up to him how to lead his life, and I’m sure he’s very entertaining, but there are two things about his attitude that stink.
    The first is that he breaks the golden rule of fandom – fans care. That’s what a fan is; someone who cares. And why should we care when he doesn’t? That’s pretty insulting.
    The second is that he’s emulating that ‘golden’ age when real sportsmen had to be amateurs – that is, rich men who didn’t have to work for a living – when trying too hard or caring too much was a sign of low breeding and lack of options. Gulbis is being a dilettante, filling in a few years to avoid going to work for daddy, and looking down his nose at all those boring little oiks who toil away.
    And yes, Marat may have been a jerk at times, but he knew that without tennis he would have been, in his words, “washing bottles in Gorky Park”.

  13. kaitepai says :

    Wow Lauren it seems like you know Gulbis so personally. You don’t know that he doesn’t care and you don’t know his reasons behind playing tennis. Just because it isn’t his life doesn’t mean he is a terrible person, which is exactly how you are making him sound. He’s 21, give him a break. There are far worse people in this world.

    • dootsiez says :


      Neither you nor Lauren know Gulbis personally. You’re both interpreting the kind of person he is from what he says to the press. You may think you have a better grasp of who Gulbis is, lauren will think the same.

      • kaitepai says :

        Fair enough, but at least I do not make wild assumptions about his personality and motives. From what I can see I like him. This is based solely on interviews and his play… ok and perhaps his looks too.

  14. Zaza says :

    So many haters?

    The guy told in a video interview at Delray Beach that it is stupid to say that he doesn’t care, because he cares.

    @ dootsiez Maybe you hate him, because he defeated Federer? But you don’t hate Rafa, because he is too big that you can say he sucks. Federer sounds like a Gulbis fan a lot when he talks about Ernests. To say he is trash tells me that you can’t respect ppl anyways.

    Gulbis worked hard with Gumy and he got good results. He was asked about his latest interviews (many here criticize him for being too light-minded) and his comment was that he often speaks with humour and one shouldn’t take it too serious.

    btw. Gulbis is good friend with Safin. They will meet in summer in Lativia.

    • dootsiez says :

      Oh goody. Some Gulbis-stalker *finally* accused me of this.

      Before you come in here with your allegations, maybe it’s useful to scroll back a few months and read my attitude on Gulbis before Rome.

      It might also be a good idea to MAKE SENSE. I don’t hate Rafa because “he is too big that [I] can say he sucks”? Riiiiiiight. And when did I say he’s trash? You put words into my mouth, and then accuse me of not respecting people. Surely you see the hypocrisy there.

      Do I look like I hate Tsonga, Soderling, Davydenko, Del Potro, Benneteau, Montanes, or Roddick to you? Just a selection of guys who has beaten Federer in the last 2 years.

      There’s a reason why there are “so many haters” here Zaza. People don’t just suddenly start disliking Gulbis without cause. Why don’t you think about that?

  15. Zaza says :

    Out of the mouth from the biggest Federer-stalker.

    You do him to the trash, right?

    You hate him, because he doesn’t do what you want. Is it his job to please you?

    You sense that he can trouble Federer in the future, that’s the reason why you hate him and that he says he isn’t a tennisfreak. Safin said the same. Safin said, that guys like Federer and Nadal are fanatics and he isn’t. That one has to be fanatic to be on the top all the time.

    • dootsiez says :

      “Out of the mouth from the biggest Federer-stalker.”

      I don’t get it, was this meant to be an insult?

      “You do him to the trash.”

      This sentence doesn’t make sense.

      “Is it his job to please you?”

      I don’t understand this either.

      Where in my post have I said it’s his job to please me? You should stop putting words into my mouth.

      The guy has a bad attitude, he gave bad interviews, I wrote down my opinions and reasons for it.

      You, on the other hand, can’t seem to stand the fact that I dislike someone you like. So you come onto MY blog, put words in MY mouth, and make baseless, illogical accusations at me. Either deal with it, or don’t come here. It’s not “my job” to “please you”.

  16. Zaza says :

    “In the last 6 months, Gulbis has gone from my good books to probation, and now to the trash. ”

    Is there the word trash or not? You put him to the trash, no?

    You don’t like his attitude. You would like to have him another attitude. So he doesn’t do what you want. Right?
    Players are different. They cannot be all the same.

    I don’t care if you like him or not. I mainly wanted to tell that Gulbis cares and that ppl should not take his words too serious, because he speaks with humour. Maybe he is hard to understand for ppl from a different culture.

    One question. Do you buy the pics you post or do you just “steal” them from the internet? I am curious because of the copyright.

    • dootsiez says :

      Zaza, I’m sick of your comments to be quite honest.

      I said I’ve taken him to the trash, meaning I’m dumping him, as a young player I used to like. I *did not*, as you so self-righteously accused me, call HIM trash. Maybe you should *read* what I wrote before you point fingers.

      “You don’t like his attitude. You would like to have him another attitude. So he doesn’t do what you want. Right?”

      Reductio ad Hitlerum.

      I said I don’t like his attitude. Did I say anything about wanting him to have another attitude? It’s his choice what he does with his career. He can keep behaving the way he is, and I’ll keep saying what I say. You’re the one who obviously have a problem with the latter. Like I said, if you can’t show a tolerance for my taste, then simply don’t come in here.

      “I don’t care if you like him or not.”

      Oh REALLY? Why don’t you read back to what you’ve written?

      “Do you buy the pics you post or do you just “steal” them from the internet?”

      Oh of course, now you accuse me of theft. I’m done.

    • Macky says :

      Well said Zaza,

      I love Gulbis! He is awesome, i think you shouldn’t be so horrible to him Dootsie! He is only human? You only hate him because he is a potential threat to Federer and has more natural talent than him. Stop ebing so jealous and get over it.

      • dootsiez says :

        Oh fuck. I’ve just said all that for nothing. Apparently you never read anything I write.

        Gulbis’s attitude annoys me. I said as much, and you coming here with your caps lock isn’t going to change my mind. It’ll just convince me more.

        “You only hate him because he is a potential threat to Federer and has more natural talent than him.”

        Gulbis has more talent than Federer? What a pile of BS.

        Del Potro, Cilic, Gulbis. Born within 3 months of each other. Who’s ranked where? If I hated every single player who is “potential threat” to Federer, I would spend all my time venting hate.

        Like I said, if you can’t handle a difference of opinion without accusing me of something personal, then don’t come here.

  17. Zaza says :

    Someone had to tell you this, Dootsie.

    It’s bad style to write in such a harsh way about a young player who injured himself while trying his best on court. He deserves something better.

    And don’t forget about the copyright. It’s a serious issue.

    • Macky says :

      Doots, If you have taken him to the trash, doesn’t that mean he is trash? Because, a trash bin is for trash, no? Gulbis is Awesome and i don’t understand why you don’t like him, what did he do? He isn’t a brat and clearly if he didn’t really give a toss, HE WOULDN’T BE PLAYING TENNIS AND MAKING A LIVING FOR HIMSELF?!!!?!?!

    • dootsiez says :

      Zaza, I study law. Don’t lecture me on copyright.

      Without mentioning names, of all the tennis blogs, mine is not even close to “harsh”. The only difference is that I expressed a negative opinion about a player YOU liked and you can’t handle it.

      Macky – I hate to repeat myself: reductio ad Hitlerum.

  18. Zaza says :

    I would think the same, if you would write like this about another player. I didn’t see this from other tennis bloggers yet. Forty Deuce writes often harsh about players, but i think they mean it in a funny way. But for my taste it’s over the top.

    So you do buy the pics?

  19. pban says :

    wow when you read comments like the ones posted by our esteemed guests here regarding Gulbis you realize why people always smirk when referring to fangirls….or am I being condescending in believing that only fangirls can come up with arguments of such epic ridiculousness(I wouldn’t want to hurt anybody’s sentiments here 😉 )…Gulbis has more talent than Federer,Iwouldn’t know because he has done precious little to showcase it. Having talent is not a credit Zaza and Macky, its what you do with it that is.As for Marat he did the best with what he could give and Marat would be the first to acknowledge it so please do not compare the 2.

  20. forehandshanker says :

    Some Gulbis lovers are like Twilight KADs! Gulbis is like teflon for them. Nothing you can say can tarnish their guy.

    Well, at least 16 Grand Slams > Delray Beach.

    Bummer about the hamstring! Get well Ernests!

    • kaitepai says :

      I reckon!!!! Jesus I am a Gulbis fan but I think the post here is fair although I do not agree with it. There are no outlandish statements, it is only an opinion based on what we can gather from his interviews etc, just like I like him based on what I have read and seen. When fans speak like this is doesn’t do any good for the player they are defending. Some people are just so OTT. I got twitter yelled at last night for dissing Nadal’s outfit. Talk about over sensitive!!!
      Well, at least 16 Grand Slams > Delray Beach – lmao

    • jess says :

      I cannot handle this *running to Forty Deuce and vow to never return here*

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