Vidspam: Best of five set sexy-timez.

Roger defeated fellow Melbournian Peter Luczak 64 61 62 yesterday for an easy victory into Round 1. One down, but how many more to come?

Frazzles-aside, he was hot, folks: causing-global-warming hot. Lighting-his-own-pants-on-fire hot. Smokin’-Luczak-into-premium-bacon hot. Best-of-five-set-sexy-timez hot.

They say the good ones last longer, but the really good ones are all for a bit of foreplay and “amazing touch“:

Not that it’ll stop us from frazzling to our heart’s content/demise. But it does mean that we get to talk like the wanton tennis nymphs we are. (Sorry fan-boys.)

By the way, here’s the post-match interview with Tennis Channel.

Are they ever going to stop asking the diaper question?

xx doots



8 responses to “Vidspam: Best of five set sexy-timez.”

  1. Deborah says :

    Roger looked like a dream in his first round. Hope he can build on it to take the title. By the way, can you imagine the mortification of two girls when they reach their teens and discover that their diapering was the subject of international sports discussion for months!

  2. sita says :

    Must agree he is looking like a dream and played like one too yesterday.
    Please please Mr.Fed-dreamy win the next 6 matches and I promise I will not ask anything of you for the rest of the year 😛
    As for the diaper business, I think the girls have only their Daddy to blame for talking about how he likes changing their diapers and then the press caught on to it and haven’t stopped ever since.

  3. Noshali says :

    I was so surprised of the form he showed. So proud!!

    Btw dootz, you might like to watch this video for an interesting cameo by ‘feddy le teddy’.

  4. pban says :

    *FRAZZLE* I won’t get to see the match tomorrow and the 2 matches I missed in AO Ferd almost gave me a heart-attack(Andreev and Davy), so full on frazzle mode girls and of course guys.Watching live scores on eurosports is so goddamned nervewracking.

  5. jfK says :

    The first set was a close affair, but he relaxed after he got the lead.
    Love the interview with Bill Macatee minus the diaper question

  6. judy says :

    doots you really know how to turn up the heat! one of the best 1st rounds i’ve seen fed play in a while. thanks for making it extra sexy and hilarious! one of my fav things you’ve ever said… ‘best-of-five-set-sexy timez.’ indeed.

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