Quotable Quotes: Jaded.

Q. You had talked about being here for five weeks, you and John both putting in the time, the effort, and the matches. You won a ton of matches. You rethinking that a little bit?

SAM QUERREY: No, I mean, even the first week I was over here in Rome I lost first round. It was similar to a match like this. Passive not that I was passive today. The main thing is I didn’t enjoy myself on the court. Wanted off the court.

Q. Is it a natural reaction just being over here?

SAM QUERREY: No. I don’t know what it is. I just need to just be in a better mood or just need to enjoy the competition and enjoy being out there more than I do.

Right now, I mean, I’ll enjoy it, and as soon as one thing goes wrong, I’m done.

Q. Were you in dubs with John?

SAM QUERREY: I am right now. I won’t be in about an hour.

Q. Just want to get out of here?


Q. So do you feel like going in you’re not in the frame of mind, or does it happen right in the middle of the fight?

SAM QUERREY: I think it happens in the middle. I think if you ask my coach, David, he might say otherwise. When I lost that second set tiebreaker and got broken in the first game, I was done. I wanted to be off the court.

I started thinking about leaving and pulling out of the doubles and how much I wanted to go home, how much I wasn’t enjoying.

You’re never gonna win a match if you’re just being negative. I’m only hurting myself.

Q. Isn’t that the definition of a professional, that you don’t despair so fully as the match progresses, that you somehow control your feelings?

SAM QUERREY: Yeah, I need to work on that. I’ve not been a professional the last, you know, on and off for the last few months. You know, you’re out there facing one opponent. I don’t want to face the opponent and myself.

You know, I just need to be better than today, in this case, it was Robby. It’s someone different every week. But I don’t want to be fighting myself out there and also fighting the opponent.

Q. Yet, Sam, you’ve had some good results on clay. You won Belgrade, won Houston. Are you fighting sort of a Jeckyll/Hyde part of yourself here?

SAM QUERREY: A little bit. Those are 250s, and they’re great. I love you know, a tournament win is a tournament win. A final is great. It builds my confidence, but I won Belgrade and my ranking didn’t move. I’m kind of past that point right now. Those 250s do nothing for me ranking wise. It’s all about the Masters Series and the Grand Slams.

That’s where I just have not been playing well. You know, I just need to mentally get it together in my head. I need to enjoy myself out there. I need to enjoy playing. You know, if a guy has a breakpoint against me, I should know, Hey, I’ve got one of the biggest serves out there. Let’s see you win this point off me.
But like I said, I just tank some points.

Q. What has David said about that?

SAM QUERREY: He thinks I’m a little tapped out, which I am. We haven’t really talked about it in depth yet, because I just basically finished and came right here.

Q. What’s next? Next tournament?

SAM QUERREY: Right now I’m scheduled to play in Queen’s.

Q. Do you think you’ll get there?

SAM QUERREY: I mean, I don’t know. I’m going home tomorrow, and then, yeah, hopefully I’ll be there.

If you were Sam Querrey – you’ve just spent five weeks of your life building up your clay game, tirelessly winning matches at tournaments big and small, hoping that you’ll score a decent run in Paris. But it all came crashing down real fast – you lost first round, to a guy no one’s heard of since 2005. You wished you had sat on a glass table instead.

It all just sucks a little, doesn’t it? The last thing you wanted to do is to step into a room full of mostly American reporters, questioning you with the look of a disappointed father on their faces. So you tell it like it is – “I lost the will to win”, “I’m having trouble enjoying myself”.

It could be a form of rebellion. It could be a roundabout way of calling for understanding. I think I get it. There are times when my ass gets kicked by Life too. There are days when I don’t want to get out of bed either, and say as much.

The point is – you sulk a little, then you complain some more, but you get out of bed anyway. Barring clinical depression – a disappointing lack of professionalism from Querrey, who followed his loss by pulling out of doubles with Isner … and pulling out of twitter.

At least Querrey actually turned up to the press conference. Victoria Azarenka never made it, and copped a $4000 fine for skipping the media mongrels after her early exit to Dulko.

As always, defeat is a better test of character than victory.

xx doots


3 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Jaded.”

  1. Ceeza says :

    He needs a sports psychologist stat..I wouldn’t think it was anything too serious except for the fact that he’s headed back to the U.S at the tail end of the European stretch. He’ll play Wimbledon for sure, but still. That’s not a short trip back to L.A. He need to just suck it up play doubles and eat well til Queens. He must be lost in his own head at the moment. certainly a pity.

  2. Bex says :

    It sounds very much like depression to me

    • dootsiez says :

      I dunno Bex, I didn’t want to over-interpret when I have no qualifications there. It could be that he was just having a sulk. Or it could be that he needs some help. I would’ve been scathing towards the former, but if he’s having problems coping, then he obviously needs help.

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