Roland Garros Fashion: Parisien Blues.

What’s with all the blues, Paris?

They say Paris is a stylish city, but never has style been so safe as Roland Garros of 2010. Why so drab, tennis pros?

A misleading consensus of tennis world – that the R-Fed is somehow a Fashion-Mista. Dude has worn nothing but variations of blue for the Australian Open and Roland Garros in the last 3 years. If there was ever a fashion-bore, you’ve got him right here.

Hated the outfit on TV, loved it in photos. Boring and unimaginative as it may be, the colour does ‘pop’ in a photograph. Let’s hope it’s not the only thing popping for the next month.

Continuing on in the sea of blue, Rafa and Serena went matchy-matchy with their Roland Garros outfits this year, both choosing blueberry bubblegum colours. Cute, although more of what I would expect for the Aussie Open.

Gael Monfils may have breathed a sigh of relief when he left star-studded Nike to join K-Swiss – why at last, he might get a piece of the spotlight. Unfortunately, La Monf found himself once again upstaged, as KSwiss chose to dress him in Rafa’a hand-me-downs. Sheesh, as least give the guy something that fits.

While all the other tennis clothing conglomerates tried to contrast their designs against the red clay, Adidas took the road less travelled and tried to blend their players right into the crushed bricks of Roland Garros.

At least there’s no uniboob this time.

Maria Sharapova, usually one for the statement dress, turned up looking like she walked straight out of a Evelyn Waugh novel in a grey and burgundy overlay dress and a matching burgundy-coloured jacket.

Elegantly dull, yer don’t say?

You know there’s something wrong with tennis fashion when the most outrageous thing about Bethanie Mattek-Sands’ outfit is that an unusually large area of her body is covered by socks.

Epitomising all that’s drab and dreary, Stella McCartney delivers again … the worst outfit of the tournament. It takes real skills to make Carol Wozniacki look this bad.

Despite the overwhelmingly dull showings at Roland Garros this year, a few outfits did manage to impress.

KSwiss may have stolen Nadal’s so-last-season shorts, but their ensemble for Vera Zvoom Zvoom was all oceanic freshness.

Meanwhile, Lacoste keeps doing what they do best – simple, classy, first round losers.

The standout? The giant daisy that is Lady Jaja. Looks like the folks at Anta are working overtime to keep the drama queen happy. Gorgeous colour, love the tiers.

And of course, Lady Marmalade herself. If there was one place to bare your ass, it’s Paris baby. Love it, hate it, can’t stop talkin’ about it.

What about you? Favourite outfit? Least favourite?

Speak up airheads!

xx doots


12 responses to “Roland Garros Fashion: Parisien Blues.”

  1. cdc says :

    Here is my fave outfit:

    • Salma says :

      My favourite outfit has to be Maria’s and Vera’s. The rest just seem meh to me.

    • girl_from_mi says :

      o JEEEEZ… I just spit soda all over my keyboard. I had heard the out fit was controversial but hadn’t seen that particular view of it. gotta lover her for having the balls to wear it.

  2. Alex says :

    Roger def has the best outfit, that blue really pops!

  3. Jack says :

    Well, you can guarantee that there will be no blue at Wimbledon! 😀

    I like Roger, Masha, Serena and Vera’s outfits. Don’t like Venus’s – not because of the ass-flashing thing but just think it looks crap!

    But where’s Murray on your list??…..not a fashionista in your eyes, doots?? 😀

  4. Mia says :

    Agree that Fed’s kit has, for the most part, ranged the entire spectrum of the color blue. The “consensus” on him being a fashionista, I’d say, is largely because he carries everything so well – you can probably put him in a burlap sack and he’d still pop. As Andre himself recounted their USO encounter, Fed came across as Cary Grantish. He just has that air about him.

    • dootsiez says :

      USO 05 – best thing Fed’s ever worn. He was drop-dead gorgeous and I still hated him. 😀

      Re Fed fashionista – a lot of it has to do with his friendship with Anna Wintour as well. For the most part, he experiments even less than Rafa. Here’s a few cardigans that he’s wearing now that he’s been wearing since 2004. Guy sure knows how to mix-n-match.

  5. BS says :

    I like Masha’s outfit! It’s classy. The colours are a bit dull, sure, but she looks great. The only thing I want to know is where’s the visor gone?!

    JJ looks good, as do Serena and Ana did too. But unusually for me, I think Zvonareva’s was the best. I especially love the blue skirt. They should definitely put Her in that style more often. As for Wozniacki, seriously. Get some new dresses! That is all.

    Rog’s kit is the nicest for me. It makes him look young. Not that he looks old or anything, but he looks extra youthful here 🙂 Rafa looks good too of course.

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