Roland Garros Day 5: Vot iz zis? Vimbleton?

Ayee ayee ayee. I thought this was only supposed to happen on the green green pastures of Wimbledon?

But Pahree being Pahree, there was always going to be a bit of romance in the rain.

Rain wreaked havoc on Roland Garros schedule on Day 5, with more than half the matches canned, Monfils and Fabfog finally finished their shoot-out marathon, with Foggy prevailign 2-6, 4-6, 7-5, 6-4, 9-7.

The crowd-feud leftover from the day before was clearly present when Fognini entered the court to a wave of boos from the spectators. Gael had breakpoints to serve out the match, but in the end, poetic justice was served as Fabio broke Monfils for the match.

“The first time I’ve won such a match with such a crowd on the grand court,” said FabFog. The first – and hopefully the last time you’ll ever trend on twitter, buddy.

As for Gael, “I lost, that’s all. I am disappointed, I lost, and voila.

But I like Fabio. I have nothing to say (about his behaviour). Every athlete behaves like he wants. He beat me fair and square.

Classy words from both players, but Gael – you had a 2 sets to love lead, you had an aggressive crowd on your side and still, you couldn’t win the match. I’d be pulling my hair out too, if I were you.

Mr Bitch, you and I are professionally DONE.

In the women’s tennis, Jelena Jankovic was thrown off her title offence temporarily by Kanepi, as the two split sets before the rain set in once again. Early in the third set, the pair exchanged breaks, but JJ took the deciding break to win 62 36 64. With her section of the draw vomiting out seeds, a spot in the semis is Jaja’s lose.

More troubled was her compatriot Ana Ivanovic, who faded like a shooting star against Klobbing Kleybs. Alisa may be a dangerous player, but this surface was supposed to favour Ana. It looked so, as Ivanovic got into an early lead, but lost 12 of the last 13 games to concede the match 63 60.

Granted, Alisa made few errors and maintained her intensity throughout. Shvedova next, QUARTERFINAL BITCH, GO GET IT.

It used to be that Miss Muffin lost matches in ugly, furious 3 sets. These days, she’s so embarrassed by herself that she can’t wait to get off the court. Not too much to ask for a little fight, is it?

Q. This is going back a little bit, but you lost to Jelena in Madrid. I was wondering when you heard about that fist pump imitation she did after the match and just what your reaction was.

ANA IVANOVIC: You know, it’s very, very hard for me to comment on that, you know. You know how they say: Sport doesn’t build character. It shows it.

It would be a clever line – if only it were true. The tennis world has witnesses too many transformations of the likes of Federer or Agassi to believe that tennis doesn’t build character.

As for revealing character – it’s not the line you want to be using when you’ve just crashed out 36 06 in round 2 of a tournament you won merely 2 years ago.

Snark aside, Lady Jaja had some artiliary of her own.

JELENA JANKOVIC: For me, you know, I don’t need really to comment on that, you know. I don’t think it’s a right time to comment on this kind of thing.

But for me, as a player, it’s ‑‑ every player has their way of, you know, motivating themselves and pumping themselves up, you know, if you win a point or you didn’t win a point. But I don’t think it’s nice to put it, you know, the fist in their face. That’s what can be a little irritating. That’s the only ‑‑ but all the players, they do, you know, different kind of gestures, you know, with their hands.

But, you know, it’s a little bit ‑‑ when you do that in the player’s face, and especially after not winning a point after your opponent missed an easy ball, I don’t think it’s ‑‑ I don’t think that’s fair play.

That’s just my opinion, and that’s what I, as a player, don’t like to do to other players. If I’m ‑‑ if I win a point or something, I do it, but I don’t go like that in your face (holds up fist). That was only ‑‑ and especially when it comes to maybe me and Ana, we are two girls from the same country, and it’s nice to have a nice relationship and play a normal match. Somebody has to win, and that’s normal.

We’re both professionals. We want to do our best on the court, and I think we should play fair. That’s just my opinion. I have nothing, you know, against her or fist pumps or whatever. I play my game. I have my personality. I’m myself, and it’s none of my business what Ana does or all these other girls on the court. But for me, I prefer to this kind of way like I already explained.

Game, set, bitch. Mademoiselle Jankovic.

A bit of an Aussie update, newly naturalised Jarmila Groth and Ana Rodionova both made it through to the third round, with Groth beating Dina-killer Kimiko and Rodionova upsetting Vera Zvoom Zvoom 64 64. Kinda sweet that they both switched allegiances after relocating to Australia to be with their Aussie men.

Groth and Rodionova are due to play each other next. With Hewitt to face Nadal in the third round and Sam in a difficult section of the draw, good to know Australia’s guaranteed at least one player in the fourth round.

xx doots


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10 responses to “Roland Garros Day 5: Vot iz zis? Vimbleton?”

  1. elisha says :

    Really a random thought, but Jelena looks really pretty in that picture, waving. HAHA…. ANYWAYS. Ahem. I was never an Ana Ivanovic fan, but I can’t help but feel bad for her. I watch her talk her way out of a loss, but inside, I’m shaking my head thinking, “You’re delusional.” Kinda wanna give you a cookie, Ana. Now Jelena…. Hated her on-court shenanigans – watching herself on the screen every two seconds, doing splits for show when I thought she didn’t really need to, etc. Even though I can acknowledge that she’s a great player, I don’t know… something about her always irked me, and still does. But I do love her press conferences because she’s funny. Sometimes, I can’t help doing a face-palm motion when I read the things she say… haha.

    So sad Monf lost, but I’m confused why everyone’s like, Fabio has to win! Did something happen? All I know is that the tournament director made them play 2 extra games when it was like… pitch dark pretty much while Fabio and his coach were like, let’s stall so they can’t make us play! It sucks that RG doesn’t have lights and/or roof. And Fabio has such an unconventional way of playing tennis. Like he looks so blasé during every point.

    I am so excited for Maria-Justine!! As I’ve been a Justine fan before I became a Maria fan, I’ll be rooting for Juju ❤

    • dootsiez says :

      Perhaps this video explains it better:

      Everyone wanted Fabio to win because it was 9:30 by the time he tried to stop play (Roland Garros doesn’t have flood lights), and the crowd basically bullied the umpire into submission. I don’t think it was Monfils’ fault, even though he wanted to keep playing too, but it was disgusting from the crowd.

  2. forehandshanker says :

    I usually find Johnny Mac to be an obnoxious commie but he had a real zinger: if you were LeMonf’s coach, you’d be looking for another job. What a headcase.

    I’m looking forward to Shrieka v. JuJu. I’ve always loved JuJu’s game. I just don’t think Shrieka moves well enough and plays smart enough to beat her. It’s gonna be fun cheering for JuJu and imitating Masha’s grunts.

    Sir Shanks-A-Lot made it through comfortably today at 4 0 and 4. Rafa handed out a beat down in straights losing

    I noticed these grammar/spelling errors: prevailign, artiliary, has witnesses. Get some sleep Doots! Time for Fed Fan zen.

    • dootsiez says :

      ah forehandshanker, I like Shrieky, and she’s been under the radar a little this tournament – a very good first two rounds, better than Justine’s in fact. Of course, Justine can play much better, Shrieky can’t, but still, I’m not giving it to Juju yet.

  3. Jack says :

    I’m not sure where to side on the JJ-Ana thing! Even though I’m not a fan of Ana, this isn’t the first time JJ has been in a war of words with someone.

    I mean, her and Bartoli ain’t best friends. Then there’s Maria. And Rezai.

    I am a fan of JJ but I did find it a little hypocritical when she was critizing Safina’s No1 position last year. But you know, it wouldn’t be JJ without a little drama… right? 😀

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL Jack, Bartoli, Maria and Rezai – are they friends with ANYONE?

      As much as I love Shrieky, it’s not the most popular girl in the locker room by any stretch of the imagination.

      • Jack says :

        Hey!! Maria is friends with ummm………errr………….VESNINA!!! They played doubles together last year!! 😀

  4. FortuneCookie says :

    Ana’s losses are still pretty depressing,no matter how long they’ve been going on for!

    To me it feels like she’s starting to slowly find form,but that in the nearly 2 years it’s taken for her to do that the game has moved on without her…And while she’s right about sports showing character,I don’t see how anyone could say they
    don’t build them,especially for pro athletes!

    Oh and I didn’t know the Rodionova/Groth stories so I Googled them,they’re really sweet!
    And that led me to this on YouTube,both the Groths and Jarmila’s Slovak/Aussie accent are
    adorbz 🙂

  5. Mia says :

    JJ is a standout in her kit and, my, that is precision mascara.

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