Fashion: Nike has photoshop skillz #2 (Post-RG)

Nike’s collection for Fed and Rafa, from Wimbledon til the end of the US Open. All cred to the folks at TennisWarehouse for the images.

Rafa – Wimbledon

Woger – Wimbledon (is that a bomber jacket?)

Rafa – Toronto/Cincy

Don’t like the colours for this one, too old and err … Nalbandian-like.

Woger – Toronto/Cincy


Photoshopping fail.

Rafa – US Open (lime and black)

These are the colours I wanted for Fed. Love them. Not a massive fan of the lines though, too much emphasis on the tummy.

Woger – US Open, blue and black

They look like school uniforms, and he’s going to look illegally young in them. *smacks lips disturbingly*

Miam miam, what say you?

xx doots

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14 responses to “Fashion: Nike has photoshop skillz #2 (Post-RG)”

  1. ovoorigo says :

    Ooof… He’s gonna wear pink to celebrate the twin’s birthday! How sweet… ❤

  2. evie says :

    Fed in pink? I’ll believe it when I see it. Wasn’t he supposed to wear something pinkish for AO and then he turned up in…blue?

    • dootsiez says :

      No I don’t think so. He also had a red/black polo for AO if that’s what you’re referring to.

      And Roger in pink, you better believe it. Nike even has a name for it “Perfect Pink”. 😛


  3. Jack says :

    I like the Wimby Jacket! Not sure about the pink yet but I do find it funny how they go back to good old dependable blue for the Slams. 🙂

  4. Salma says :

    OMFG PINK AND KHAKI! FUCK YEAH BITCHES. But I am scared Roger will look like candy floss than a smoking candy.

    Wimbledon outfit- what the hell happend to the blazar and the milatary trend y’all. Not even a cardy. FFS nike, pull your shit together?

  5. writersbleedink says :

    I read about the pink some months ago on, so no big deal.
    But I miss the golden touch on Roger´s Wimby clothes. Only the Nike sign is golden or do I get it wrong?

  6. jfK says :

    with Pink and Khaki, Rog is gonna look so much like a preppy WASP….a la Chuck Bass!! hahaha.
    Love his Wimby outfit. He’ s so DDG in whites. Ah.

  7. FortuneCookie says :

    Not sure about the Wimbly shirt for Roger,but that’s probably because of Nike’s Photoshop failz,I like the rest of the outfits though 🙂 Apart from the Nalby-esque one for Rafa…

  8. xta says :

    absolutely love the pink — he’ll look adorable…roger’s wimby outfit looks a bit baptismal, or like a confirmation outfit or something…but i like it…rafa looks like they’ve given him a strike zone…love the colors, but i’ll have to get used to the design…like, initially i didn’t like the look of the french shirt for rafa (when i saw the pictures, and when i saw it hanging on a hangar) but i’m okay with it now…

    • dootsiez says :

      Now that you mention it, I can’t unsee the baptismal-ness in Roger’s top. LOL. I think it’s the stripes. As for Rafa, I’m a bit iffy on the design too, but at least those are kick-ass colours. I think it could look really good in practice.

  9. breadstix says :

    ((LOLOL, am very amused to see that ‘Woger’ has stuck. Wuv wuv you Woger, and my nicknaming skills deserves a medal. :P))
    But what the hell are those on his shirt? Pleats? It looks decent I guess, but pink??! What happened to the curse of pink, yo?! I guess the good thing is that at least Nike’s decided to spice up Roger’s kit… by tweaking the colours a bit. Pink and khaki = adorbs!!1!11 (PSML at the pic though.)

    Not keen on Wafa’s Toronto/Cincy gear (is it Nike’s mad photo-shopping skillz or is it just not bright enough for something Rafa would wear?) Not liking the lines either but apart from that the rest look good. You can never go wrong with, erm, neon green.

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