‘Twas a sod sod day for my sodden heart.

You guys are the sweetest things ever. Over 130 emails, blog contacts and twitter messages in 48 hours. Having lost my phone the previous week, when I finally reconnected myself and turn on my new phone, it almost exploded from the angst.

Some were sweet messages of condolences and commiserations, ‘… well it had to end some day. Hope you’re okay.” Others exuded rage, “WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU BITCH?!” And after the initial 24 hours, they all started to sound like Dootsie eulogies: “wherever you are, I hope you’re resting in peace.

Oh fanks.

All that aside, I missed you all too. *hugs*

So here’s a low-down of what happened between my cyber-death and wordpress-resurrection….

Fed v Sod, Set 2

Fed v Sod, Set 3

Fed v Sod, Set 4

Doots v Ferd, Post-match

Doots and Poojay, Post-match

Doots, post-Roland Garros final

When “it” happened, Wertheim tweeted “a moment of silence for the greatest streak in tennis history”.

So I took a moment, and that moment stretched into an hour, a day, then two, and eventually a whole week had gone by and I felt no urge to speak. Compared to the media obituaries, gleeful haterades and frenzied fan angst going around the interwebs in the last 7 days, silence felt more preferable. In any case, it certainly spoke louder.

On the match …

What can I say? The stats tell part of the story:

  • First serve: 64%/64% Fed/Sod
  • Points won on first serve: 74%/73% Fed/Sod
  • Receiving points won: 33%/34% Fed/Sod
  • Aces: 12/14 Fed/Sod
  • Winners/UEs: Fed – 40/27, Sod – 49/40
  • Total points: 121/124 Fed/Sod

The story they tell is one of a player redlining his game for 3 sets against a top dog. And when that happens, what can you say but “too good”?

On the whole, I didn’t think Roger played a bad match. He came out in God-mode and was untouchable for most of the first set. Inevitably (and somewhat as expected), he had a dip in the second set.

What killed him, apart from Sod redlining and hitting the snot out of the ball, was his indecisiveness. After Soderling had gotten himself into the match in the second set, Fed had 2 options:

  1. He could keep playing risk-managed tennis and wait for Soderling to start missing, because 9 times out of 10, playing kamikaze tennis against Federer in a best of 5 set match, the opponent will start missing.
  2. He could try to outrally Soderling, which required more aggression, more attack, and more of a “by-my-own-sword-bitch” attitude.

In the end, Fed chose neither and seemed torn between the two strategies all match. When Soderling raised him in the second set, Fed couldn’t find it in him to match, and this (along with the aversion to break point conversion) lost him the semis streak and No 1 spot. While for Soderling, his run to the final deserved a hearty “too good mate”, for the Fed, it was a case of “good, but not good enough”.

This picture is for illustrative purposes only. In case you didn’t know what Federer looked like.

(Shut up bitch)

So that’s the ‘rational’ part of this post.

The irrational part of this post is that IT. FRIGGIN. SUCKS. And I swear to God the next person to come up to me and tell me to be “zen” about it, IMMA TAKE THIS BLEEPIN’ ZEN AND SHOVE IT DOWN THEIR BLEEPIN’ THROAT.

Yes, I know: putting things “in perspective”, Roger Federer has 16 slams, 23 semifinals in a row and a resume defined by records. The man doesn’t just break records, he friggin invents them, so anything he does from now on is just gravy. I know that.

Golly, if I’ve achieved as much as Roger Federer in my own career, I would just retire and walk around pantless everyday asking people if they’ve seen my balls. I wouldn’t drag my 10 month old twin mangos around the world?! I wouldn’t hit the practice courts every day?! I wouldn’t bother with the daily grind of professional tennis?! I would do nothing all day and just be … yer know – pantless. ‘Cause I can.

That’s “putting things in perspective”. And one day, when Fed retires, I’ll have the rest of my life to put things in perspective and rejoice in all that he’s achieved and the journey we travelled on, as player and fan.

But right now? I still want more.

A lot of friends came up to me after “it” happened with free coffee and words of comfort. The most common sentiment expressed was “geez, he won 23 in a row, how many more did you want him to win?”

One more. Add just one more semi to the streak. Win just one more match, one more slam … and one more after that, and after that? Just one more.

Always just that one more.

xx doots


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62 responses to “‘Twas a sod sod day for my sodden heart.”

  1. pban says :

    aah doots you’ve said it all,seven days on and I am still willing myself to sleep at night …chiding myself whenever thoughts stray to tennis.But it is like a drug and Roger has me addicted for life or at least till retirement (*shudders*) do us part anyway.

  2. LJ says :

    meh, you know how I feel…

    but going pantsless for the rest of my life would be awesome…as long as I had adequate heating…

  3. Jack says :

    “Golly, if I’ve achieved as much as Roger Federer in my own career, I would just retire and walk around pantless everyday asking people if they’ve seen my balls.”

    I’m confused yet intrigued!!! 😀

    Anyhoo, has everybody got through the five stages of grief yet??

    If your still in the anger phase, I recommend venting your rage towards Simon Reed. Not going to link the recent crap he wrote but it’s as wise and insightful as ever!

    And welcome back doots. Missed your crazy ramblings. And no offense, but you are becoming that crazy cat lady! 😀

    • dootsiez says :

      Becoming a crazy cat laday is my life long ambition.

    • BS says :

      Definitely in the angry stage. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I hate Simon Reed. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Even though it’s Rafa’s time and all that, I respect that, but he always has to get the dig in at Rog.

      What are the five stages of grief anyway??

      • Jack says :

        The five stages of grief are:

        1. Denial
        2. Anger
        3. Bargaining
        4. Depression
        5. Acceptance

        • pban says :

          My 5 stages seem to be composed of grief,grief and more grief….wait that is 3 stages, well just add despair and anger somewhere in the middle of all that grief 😦 😦 😦

        • dootsiez says :

          Ya know, I never really get out of denial and anger.

          I’m still in denial and anger over Wimbledon 08. That can’t be good 😦

    • pban says :

      hah what else is new ,don’t you just love Reed and his inside information on what goes on in every player’s mind…..and what happened to his predictions for wimby he seems to be jumping the gun but then it is Reed we are talking about

  4. breadstix says :

    Yupyup, that about sums it up. I think I’m still a little bit in denial…

    *sigh* Indeed, always just that one more.

  5. Wonderbra says :

    Doots, I’m a long-time lurker and have decided to come out of lurk-ville to say: you’ve been missed. Those seven days without your hilarious posts seemed as painful as Fed’s loss because noone else could’ve possibly understood how pathetic life felt after “it” happened.
    Forget any rational explanation. If the passion for sports was rational, there would be no fans. We don’t want rational, we want Fed back. But it seems we hardly have any time to breath, Wimby starts soon and the frazzle will begin again. Hopefully, this time aournd, Fed will decide he has given enough, it’s time to stop sharing again.

  6. Dippylyc says :

    Welcome back…it was a horrible day that Tuesday. Somehow its bound to happen and I hope it would be a good wake up call for Ferd. All Fedfanatics out there pray that our Maestro wakes up from his slumber and be a biatch, steamrolls everyone at SW19.

  7. PJ says :

    Word, every single one of it for this post. We’ve been through this together so you know what are my thoughts exactly. But welcome back! My tennis world isn’t the same without the Picket Fence ramblings.

    Looking at the stats you posted – it’s so like that Madrid final. Could have gone either way. Could have gone Feddy’s way if he had put in a little extra gear/oil/whatever. But meh, what-ifs and what-could-have-beens suck big time.

    Also, we totally looked like that cat last Wednesday. Drinky up.

  8. elisha says :

    “Always just that one more” sums it pretty nicely doots. I always say, “Rog, just win this, and I’ll love you forever. I won’t ask anymore of you.” But nope, I’m never satisfied. I need that extra. And it seems unfair to ask so much of him, but I still ask of it anyway. I respect that you had to be away from the net for a bit. I wanted to avoid tennis. ATP tennis anyway…. However, some insane part of me turned on the TV this past Sunday and saw every minute of the RG final… Why the heck do I torture myself? I see insane shots of Rafa’s, and still. It doesn’t do as much for me like any shot of Roger’s. Ugh, sometimes, I wish I can be a Rafa fanatic, but no. Not sure it’ll happen until after Roger retires and even then it won’t be the same.

    Welcome back, doots! (He’s playing in Halle!)

  9. BS says :

    Doots, its great to have you back. You were missed 🙂 I love how you just managed to throw that picture of him in there. As if we could pretend that we’ve never seen Fed with his shirt off 😛

  10. Blue says :

    It sucks, but we can’t have it all 😦 I’m glad I waited to read this post instead of the other sites. Although the pic of Fed perks me up just a wee bit..

  11. jfK says :

    Welcome back, doots. You’ve been missed! I know what you mean about wanting more. I remember after Rog won the French I said “I don’t care if he ever wins another title again”. Yeah right. I was really in denial after the Sod match. I kept saying if this were a SF I’d feel better about this loss. And why oh why couldn’t Roger get Almagro or Meltzer in his quarter? And why just 1 week before reaching the Sampras records? Tennis Gods are so cruel.

  12. fedfreak says :

    Hi Doots I have been following your blog for the past year and you never fail to make me smile. Was happy to see a new post today I have been looking for it since the “dreaded day”…..well I am off to Wimby in a few weeks to sacrifice my dignity and camp out for tickets to see McFeddy……he better win that thing!!


    • dootsiez says :

      Oh me too! I’ll be at Wimbly first Monday of the second week. See ya there fedfreak!

      • jandemom says :

        That should provide some great ramblings! Safe travels and wonderful trips to both of you – and if you run into Roger, tell him to win! Glad you’re back, doots.

  13. marcoiac says :

    i agree with the ‘one more’ mantra. as long as you play, you want to win. with all you got and sportsmanship, but you want to win. as long as your favorite player competes, you want him (or her) to win. at the end of the match with sod, i didn’t even think about the ending of the streak. i just thought he lost, and it sucked. every match, every point, you want to win. that’s the fun, the competitive (but again, with sportsmanship) spirit.

    the silence was a little ominous. i was a bit worried, and felt bad for you, and sent you a little DM. but then, having all those people sending you messages must feel good.

    AND, i must say, even if the streak ended, your great sense of humor seems untouched. 🙂

  14. Noshali says :

    DOOTZ YOU’RE BACK!!! So excited to see you again! and as usual, a kick-ass post.

    What hurt the most was that federer just played so damn awesome in the first set and then just disappeared for the rest of the match. everytime he kept on trying to lift his head up sod just smashed it back with a hammer.
    it just hurt.

    and the bad news just came snowballing. the loss of the semis streak, the loss of the chance of the calendar slam (im not gonna lie and say i didnt think that fed was gonna do it this year), and then the loss of number 1.

    im still reeling from it. i actually thought of switching sports for a while there. i was so pissed i wasted so many years of my life on this idiot, but then i realized all the years i loved wasting on this guy, missed exams, messed up grades, lack of social life and all.

    so we keep on wishing i guess.

    *hugz* welcome back dootz. we missed you!!

    • dootsiez says :

      For every one of these sucky days, there’ll be a day of GLORIOUS happiness. It’s the law of Dootsieverse. I’m just waiting for the tennis gods to gimme a break.

  15. BS says :

    Ok, weird question, but does anyone remember if it was Pascal Maria who umpired *that* match?

    • elisha says :

      LOL. Are you relating Pascal Maria’s umpiring with Roger’s epic losses? If so, I don’t think it was him this time. Speaking of umpires, my favorites are Mohamed Layhani(sp?), Steve Uhlrich(sp?), and Carlos Bernandes(sp?).

      • elisha says :

        Er…. I didn’t mean to make that reply sound as… insensitive as it sounds… =X But I don’t like it when Pascal Maria umpires Roger’s matches. It’s a weird superstitious thing on my part.

        • BS says :

          Absolutely. He was responsible for Wimby 08 and AO 09 😦 🙂 I’m very suspicious like that, so much so that when I was at Wimbledon last year and he umpired one of the matches I was at, I gave him a really bitchy look and he saw. He definitely saw.

          Mohamed Layhani is the best umpire out there. He is absolutely hilarious. I love Carlos Ramos too 🙂

        • dootsiez says :

          Oi oi! Pascal Maria was the first guy out of his seat when Jimmy Jumper ran towards Federer in the final last year, wayyy before the security guards realised what was happening.

          He was like “back off Rogie, take me instead yo!”

          So yeah. That made me love Pascal Maria.

          When I was working at the AO, our break room was next to the umpires and linespeople. I think I freaked some colleagues out because I knew the names of half the umpires.

          Also like MoLay and Carols Bernardes (USO 08 final). Allison Lang umpires a lot of the WTA matches, and KNOWS HER SHIT.

    • Noshali says :

      I completely agree with you. I thought I was the only one who was scared of the umpire jinx.

      i only relax when carlos ramos is there.

    • Jack says :

      Is Pascal Maria the one who looks like the evil president off 24??

      I’m not very good with umpire names. I usually just remember what they look like.

      The only ones I do remember are Jake Garner (he’s the one Fed swore at in the US Open final), Allison Lang and the umpire who really happy (think that’s Mohammed Layhani)

      There’s also that one who looks like an army general but I don’t know his name. And the french guy too (think his surname is Nouni)

  16. tsarina says :

    WELCOME BACK DOOTSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Missed u…!!!

    Abt Pascal Maria…He was the umpire in the FO Final last year… 😉

  17. pban says :

    it was Molina the guy who umpired the AO2010 finak , I was scared of the umpire jinx but I got over it after FO last year.I don’t think llhyani umpires in slams.And Itoo am comfortable only with Carlos Ramos.

  18. sunny says :

    Whew! I thought we were going to have to send out a search party…I was readying the bloodhounds! Win or lose I don’t feel like a tourney is complete until I read a Doots wrap up! 🙂 When my friend and I were chatting online and she said she had to get back to work and asked what I was going to do next, I said i’m going to drag my broken body over to your site so that i could commiserate with my Feddy Fanatics and let you make me feel better.

    I was so distraught that I couldn’t even post my comments properly in the Frazzle post…thanks for the clean-up in Aisle 5, Doots! 😉 …but reading your post today, I see that we had a lot of the same thoughts, so I guess great minds think alike! I rarely write a comment so when I do, it’s usually long-winded and labored, but the loss of the semi-final streak gutted me, especially because I thought that game was winnable…tough but winnable.

    I know that all the commentators are always saying that now that he has won #16 and won the French to get his career Grand Slam that he can play without any pressure and that it’s all gravy from now on…but I’m not interested in gravy…I WANT THE WHOLE TURKEY DINNER!! I want to have to unbutton my pants! And let’s be honest…the more distance he puts between Rafa and him, the better!

    I still care…and I think Fed does to…and that’s part of the problem. I think some of his mental toughness is bending, even breaking because as much as he says he’s not playing for the records, I know that he is. Sometimes, when he’s unguarded he will admit it. After the AO he was asked about his chances for a Calendar Grand Slam and defending his FO title and he said that he’s more focused on his goals of extending his Semifinal streak, breaking Pete’s weeks at #1, and winning a 7th Wimby…and we see how that’s turned out so far 😦 … and that’s why I am afraid for him…

    I have a confession to make…I feel a little guilty for his season so far…

    I made a pact with the Tennis Gods that I would be okay with a shitty clay court season if he could just win AO 2010…and beat Murray while doing it. I needed him to put AO 09 behind him, prove to the punk that winning Masters is not the same as winning a Grand Slam, and beating the Slam record by more than one…

    I am so sorry…I had no idea how much power I had! I had no intention of putting his other records on the line…if it makes all of you feel any better, I threw my shoulder out early this spring and I haven’t been able to pick up a racquet since!! … but I’m happy to sacrifice my entire tennis season (and you can’t imagine how much I love to play tennis!) for Fed to win Wimby and the U.S Open. He’ll get a few more records…One for winning 3 Slams in a one year…it will be four. Another for most consecutive double play Wimby/US Open wins in a year…this would make 5…and I’m sure a bunch of others that no one mentions because he’s got so many…

    Anyway, I’m done…

    See, long winded, no? But I can’t leave before I say it’s SOOOOOOOO GREAT to have you back Doots!! If we could get you to win some kind of web award, I’m sure all your devoted fans would do whatever it takes because you’re so worth it. I leave you with this…

    The international call to my best friend in England to lament about his loss (no, I don’t have Skype)… $16

    The three martini’s I needed at the bar later that night to wash away the pain … $27

    The repairs to my bumper for the dent I made leaving said bar. $212

    DOOTS AND her Catharthic Commiserating Cats…PRICELESS!

    Thanks love! 🙂

    • dootsiez says :

      Hahaha Sunny, Mastercard ain’t got nothing on meh!

      BTW, wordpress somehow deemed your post as spam, so all of them ended up in my spam folder. I went and unspammed you, but then all your comments turned up at once.

  19. FortuneCookie says :

    Here you go,a Simon Reed special for you all!
    With the headline ‘Nadal would have thumped Federer’
    WOO.HOO. :I

    • BS says :

      Oh Simon Reed. I wish he would just go home and leave us all to enjoy tennis without his thoughts and his commentary. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about and shouldn’t be let on tv.

      I’m sorry if I sound like a broken record, but you have to stand up for Rog!

    • dootsiez says :

      Oh you just couldn’t resist could ya. 😛

      Let you all in on a secret – I literally haven’t read the tennis press since the loss. Zero. Nada.

      Why bother?

  20. oh la la says :

    Good to have you back!

    Thanks for putting it in words (and pictures) so well… I had tickets for that semifinal 😦

  21. Alex says :

    I just can’t get that worked up about a Roger loss after 16 slams. *shrug* I just can’t allow myself to have heart attacks over Ferd anymore. I spent my last bit of nerves on the Wimbledon final.

  22. Red4Fed says :

    Welcome back Doots! You and your ramblings were sorely missed. After *it* happened I couldn’t bear to read any tennis press – the only website I dared to visit was yours! And you said it so perfectly: though our cups runneth over, we Fed fans always want just one more. I have a feeling we’ll get it though, because Fed still wants it too.

    By the way, I also qualify as a crazy cat lady so I LOVE all the kitty photos – keep them coming! And speaking of photos, I’d be lying if I said that that tasty dash of Federporn didn’t help me move just a teensy bit closer to Stage 5 – thanks for the extra little push! 😉

  23. PSP says :

    Hi Doots, welcome back. I’ve missed your insanely crazy blog!!! Last week, I went to a stage of withdrawal. I want Fed to win one more match, one more slam, etc. because I know he can. ;-(

  24. pban says :

    Just reading through all the comments here(yes I am hopeless and I have nothing better to do)and was left thinking if a non fedfan were to read them….boy we are a nutty bunch indeed.We even share umpire jinxes , forget about being superstitious, to even remember who was umpiring when… boy that is a whole new plane of craziness…..hehe who am I kidding I remember them too 😉

    • sunny says :

      HAHA! That is so funny because after this year’s FO loss and the end of his semifinal streak, i was telling anyone who would listen (including my non-tennis watching friends) about how gutted I was, and they said i was being a bit dramatic and even semi-seriously thought that i was a little unstable and crazy. They couldn’t imagine how I could be this upset over a sport and over one man…

      So i sent them to this site so they could read other people’s comments (I kid you not!) and then they were fine with my reaction…they were like,” well you may be crazy but at least you have a lot of company!!”

      So thanks guys for helping me avoid being carted off to the funny farm by my friends! :-),

  25. pban says :

    well every fedfan is certifiably insane and proudly so, its just that the non fans just don’t understand this level of attachment and emotional investment in a guy we don’t know pesonally,well sunny let me assure you that I get the same level of misunderstanding from my family.

  26. Mia says :

    Have a great Federer as Religious Experience at SW 19. Oh, and bring him some fairy dust, will ya?

  27. sita says :

    Fat lot of help you were when *it* happened and some of us were near suicidal and needed you and your ramblings the most *sniffles*
    And you got us all worried that you have closed down this blog for good.
    You are not allowed to stop blogging , even on the soddest days. Ok ? OKAY ?

    P.S : Welcome back

  28. roadrunnerz says :

    Awwww….welcome back, Doots!! I’ve missed you and your posts.

    Your blog has spoiled me past year. it’s the place I come to, to either celebrate after a big Fed win, or commiserate after a big loss. Especially, you know, the…REALLY BIG semi-final-streak-ending-number-one-ranking-gone kind of losses.

    I too said I wouldn’t frazzle anymore after the French. Then Wimbledon came, and after that I said I wouldn’t frazzle anymore after #15.

    But it’s all a lie. As long as Fed plays, I’m going to frazzle. Might as well accept it.

    Oddly enough one of the things that most made me want to throw things during the French Open was the final, and the fact that all of a sudden Sod didn’t seem to believe anymore. I mean, it’s not like I hate Nadal and desperately wanted him to lose. I don’t. I don’t even dislike the guy. I just really, really, wanted a competitive match. I felt like I DESERVED it, damn it, in exchange for seeing Fed ousted in the quarters.

    But no. Sod was hitting unforced errors like there was a prize for getting the most. Dude didn’t have half the heart that Schiavone did the day before. THAT’s what I got in exchange for a Fedal final? (And no matter what anyone says, i’d bet my house (if I had a house) that a Fedal final would’ve been way more competitive.

    Yeah, not impressed with Sod. At all.

    And did I mention, welcome back, Doots? *big,fat,belated hugs*

    • dootsiez says :

      *big fat belated hug back*

      I know exactly what you mean. I wonder if Nadal fans felt the same way watching Sod play Feddy last year. Did they want Sod to win? Or Fed?

      As for me, yeah I feel slightly cheated after Soderling fizzled in the final. In fact, I felt cheated after watching him go down 1-2 against Berdych. To have pulled an upset twice at Roland Garros and made nothing of it … well … *sigh*

  29. Deborah says :

    Doots! So glad you’re back. You summed it up for me, girl. I was bereft, but then I had to admit it was my selfish desire give the finger to anyone who had ever said a disparaging word about baby boy. Sigh, I do love him so. Emjoy your time at Wimby! The closest I ever got was staring at his 2007 outfit in the museum. I stood there so long, the guard asked if I was okay. Given my advanced years, I guess I didn’t seem like the typical Fed groupie or maybe he thought I was having a stroke!

  30. TGIF says :

    Welcome back, Doots!
    Can I beg a bit for the return of the Federporn?
    Have you seen the cuteness coming out of Halle???

    • judy says :

      i second the halle cuteness! fed is looking scrappy and extra curly haired and kicking butt on the green!

      totally understand doots and well said. i always want one more too! hugs to you and your federbear. 🙂

    • dootsiez says :

      *grumbles grumbles*

  31. educator says :

    I’m sorry for your loss. It’s irritating when you lose contact with the whole world in this modern era LOL!
    Cute pictures though! Love them. Thanks!

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