Passing Thoughts: Puh-lease. Bear-torture is – like – so 2009?

Excuse the lack of bloggage of late. Between getting my ass whupped by exams and daydreaming planning my trip, who has time for some IDIOT FROM BASEL WHO CANNOT CONVERT 3 BREAKPOINTS AT 0-40 TO WIN A FRIGGIN ATP 250 TITLE?!


It’s been 3 weeks since “it” happened and I still haven’t read a single tennis article or column. I remember reading through every tennis article known to man back in 2008 and getting that sinking feeling in my stomach that somehow this is the beginning of the end. And yet, people have been waiting for “the end of Roger Federer” since 2007. Godot might get here first.

I’ve learnt my lesson in 2008 (and indeed, earlier in the year, how many people were saying Rafa’s career was over?) – why make yourself miserable?

At some point, you just have to block out the ‘what-have-you-done-for-me-lately’ panic, trust your own judgement and trust the innate abilities of Roger Federer. And despite all my “tough love” and rage towards him, in Fed I trust.

So some thoughts on Feddy me teddy, going into Wimbledon – feel free to agree/disagree/call me a retard.

The match: coulda won it, but didn’t. The story of Roger Federer’s 2010 post-Aus Open. You donate to Lleyton Hewitt a 15 minute shankfest from the end of the second set to the beginning of the third, you face the consequences. Lleyton, despite being the bunny of the ATP Top 10 in the last few years, is not someone who falters in front of a finish line. Quite the opposite in fact. Dude has made a career out of opportunism – with 2 slams to prove it. It doesn’t excuse Federer’s total mindfuck, nor is it cause for widespread bell-tolling.

No 1: I’m a little mad at Federer about this. As well as Rafa played during the clay season, the No 1 ranking should’ve never been an issue. After the Australian Open, I remember telling someone happily that unless disaster strikes in the next few months and Fed loses before the quarterfinals in almost every single tournament he plays, the Sampras record is going down-own-own. But of course, disaster has a way of “striking” yer. Forget about the rankings, forget about the records: stop bleeding away points, survive the US hard court season respectably. And when Shanghai and Bercy roll around? We’ll wave our cowbells and partay like it’s 1999.

He may not end the year No 1, but he’ll have another chance to strike post-AO 2011, if he handles himself reasonably.

Form: the thought of being in the Northern Hemisphere in 9 days is keeping me from freaking out over Roger’s general WTFuckery. And in truth, the results haven’t shown it, but I’ve been happy with Federer’s tennis since Madrid. Watching Roger these days reminds me of Rafa at the start of 2010 (bizarre losses to Davydenko, Ljubicic & co) – he’s 85% there. As frustrating as it was to watch him lose a match that he had effectively won, at this stage of things, there is only one thing I can offer him: patience. Gut feeling says he’s getting there. Records, streaks, H2Hs be damned.

The usual arguments and unwarranted advice: “Roger Federer needs to prove himself against Nadal.” “Roger Federer needs to serve & volley.” “Roger Federer needs NOT to serve and volley because he can’t volley to save his life.” “Roger Federer can’t find his serve.” “Roger Federer only has a serve. He’s turning into Pete Sampras.” “Roger Federer keeps losing because he is no longer motivated about tennis”.

Excuse me while I stab you with a spork. A recent interview of Federer with the Sport-Bild (German, clickey):

“I’m only 28 and am now in the second half of my career. The end is still far away,” Federer said in an interview with the Sport-Bild.

It sounds like a threat. For Federer knows that if he is fit, he can win every event. And if it goes to the Swiss, the 16 titles are followed by others: “I play for the history books. 20 Grand Slams are possible.”

Interestingly, it’s the first time I’ve heard Feddy mention a number that he might be able to achieve. He’s largely avoided setting himself a target, the rationale being that he doesn’t want to fall short and feel disappointed after such an amazing career. But he wouldn’t be human if he didn’t at least entertain the thought that he might be the first male player to break it out of the ‘teens’ in slam count.

It’s no surprise then that the thought surfaced in the German press and not in English. Does this sound like a man who has lost motivation or lost himself in baby poo to you? You tell me!

Seeding: a whole lotta hot air over nothing. You’ve got a guy who’s only No 2 by a few points. He’s the defending champ, has won 6 of the last 7 Wimbledons, only lost on grass twice since 2003 and achieved the best result out of the top 10 in the pre-Wimbledon warm-up tournaments. Either don’t do any special seeding at all or seed him first.

But of course, the seeding hooha was never about making any meritorious arguments. Just another “take a swipe at the big guy” stunt.

Color me unsurprised.

xx doots


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13 responses to “Passing Thoughts: Puh-lease. Bear-torture is – like – so 2009?”

  1. Allie says :

    love your blog!!! please please please post lots during wimby.

  2. Fenella says :

    This blog never fails in making me LOL 😀 love it!

  3. girl_from_mi says :

    I second Allie’s request for bloggage during Wimbledon. I hope that you will have the time for it. Those of us that can’t go (and will probably never go in our lifetime) we will be living vicariously through you.

    (and thank you for the blog update. Schiavone had an awesome win but I was getting tired of looking at her face every day)

  4. Jack says :

    You mean doots!!! STOP REMINDING US OF THAT INCIDENT!!! Why does everyone like to make fun of England?? 😦

    Anyway, England fail aside, I do agree with you. Fed should have won Halle and he should still be No1 too. I do think he can get it back but like you say, probably not till after 2011 AO.

    And I totally agree with Fed being No1 seed at Wimbledon. The only thing that confuses me is why they never did the same with Venus last year.

  5. breadstix says :

    Still so jealous that you be goingz to Wimbledondon. Stupid exams. Stupid life.

    Stupid Feddy too (just thought I’d throw it in there. :P). I’m trying not to think about his potato face anymore, although with Wimby coming up next week that ain’t gonna last. Still a bit pissy about Halle.

  6. Freudo says :

    Great blog, dootsie, and have a fabulous Wimbledon, and hoping for reason for joy in front of my TV! I’ll look for you here and hope you have some crumbs for us scavengers 🙂

  7. jfK says :

    Doots your back 😀 😀 🙂
    I’ve been feeling so miserable . Everything that we didn’t expect to happen post AO, did. Losing the #1 ranking so close to Pete’s record was cruel, but now it’s the least of my worries.
    We just need The Mighty Fed to show up at Wimbledon. Stop being nice and start getting ruthless, Roger.
    As for the top seed, frankly he deserves it.

  8. Forehand Shanker says :

    Hope you’ve survived this round of exams before you head off to England and Switzerland to stalk the Greatest Forehand Shanker of All Time.

    BTW, Wimbledon’s seeding is based off a formula not off of back room deals. So I totally agree, a lot of hot air got blown out of nothing.

    Now that Roland Garros is over, when are you gonna change the header image for your blog to something that is greener?

  9. BS says :

    Yay! You’re back Doots 🙂

    I was incredibly annoyed about the Hewitt loss, and even as much as I love Hewitt, I couldn’t be happy for him. Roger is Roger. I believe that things will click with him sooner rather than later, because at Wimbledon, he is, and over the last 7 years, has been awesome. As the saying goes, form is temporary but class is permanent.

    I just hope that I can be extremely patient with Wimbledon because tennis has not been kind to me this year 😦


  10. oh la la says :

    You will have lots of fun in SW19, you’ll see.
    One feels really classy once you’re on the sacred grounds.
    Looking forward to your posts.


    No tickets for me this year (I hate you, AELTC ballot!)

  11. jfK says :

    Doots did you happen to see who was on the cover of French GQ this month?

  12. pban says :

    Doots while Iam glad you are going to Europe and will see that idiot live I can’t help but worry, the last 2 times you travelled during a slam 😦 😦

  13. sita says :

    “And in truth, the results haven’t shown it, but I’ve been happy with Federer’s tennis since Madrid. Watching Roger these days reminds me of Rafa at the start of 2010 (bizarre losses to Davydenko, Ljubicic & co) – he’s 85% there. Gut feeling says he’s getting there. Records, streaks, H2Hs be damned.”

    Thank you for saying that, Doots. I too felt he had found somewhat of a form since Madrid compared to the complete WTFery until Estoril. Just the way Rafa was before the clay season. But at the same time , I didn’t want to develop any kind of hope only to be devastated again in a week or two.
    Anyways, have a good time at Wimby , and get us lots of stalkerazzi pictures of you-know-who 😛

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