Picspam: SPOTTED – Roger Federer rocking the smarf.

Somewhere in a Wimbledon cottage, Mirka Vavrinec is searching high and low for her scarf.

But if there’s one person who knows how to turn an average scarf into the hottest Melbournian winter trend of 2010 – the smarf, it is Woger Feduhruh. Watch him rock it with a pair of pantaloons in front of a mystery blond.

Hopp! Allez! Forza! Dai! Woger McFed supports the Swiss soccer team in the four official languages of his country and has all sorts of weird lumps in his pants.

As anyone who’s watched a Feduhruh practice session would know, the term “practice” is a fairly imprecise way of describing what Woger does on a practice court. Dude spends most of the time honing his double handed backhand …

… practicing his hair choreography

Patrolling conquered territory with the Gang of Four.

Eating poor Dootsie’s heart, then asking for her ovaries too.


(I hate you too.)

xx doots



21 responses to “Picspam: SPOTTED – Roger Federer rocking the smarf.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    Oh no no,je deteste le smarf!It takes the whole Brideshead Revisted look too far pour moi…and YES I’m currently revising French for my exams,it’s sur le cerveau 😛

    • dootsiez says :

      J’ADORE LE SMARF. HB IS DISPLEASED WITH YOU DISSING LE SMARF. TU ES UNE VACHE! (yes I just called you a cow. A female cow. But all cows are female, ya know?)

  2. Mia says :

    Is that his version of the cravat? Somehow it doesn’t look awkward on him though. Frazzling season has begun, again.

  3. pban says :

    OMG are my eyes playing tricks or did that PUNY LEFT ARM just get punier….the 4th picture is beyond hilarious and dude just stop grinning , there is nothing funny about losing

  4. Dippylyc says :

    Absolutely loved 1st pic, Fedpappy has my vote as hottest dad in town

  5. breadstix says :

    I second pban, that Puny Left Arm looks punier than ever! Oh just look at him, all happy and gooey looking, with that lubberly jubberly head of hair… Pshht, prancing about like that whilst his fans are prepping their rocks and trying not to frazzle too much.

  6. rosie says :

    none of ur business he’s happy!! nd all d slangs u said to him seem more applicable 2 dis idiotic writer!! GO ROGER!.

    • pban says :

      dear rosie I am sure you love Roger, 90% of the people who post here do as does the “idiotic writer”….so kindly stay off this blog if you can’t keep a civil tongue in your head. But I do agree with you on one count GO ROGER

  7. Alex says :

    What I want to know who is the mystery blond – so does Mirka.

  8. jfK says :

    Smarf FTW!!!
    And I’m ready for Roger to cut off his mop. I want him to cut it like in 2k7 or how he had it for the US open 2k6. I love the curls but it’s too long.
    ps. I think the blond is Kirilenko

    • Sunny says :

      I’m with you…I hope he cuts his hair soon…I don’t think this length will see him through the fortnight! I need him to be able to see the ball clearly and not have to look through his hair…

      Now if I could just get my hands on the hair clippings… ,[SIGH]

    • dootsiez says :

      Really? Kiri’s hair is not as straight is it? And she’s blonder. This girl practically has regrowth.

    • BS says :

      I hadn’t noticed how long his hair had gotten until you pointed it out. It’s ready for the chop. If I’m right, I don’t think its been this long since the US Open 2008. Mirka’s obviously been too busy with the twins to take care of Roger aswell 😛

      • Alex says :

        What’s Roger to do? I’m afraid he’ll lose because he can’t see the ball through those long locks.

  9. Tru says :

    Sexy mofo in Mirka’s scarf 😉

  10. sita says :

    When he looks *that* good and happy and goofy and flaunts his hair all at the same time – I can tell he is preparing us for something err…not so good.

    Honestly Roger, stop looking so DDG and get right down to business.
    Just strangle Ferd the turd with that scarf so that TMF shows up for the next two weeks, got it ?


  11. room and garden says :

    LOL! Your comments are funny. Love them! Thanks for making me laugh.

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