Wimbly Day 3 (by Poojay): The King and the Clown

Hello all! You may notice that this is not our beloved Head Bitch Dootsiez, but someone else. Yes, PJ (or as Doots insisted, Poojay :() has officially hijacked the Picket Fence Hewittporn to come!! On a proper note though, I’ll be guest-blogging and helping Dootsiez to upkeep her blog while she flies off to Wimbledon this weekend, and subsequently spends a month away in Federland doing some stalking.

I’m officially starting my guest-blogging stint with recapping Fed’s match on Day 3 of Wimbledon.

So, after the dramatics of Fire-Falla on Monday, it’s safe to say that all of us are hoping for a straight-forward second set encounter with world #153 and qualifier Ilija Bozoljac aka Bozo (the Clown). I have to admit I am expecting it to be straight-forward. What I didn’t expect was for Bozo to come out with all guns blazing, and playing, to quote Feddy, like he had nothing to lose.

The first set was smooth. Roger was comfortable, and broke twice to take the first set 6-3. Bozo just looked happy to be in R2 of Wimby and to be playing Roger on Court 1, that he was never really a threat, and there was even a funny moment where he was serving at the wrong side of the court *snort*. So I sat there thinking, oh yey, maybe I’ll get to sleep marginally earlier tonight, or something. But when as Set 2 went into play, Bozo decided that he’d stop clowning around for a bit, and upped his play with some great serving. No break-point opportunities in the second set, and Bozo just needed one mini-break in the tiebreaker (in which I did not watch – decided to chicken out to make tea) to take a set from Roger.

Cue my freaking out and sending a 3AM text to Dootsiez along the lines of “DUDEEEE PRAAAAAY” and burying myself under blankets, and biting down my nails to nothing. I have to admit I was not comfortable with anything BUT a straight-sets win then, after the Falla encounter, and I groaned at the possibility of yet another five-setter. It would send me out running in the dark again, 4AM or not, gunman on the loose or not (gunman has been caught, FYI).

Roger got an early break in the third set, held on, won that, and moved on to the fourth. Some tense moments there – he faced break point several times (and at the same time, Federesque-ly did not convert his own opportunities) and that made me mute my stream and pray into my pillow. Somehow he held on and another tiebreaker. For the record, I HATE those things. I’ve never watched one of Federer’s tiebreakers live for the entire year of 2010 (and I’m sure I watched less than 5 in 2009) until Falla Set 4. I sat there trying to decide between hiding in the toilet and watching the tiebreaker and I opted to watch it. And he won that, and the match.

Maybe I should start watching his tiebreakers. But it will make me lose a lot of hair and quite a few brain cells.

Overall, it’s really not a bad match by Roger. The king didn’t bring his most brilliant game, but he played well, with 50 winners and 13 UEs. The clown had more winners at a count of 57. It was a case of Bozo suddenly realising he may have a chance to topple the king and just came up with some inspiring play. He very nearly took Roger to yet another five-setter (round 2, fucking WIMBLEDON), and very nearly sent PJ flying over her balcony.

Roger Strapped

Post-match, I noticed Roger had his right thigh strapped. Freaking out? Frazzling? Spazzing? Ohyesindeedy. I cannot remember the last time I saw Fed with any kind of strapping and of course this worries the fuck outta me. As of now, no one knows why the thigh was strapped or whatever trouble Feddy may or may not be having. And I don’t think we will find out until after the tournament.

I guess Roger is losing his cloak of invincibility as of late, like it or not. His string of losses since the ever awesome Australian Open contributed to that. These guys are coming out and throwing their kitchen sinks, bath tubs, water tanks, sofas and armchairs at him. Despite the barrage of household furniture though, Roger hung on and just refused to give up. We give a lot of credit to Roger for his talent, skills and his very pretty hair and fantastic puny left arm, but seriously, this guy’s mental strength is right up there with the best of the best. In the end, Wimbledon IS his lawn, bitches. And he’s not going to give it up easy. I’m going to stop wishing for straight sets and/or easy play. As long as he wins his matches, he can go six/seven/three million sets or whatever. I just want to see him holding that damn trophy on HIS LAWN at the very end.

King and Clown

And speaking of mental strength, I have to give props John Isner and Nicolas Mahut, who, as any self-respecting tennis fan is definitely aware of, is creating tennis history for the records. A marathon 1st-round match, now standing at 9 hours and 58 minutes, 163 games, fifth set standing at 59-all.

Isner Mahut Crazy

And I thought last year’s final at 16-14 was ridiculous torture. This eclipses anything that I have ever imagined. And mental strength indeed, these two guys showed. I watched a portion of that match, and it was just clutch serving, ace after ace. Huge serving and huge, huge heart to just HANG IN THERE, and refusing to let the other even have a whiff at break-points. Throughout the 118 games in the 5th set, Mahut had 2 break opportunities, and Isner had 4. All break points were saved.

The marathon continues today. And the whole tennis world will be watching. Centre Court, Mandy, Rafa, and even Queenie Lizzy, will all be taking a backseat.

Oh, and Wimby Day 2, you ask? Rafa won, Mandy won, straight sets, comfortable, yadda yadda yadda. Frankly, I don’t much care, at this point.

Hewitt got through, too. But the delusion dream of an Aussie semi-final was shattered with Luczak bowing out.

Over and out,

P.S. I don’t love Hewitt. Really. Hewittporn is a JOKE.



About PJ

I'm a tennis nut. Loves watching and freaking out over tennis, and as of late, writing about tennis. As a player though, I'm terrible. My other interests includes reading (pretty much will give any genre a go), checking out films, crafting (making cards, scrapbooking etc), eating/food (specifically searching for the perfect chendol outside Malaysia). I'm also trying to find my own perfect corner in this world!

18 responses to “Wimbly Day 3 (by Poojay): The King and the Clown”

  1. breadstix says :

    HELLO! Phew, two Feddy matches later and I’m already losing it. What happened to Wimby being his lawn and all?! At least it wasn’t another five setter (esp. an Isner-Mahut-esque one), but truth be told I didn’t really watch much of Feddykins and his PLA.

    Can’t believe Big J Issy and Mahoot are still at it. And I agree, day 2 really wasn’t that interesting in the grander scheme of things. By ‘grander scheme’ I mean days 1 and 3 pahahah…

    Great post, by the way. 🙂

    • PJ says :

      Tell me about it! Am hoping we won’t need that rock ANYTIME during this Wimbly, but gotta admit I came close to needing it 😦 One match at a time though. We gotta believe we can plough through his lawn!

      And as I type, Jizzy and Mahut has officially finished their match. Gutted for poor Mahut. I say both shoulda won! And both of them play against De Bakker. They’re half players anyway, after that epic of 70-68!

      Thank you 🙂 ❤

      • breadstix says :

        Ditto, I’ve spent enough time under that bloody rock during RG. 😦 I guess you can say he’s ‘improving’ (y’know, five-setter to four-setter, maybe a three setter in his R3 match… and maybe a two setter in R4 because he overcame his opponent with sheer awesomeness and forced him to retire…)
        ((… I can dream, ‘kay?! :P))

        Gutted for Mahut too, it’s times like these when I wish they could just call a draw and put them both through to round 2 (forget de Bakker, 16-14 to 70-68 is like comparing Woger’s left arm to Wafa’s left arm… kidding, kidding.) The special presentation ceremony they had for them was kinda awesome, I wonder what they gave them…

        Can’t believe that was a first round match…

  2. Dippy says :

    Dear guest blogger PJ

    So are we getting usual fix of fedporn? 3rd round trow, just pray that Sir Roger wins…

    • dootsiez says :

      I believe Miss Poojay is open to bribery.

      Hola POOJAY, you takin’ over my blog gurl.

      Re bandage

      1) We know that historically, Roger Federer keeps his injuries (and their extent) quiet until he’s gotten it under control.

      2) This is why no one ever believes him. “GOAT couldn’t possibly get injured. He must be faking.”

      3) It may well be precautionary, but Fed does precautionary things behind the scenes all the time. If it’s visible to *us*, then he’s probably feeling it.

      4) To frazzle, or not to frazzle?

      • PJ says :

        Only while you’re away, oh esteemed one. I promise no flooding of Hewitt. Seriously, I don’t like the guy anymore! :O

        1) Agreed. It’s not like he was NEVER injured, he never talks about it unresolved.

        2) People who thinks he is faking is faking the fact they have brains.

        3) + 4) FRAZZLE BITCHES.

        • breadstix says :


          *feels terribad for watching about 3 minutes of Fed’s batch before eloping with Jissy*

        • breadstix says :

          (Gotta love my reading skills. Seems like I completely skipped over one of your paragraphs… *facepalm*))

    • PJ says :

      Hola Dippy!

      Urm, I think I wanna stand by Doots’ principle of no Federporn during Wimbledon. Anti-jinx yanno. I will, however, try to post updated pictures of darling Sir Roger. 🙂

      P.S. open to bribery. accepts cash and/or chocolate.

      • Dippy says :

        PJ – I am sending truck loads of chocs to you 🙂
        Doots – will keep an eye out for you at the Holy SW19 grounds

  3. jfK says :

    This guy had a monster serve and would switch to a 2 handed fh. Good thing is Rog didn’t get broken once. I’m ready for tomorrow to be a staight sets win. I’m not used to frazzling so ealy in a slam. At least Roger is coming through tough matches, something we didn’t see Post AO, but now he needs a straight sets win.
    About the bandage, I think it’s just precautionary from his 5 setter w/ Falla . Let’s not frazzle yet.

    PJ, can you please please please do FPF? A certain someone met with the Queen today and was looking mighty DDG in a suit 😀

  4. pban says :

    good show pj you are in my opinion one of the best frazzlers around along with me of course.I was so scared to watch the scores in the 4th set that I called my mom to hear the scores from her over the phone as it happened.When she said Feddy won I asked her to officially confirm the handshake at the net before I started breathing again….as for the strapped thigh I’ve been depressed ever since Isaw it ,don’t know what it means 😦

  5. BS says :

    First of all, great post. It’s good to know that we won’t be deprived while Doots is off trying to track Roger down!

    When I heard about his thigh being strapped I was worried, but knowing what he’s like, I’m sure its nothing too serious, I mean he seems to be ok, right??? He doesn’t seem to be struggling physically anyway. I can only hope for something more straightforward tomorrow, but Roger likes messing with my head so who knows.

    PJ, if you were to post some Hewittporn it wouldn’t be the worst thing 🙂 (Hewitt fan) Doots won’t be able to do anything about it anyway, she’ll be too busy playing with Myla and Charlene 😛 I’m looking forward to reading your posts over the next while 🙂

    And Doots, we’ll miss you! Have a brill time, you’ll really enjoy Wimby. Just going for one day?

  6. Jack says :

    First of all, hello PJ!!!…..Second of all……HewittPorn?!?! Whatever floats your boat!!! 😀

    Usually with a Grand Slam the first few rounds are relatively drama-free but after Roger’s first round match, I realised that wasn’t going to be the case this year! I mean, Roger and Rafa have both been pushed to five sets already and John Isner has just won his first round match 70-68!! And its only Day 4!!

    I’m not really sure what to make of Roger’s form so far. He’s not necessarily playing bad, I’m thinking its more that his opponents realise that to beat him, they have to play amazing. The leg strapping is slightly worrying but we all know Roger would never play if the injury was really serious!!

    Anyway, like you say, as long as he wins, I’m happy. Don’t care whether its 6-0 6-0 6-0 or 6-7 7-6 6-7 7-6 100-98…….(just kidding on that last one!! 😀 )

  7. Mia says :

    The last time he “wore” something on him was late 2005 to early 2006 – that ankle brace. Although he suffered through the mono and back pains, I’ve never seen anything on him since then, which is why I think the bandage is not precautionary.

    He is already feeling something but just toughing things out. He’ll never own up to anything. He never does – his over-800-matches-with-no-retirement speaks to that. That just means I’ll have to frazzle even harder. At the end of the fortnight, am hoping he’s still the one who hoists the cup.

    And aaaw, Fed sought the guys out on the neverending story. Says they should do something for the boys because of what they’re doing for “our sport”. Don’t you just love him? [You’re not carrying the torch for Lleyton anymore, are you?]

  8. Alex says :

    All historic runs have to come to an end. You didn’t think 8 straight Wimby finals was possible?

    • dootsiez says :

      It may not be possible. But if there’s one guy capable of doing it – it’s the guy in my pants Roger Federer.

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