Wimbly Fashion: Working the whites.

Always loved Wimbledon fashion – the white dress code has the effect of forcing everyone to try harder to stand out, as is the case with Venus Williams.

Love it, hate it, everybody’s talking about it. For my part, I don’t mind a little cha cha cha. She has the body to pull it off, so why not?

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. I think JJ still likes you, Woger.

Nice dress though. The folks over at Anta have outdone themselves.

It’s one thing design barflike dresses, quite another to charge people $300 for it. Yes, that’s you, Stella.

A dress that actually looks like tenniswear: the mind – it boggles.

For future, reference – this is called a BOLERO, not “some-weird-jackety-thingymajigue-that-Serena’s-wearing”. And she looks prim and classy in her strawberries-and-cream inspired gear. Nice one, Nike.

Masha finds herself looking sleek and corporate in a cropped blazer.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of a good fit.

This is the definition of the opposite:

Honestly, can Zheng Jie get any cuter?

Don’t mind the dress, hate the white leggings. Good thing we won’t be seeing more of it then.

What’s your favourite Wimbledon outfit this year? Do tell!

xx doots


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7 responses to “Wimbly Fashion: Working the whites.”

  1. Mia says :

    The outfits, save for Aravane’s (what were they trying to do to her?), aren’t bad. Thought Nadia’s several-tiered thing wasn’t bad either. One comment on the De Brito shot – she’s not looking at the hit point. But only very few — one actually — can and does so every single game. Little wonder next to the flying thingies, it’s the hit-point pictures that the press take so much of – no grimace, no emotion, no effort, just an eagle-eye focus on the ball. Thank heavens, said player was through in 3 yesterday.

    • dootsiez says :

      The said player crashed my dreams last night and turned it into a nightmare. I woke up not sure whether I dreamt that he lost or he actually lost and I fell asleep in despair. 😦

  2. pban says :

    yep mia and they make for great federporn material those shots *hint hint* to pj

  3. jfK says :

    I like Maria’s petal outfit alot. It brings back memories of the butterfly dress she had.
    Ana’s leggings were just….why would you need leggings anyways unless it’s cold?

  4. forehandshanker says :

    As you may have picked up from my twitter feed, I graded ReeRee’s strawberries and cream as an A+, beating out the rest of the field.

    2nd place is a tie between Masha and JaJa. I’ll give a slight edge to Masha as it’s actually possible to buy Masha’s dress from most of the tennis online stores.

    Now what happened to the gentlemen especially Sir Shanksalot? (Yeah, I graded all the guys’ kits harshly. Nike seemed to be the only one that tried … and only for him).

  5. kaitepai says :

    Liked Masha’s the best but JJs a close second.

    White leggings = bad. Dress looks better on Daniela.

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