Wimbly Day 5 (by PJ): Frazzle-Free (and a very Pretty) Friday

As the title says. A different sort of FPF but still a good one nonetheless, yes?

My frazzling over Roger’s 3rd round match against Arnaud Clément started in the afternoon when I did some Wikipedia-ing (seriously, Wikipedia is my best friend, I don’t care what anyone else says) about Clément. I found out that he was the 2001 Australian Open finalist and en route to that final, he beat a fresh-faced and ponytailed Feddy. Never mind that their current H2H stands at 5-3 in Roger’s favour, and all of Clément’s wins came before 2001 and before Roger Federer was Roger Federer. I’m sure I don’t need to remind anyone that Feddykins has been having a tendency to repair the H2H in his opponents’ favour as of late. Retard.

And of course, with Falla throwing furniture and Bozo throwing basins at Roger, I expected Clément to come out throwing chimpanzees or something. Turned out that not only Clément didn’t throw any chimps, he barely threw enough banana peels to slip Roger up. The match that I had the MOST pre-match frazzles so far in Wimbly turned out to be a really straight-forward affair as Feddy triumphed 6-2, 6-4, 6-2 in one hour and thirty-five minutes.

Feddy certainly played better in this match compared to the previous two – he hit the ball sharper, his forehands less shanky, and backhands more crisp. He only offered Clément one break chance in the entire match, in which he didn’t manage to convert. It was certainly a comfortable affair for Roger this round.

So he put some part of his concentration into looking pretty.

He entered the court looking very pretty, not a Federhair out of place.

He served pretty, although horrors! His headband was less than perfectly centralised! What would Anna say!

Of course he would readjust it and then continue to play, gliding, leaping, hitting. All done prettily, of course.

It may be hard work for some people to look pretty, but it comes naturally to Feddykins, dontcha agree?

So he won in the end, a very pretty match.

And exited the court, still looking gorgeously pretty, with perfect hair.

In a slightly more serious note though, I’m really happy he came through the third round in a much easier and less heart-attack inducing manner. Don’t ask me what I think about the fourth round match up where Melzer may come out armed with microwave ovens and machine guns.  My frazzling for the tournament so far has been more of Feddy’s opponents rather than the man himself. Because, to be honest, although there were a few flat moments from him, Ferd the Turd never officially made an appearance (well, maybe except that 1st game of the 4th set against Falla with the three fucking DFs in one game).  Having said that, ANTIJINX. Go back to your locked toilet, Ferd, and never come out, plzkthx.

I’ll worry about Melzer come Monday. For now, I have a frazzle-free Sunday and I’ll relish in that.

As for the other guys in Fed’s half of the draw:

1)      Lleyton Hewitt (whom many mistakenly believed that I am in love with, in which I am not as I am permanently installed in Fed’s pants) scored a relatively comfortable win over Gael Monfils. He faces Djoker next and if he wins THAT ONE, I have been given permission to plaster Hewittporn all over the Picket Fence. DOES THAT SCARE YOU?

Face it, though, Lleyton ain’t got no pretty over Roger.

2)      Djokovic won comfortably but nowadays I am finding it hard to even remember what is Djokovic doing or whether is he still alive. Dude has been so uninspired since his solid clay season last year.

3)      A-Rod stayed on course, with a 4-set win over Ko-scrubber.

4)      A mentally and physically spent Isner lost in straights to De Bakker. Quick match, aided by Isner’s errors (balls finding the net often), and the fact that he failed to serve a single ace. Still, well-played, big guy. Now go home and rest for the next decade.

5)      Berdy beat Istomin, still in the draw. We’re looking at a potential Berdy-Feddy QF, you guys. If it gets there, I will probably be in the toilet for ¾ of the match.

6)      Other guys left: Rendy Lu (Yer go, Chinese boy), Paul-Henri Mathieu (who took out my favourite Headbanger Youzhny) and Daniel Brands, who controversially won after Victor Hanescu couldn’t hold his cool against heckling spectators and tanked the match.

Ladies wise, no upsets so far. Notably Flavs Pennetta and Vika Azarenka was booted, by unseeded Czech players. Those in contention are still merrily cruising along.

Will do a tidbit-style update for Wimbly Day 6 before Monday’s play. Monday = FRAZZLES, y’all! And our Head Bitch will be frazzling RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT ALL. Who’s jealous? I am!!

Jealous frazzles indeedy,

P.S. All the images are taken from Daylife with credits to GettyImages. They have scary disclaimers on their photos. I am covering my ass.



About PJ

I'm a tennis nut. Loves watching and freaking out over tennis, and as of late, writing about tennis. As a player though, I'm terrible. My other interests includes reading (pretty much will give any genre a go), checking out films, crafting (making cards, scrapbooking etc), eating/food (specifically searching for the perfect chendol outside Malaysia). I'm also trying to find my own perfect corner in this world!

22 responses to “Wimbly Day 5 (by PJ): Frazzle-Free (and a very Pretty) Friday”

  1. Amandita_FP says :

    Great post PJ! & lovely pics!

    The prettiest match so far, and ESPN denied me to actually enjoy it bc they kept changing to the Roddick match, which was already being covered by another ESPN channel! I was sooo mad, I tweeted some LatinAmerican commentators complaining. Only one replied, saying I was right. Yeah, well, does that mean they won’t do it again? I don’t trust them at all! Fortunately very nice tweeps sent some useful links to follow the action online whenever my Internet connection permitted it…

    I do agree that Roger’s hair looked very pretty & yes, I’m worried about Monday’s match. But meanwhile, I’ll enjoy my tennis-free Sunday, which is also my mom’s birthday =)

    Oh and I did notice the less than perfectly centralized headband & was shocked! Fortunately he corrected it.. LOL
    And yes, I’m very jealous of doots!! but I’m very happy for her too 🙂

    • PJ says :

      Thanks muchly, Amandita! ^.^

      Yeap, it was a good match! It got to be so relaxing for me that I was blogging for Wimbly Day 4 for half of the third set, hehe. I mostly have to follow all the action online. I don’t have cable and Aussie free-to-air TV only shows about 2-3 hours of tennis and sometimes that may be delayed. Boo.

      Roger’s always pretty ❤

      Happy Birthday to your mum! I hope you all have a great celebration tonight!

  2. elisha says :

    Very worried about Roger’s 4th round against Melzer. He’s having a great run since the French, and these two never played except that one time in the late 90s apparently in Orange Bowl? And guess what else is kind of interesting. This match-up is the battle of the Wimbledon Boy’s Singles Champions. 1998 went to Fed and 1999 went to Melzer! O__O

    I’m worried about a potential meeting against Hewitt also because Hewitt’s been playing very well from what I’ve seen so far. I’m glad he’s better from the injuries and all, but when he’s against Roger, ALL BETS ARE OFF! NO MORE COMPASSION. ROGER HAS TO WIN. lol. Sorry. Can’t help it. I have a final right during Roger’s match, so I’m upset my concentration for that final will be… nonexistent… =X

    And Rafa had another 5-setter today??!!

    • PJ says :

      Melzer was 1999 Wimbly Boys’ Champion!??! CUE FRAZZLES.

      I have to admit I am worried as well. Melzer is playing the tennis of his LIFE right now, and just really blitzing across the courts. I shall have faith in Roger to pull something out of his very stylish bag though! We will wait and see.

      Hewitt will first have to survive Djoker and I have a feeling he might. One thing about ‘Ol Rusty is that he’s among the elite few that does not know the meaning of “giving up”. But then after Djoker, he’ll have to survive Roddick. That should a helluva match.

      And YES Rafa did. 2 sets to 1 down, but pulled through in the end. I think Petzschenner just couldn’t hang with him at the very end. But he did really really well.

  3. pban says :

    I officially start frazzling from Sunday so I am already in full frazzle mode

    • PJ says :

      You’re definitely more dedicated than I am! I’ll start frazzling tomorrow morning when I do my usual google/wikipedia research on Melzer. Apparently he was the 1999 Boys’ Champion of Wimbly. *dies*

  4. Caillean says :

    Good job! Our head bitch will be very proud!

  5. FortuneCookie says :

    You’re doing a great job PJ 🙂
    I’m trying hard not to frazzle about Monday,but it’s what we do isn’t it!And Melzer is certainly going to fight for it…*antijinx*
    Oh and is that Ed Hardy on Lleyton!?I think that deserves a veto of any kind of Hewittporn….um,(see he doesn’t even have a day of the week that fits with his name,it’s not right!)you have planned! 😛

    • PJ says :

      Thank you, FC! I try my best 🙂

      No way I am not frazzling on Monday. Frazzle galore! I’m glad Feddy plays first though. I hope he wins comfily so I can enjoy some of the other matches. I’m definitely interested in Hewitt/Djoker. And I hope A-Rod doesn’t fall to Rendy on the Graveyard Court 2!

      Whaddaya know, looks like Lleyton’s in Ed. Heh. Hewittporn Humpday! No, I am kidding, REALLY. And NO I AM NOT PLANNING HEWITTPORN Y’ALL. IT WAS A JOKE (and it will remain one, unless he beats Djoker).

  6. Thoreau says :

    Rendy Lu is a TAIWANESE.

  7. Dippy says :

    Spritzer throwing microwave ovens and machine guns, LOL. I am not so worried as compared to King Fed’s potential Qtrfinal line Berdych, yikes!!! Anybody has youtube clip of Nadal finger to ump during his match against, read that is he was pissed about warning.

    • PJ says :

      He was. I saw that raised finger and the yelling and the fact that he will complain later, heheh. Ah well.

      Berdych. Yikes. I am afraid. Am hoping for Brands to win? FAT HOPES I KNOW.

  8. breadstix says :

    Finally! A pretty pretty match with pretty pretty Feddy… and no cause for frazzles. I’m sure these matches came more often in Wimbys gone by. -_-

    ‘Feddykins has been having a tendency to repair the H2H in his opponents’ favour as of late’
    Aye. 😦 Maybe he’s thinking that it’s time for him to make it up to the opponents he has trampled on earlier in his career now that, y’know, he’s an old geezer. Maddening.
    Right now I’m just happy to be enjoying my Wimby-free Sunday, hahaha. Don’t know if week 2 can come close to beating week 1 in terms of the weird and wonderful.

    • PJ says :

      Old geezer getting all mooshy about sentimentality…NO WAY FEDDERS! Opponents are for steamrolling, kthx, especially in Slams!

      I hope Week 2 is going to be wonderfully frazzle free and Feddy will play some bee-yoo-ti-ful tennis and hold up a bee-yoo-ti-ful trophy at the end of it. #ANTIJINX

  9. dootsiez says :

    POOOJAY! I’m seeing ROGIE ON MONDAY! (at Doha airport right now)

  10. BS says :

    Frazzles have started already. I’m really considering not watching the match and tuning into the clash of the Belgians. Am I mad??!! He’s not going to win anyway *antijinx*

    I’m loving your posts PJ, keep them coming! 🙂

    • PJ says :

      Thanks BS! I know it’s going to be tough for Fed today, but I surely hope and hope he will come through. Will be cheering for him in the cinema (promised to go for a show tonight eons ago :()! 😀

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