Picspam (by PJ): This has been Wimbly Week 1

So it’s Sunday night in Melbourne time, and Wimbledon 2010 first week is drawing to a close for me. This is probably the most FRAZZLED Wimbly for me, ever. The drama of THAT first-round match, where Feddy nearly faltered and failed in front of Falla (alliteration, bitches!). The second-round match, even if lesser in drama, did not lessen in frazzles, bitten nails and lost hair. The third-round match, where order was restored on the Lawn of Federer.

And as we go on to week two, as Feddy masterminds to mow Melzer off his magic magnificent lawn, I thought a small pic-spam may be somewhat appropriate to close off the weird and wonderful (to use breadstix’s words) week one of Wimbledon (clickey for bigger pictures).

So of course Roger practised. He practised showing off his fabulously puny left arm.

And he practised looking cute, but as we all know, that comes naturally to him, y/y?

And then Wimbledon kicked off. And Roger has new shoes to wear. And clean white socks.

He served a lot during the first week. I don’t know about you guys, but I always love photos of Roger serving. There’s something very elegant about his form, and something very endearing about his bitey-lip expression.

He played some forehands, looking graceful and very pretty.

Played some backhands, although it looked like he was posing for a photoshoot rather than hitting a ball. I just don’t get how he can look so effing effortless.

He concentrated hard on watching the balls. Also concentrated on not letting Ferd the Turd have any opportunity in locking him in the toilet.

And then Monkey, of course, made the obligatory appearance, and thus there were fangirls dead from swooning.

Even though it looks easy at times, it can be really hard work looking so beautiful.

And Roger-Woger pulled a sad face when he thought he was less than beautiful.

But not to worry! Looking pretty is one of the many things he is immensely skilled at. Fisty-pumpy, and he was all pretty again.

Isn’t he lovely? Isn’t he wonderful?

And then Roger also had the chance to meet Queenie Lizzie. And he talked about it in an interview afterwards, looking dashing in his suit, but adorable in a Wimbly-esque purple-green striped tie, and his MEMBERSHIP BADGE. Oh Woger, can you be any cuter?

He liked the lunch with the Queen.

Thought the salmon was yummy.

I thought he was yummy.

I’ll rather eat Feddy than salmon, with the queen or not, anyday.

OMIGOD he is VERY yummy.

Forget yummy mummies. This is one yummy daddy.

So this was Wimbly week one. Not the most fun, but Feddy and his FedKADS survived it, not without ulcers, tears and heart attacks, but hey, we are still here. Still rocking. Still going to rock. And our beloved Dootsiez is at the Doha airport as I type, making her way to the London and the Lawns of Wimbledon. This is OUR MAN’S LAWN, BITCHES. SO ROCK ON, Y’ALL!


P.S. Wimbly Day 6 tidbits/wrap coming tomorrow, before the frazzle partay. I know there was drama with Rafa. What I don’t know is how I really feel about the entire thing. Boo.

P.P.S. Caps of Roger in his Wimbly tie and badge are capped and edited by yours truly. 🙂



About PJ

I'm a tennis nut. Loves watching and freaking out over tennis, and as of late, writing about tennis. As a player though, I'm terrible. My other interests includes reading (pretty much will give any genre a go), checking out films, crafting (making cards, scrapbooking etc), eating/food (specifically searching for the perfect chendol outside Malaysia). I'm also trying to find my own perfect corner in this world!

37 responses to “Picspam (by PJ): This has been Wimbly Week 1”

  1. Caillean says :

    You really are doing GREAT! I loved this picspam

  2. breadstix says :

    Hahah, it’s great to see that both the Puny Left Arm and our beloved monkey face are still alive and well. Though I can imagine Doots will hunt monkey down and shave it off if Woger loses in front of her, hah.

    Lubberly picspam, PJ! 😀
    *ogle ogle* *drool drool*

    • PJ says :

      The Puny Left Arm was SO puny in real life. Yes I was totally oogling at his arm, HAHAHA. Well, as I typed he had won comfortably in front of Doots, so she should be throwing back Pimms and gettng giddy happy drunk now. 😛

      • breadstix says :

        So it’s not all camera angles? Hahaha, oh Woger…!
        Oh, but wait! … Birdypoos next. *frazzle frazzle*

  3. Amandita_FP says :

    Great job! loved the picspam! all great photos =) I see the Puny Left Arm is as puny as ever LOL & yes, Feddy looks awesome in that suit! and loooved the hair of course!

    BTW, I also love photos of Feddy serving.. when I saw him live I tried to take pics of the serve, but ended up with 1 good pic & 100 blurry ones LOL

    Oh, and the text you wrote was very funny & cute =) well done PJ!

    • PJ says :

      His hair is very very rarely non-perfect, yanno!

      Yeap, my own photos of Servey!Feddy didn’t turn out too well either. When I go AO again next year, I’m gonna convince my dad to give me his SLR. Or I could just steal it.

      You’ve seen Fedders play live, too? When? Where?

  4. Shepadd says :

    The left arm in the first picture looks like it belongs to another person! Love the screen caps of the video!

    • PJ says :

      It’s so fabulously puny, isn’t it? 😛 And glad you like the caps. Just a little more eye candy of the stripey tie and the pretty hair.

  5. sita says :

    I was really mad at Woger for putting me on life support in the first week and wanted to stay mad for the next week .
    What have you done, PJ ? Did you really have to test my resolve by bringing in those pictures of him looking so ridiculously yummy and drool worthy in his Wimby tie ? I’m afraid I’ll have to complain about this to Doots 😛

    • PJ says :

      But look at that face and those curls and the suit! How can you stay mad at him? You know we are a lost cause when it comes to Woger. You can complain to Doots, but like the rest of us, she’s a total victim to his adorable-ness. 😛

  6. roadrunnerz says :

    Thanks for filling in while Doots is traipsing around the world. (*jealous*).

    Since discovering this site, I can’t go through majors without it anymore. Heck, what am I saying, not just majors, ANY tournament really!

    Go Federpoop, win the whole damn thing for Dootsie. And me. Please and thanks. 🙂

    • PJ says :

      Go Federpoop, win the whole damn thing for Dootsie. And me. Please and thanks.

      And for the rest of us, too. I have lost much sleep, brain cells and probably some of my life span since the start of Wimbledon.

      Glad to fill it for Doots. I haven’t blogged in like 4 years, though, so I hope I’m doing okay!

  7. Jack says :

    Usually Wimbledon is the one Grand Slam, for Roger anyway, that you can sorta ease your way into. But not this year! They threw us into the deep end straight away! 🙂

    Just wondering though, whats been more frazzle-worthy??

    Wimby 2010 week 1 or RG 2009 week 1??? 😀

    • pban says :

      well week 2 at RG was fun too if you remember so I am really nervous about the 4th round

    • Alex says :

      RG 2009 by far because he was still on 13 slams and no FO. After 2010 AO it’s all gravy to me. Honestly during the Falla match I was not frazzling like most of you, I’m so over that.*

      * Until I’m not.

      • pban says :

        Alex I could say that your attitude holds good everywhere except Wimby, this is his home and I don’t want any one trespassing ….have you forgotten 2008 and how he looked after Wimby.I love Roger no matter what but a zombified Feddy is too much even for me.

        • Alex says :

          Wimbledon is not Roger’s birthright. He has to earn each win. Maybe his time is up.

    • PJ says :

      I guess we need to get use to the fact that the peeps are out to get Woger in every Slam. As age catches up with Roger, I guess it is kinda inevitable. But at the same time, he’s still here, still fit, still able to win and we are still able to perve on him, so all’s good.

      Uhhh…wow, close call. I think Wimbly for me. RG…well I’ve always been all ‘meh’ about clay. But Wimbly is his lawn!

    • BS says :

      No contest- I don’t know about you but RG 2009 was by far the most stressful period I endured as a Fed fan. Even though his first two matches here came close, looking back on it now it was definitely worth all the stress. Hopefully this slam will be too!

  8. Red4Fed says :

    FABULOUS picspam PJ! Droolworthy indeed. Great job filling in for Doots too! Thank goodness the blog is in such good hands in her absence – I would not have survived the first two rounds without my fellow frazzlers here! Keep up the great work!

    • PJ says :

      Thank you, R4F! I hope we frazzle less this week for sure! Will rather be oogling at the pretty without the frazzles 🙂

  9. Tashi says :

    Best. Picspam. EVAH!!! I’m want to have babies with this picspam.

  10. Allie says :

    my god – look! at! that! puny! arm!!!

  11. PSP says :

    What a great thing to jump start my day!! Love this picspam, PJ. Now I’ve a whole day at work before moving to frazzled mode. You’d better not do that, Roger…..

    • PJ says :

      I was at a movie for the match, didn’t get to watch anything BUT am very pleased because Feddy won! YEY and frazzle-free win!

      He may meet Berdych next. FULL FRAZZLE ALERT.

  12. Alex says :

    PJ gives Doots a run for her money! This was excellent!

  13. jandemom says :

    Frazzling has begun, but I’m going to be away from the TV and computer most of today so I’ll be flipping out from a distance. Hope that’s good luck for Roger! If he needs some encouragement or needs to be yelled at, someone please cover for me.

    You’re doing a great job, PJ; thanks for taking care of us while doots is away! And doots, here’s to a great day on Centre Court — have fun & cheer as loud as you can!

    Come On!!

    • PJ says :

      Doesn’t need a lot of yelling at, as it turns out. A clean match from Fedders and he’s safely through. 🙂 And Doots is right in the middle of that action!

  14. jfK says :

    My wish is that Week 2 is the opposite of Week 1. Less stress. (Yeah Right!) .
    I am still recovering from last week, it seemed like a nightmare. Anyhow, hope Fed’s game is sharpened up vs. Meltzer. Thing about Meltzer is he doesn’t start playing great until he is 2 sets down. Yikes!!

    Go Rog!

    • PJ says :

      Not a nightmarish match today, thank goodness! I missed it all but if by missing it meant a quick and crisp match for Fed, I’m game. 😛

      Rog may face Berdych next though. Now THAT – ugh.

  15. pban says :

    Hey Alex I know Wimbledon is not Roger’s birthright but don’t expect any logic from me where these 2 are concerned. As for his time being up why spell out something which is inevitable in the long run, till then let us all dream, frazzle, have ulcers, tear off all remaining hair ,bite our nails, stab federbears,throw pillows… on and forth 😛

    • PJ says :

      FedKADS operating by logic? Surely that never happens!

      In all honesty though – I understand what you’re getting at. We talk about this being his lawn but reality is he has to work really hard to keep his lawn crisp and green. And we’re gonna be here cheering him all the way…nail-less, hair-less, brain cell-less…

  16. dootsiez says :


    (doing a great job bitch)

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