Wimbly Day 8 & 9 (by PJ): Middle Monday and Twilight Zone

First things first: if you haven’t already, click to read our fabulous Dootsiez’s live report of Wimbly Middle Monday.

And this will be a short entry just to keep up with Wimbly daily blogs. Middle Monday kicked off fabulously with the mother of all draws. Feddykins took Centre Court first for a match that had most of us frazzling, against old friend Jurgen Melzer. They haven’t played each other  – ever – despite being veterans of the tour. Melzer was on fire after reaching the semis of RG (as if we need any reminders that Feddy didn’t make the semis of RG *angst*). Frazzle much? Frazzle indeed.

Turned out to be a fairly straight-forward affair, and Feddy was comfortable through in less than 2 hours and in straight sets. I didn’t watch the match as I was dragged out to a movie that I promised two weeks ago. Post match, I have read articles that were slightly disdainful, saying that Feddy didn’t play well and Melzer gifted him the match.

My reaction to that is: THE HAND. Say what you want, my guy is in the quarters of Wimbly, his 25th straight quarter final, and his hair is more perfect than ever, so EFF YOU SOUR GREEN GRAPES. HAHAHAHAHHA.

Anyway, some pretty for you all, as per usual.

Pwetty. Vewy pwetty.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…

Obligatory Monkey photo – when there’s one, it needs to go on here!

Mirka is looking so pretty, isn’t she? As pretty as her husband. *girl crush*

On to the other peeps, I was given permission for Hewittporn if Lleyon Hewitt beats Nole Djoker in his 4R match. Rusty didn’t manage to do it, despite some dramatics of Djoker being all sicky. Well, have a consolation prize of one photo on the Picket Fence, Rusty.

I swear, I jinxed players by promising them porn in event of wins. Same thing happened with Petzschner. So who do you want to see losing next? I’ll just promise them porn and THEY ARE GOING DOWN, BITCHES.

I was hoping for an A-Rod/Rusty rematch (oldies FTW). Poor Rusty. I do feel sorry for him. Guess there is still somewhat lingering affection for old Lleyton (you people will never let me live this down, I know).

But then again, so much for A-Rod anywhere. He lost to Rendy Lu, in a tight 5-setter, and thus creating the biggest shock of the men’s tournament so far (no, I don’t really see Brands defeating Kolya as any kind of epic upset). Watching/reading Roddick’s interview was heart-wrenching as I do like him as a person/player, but when I watched Rendy’s interview, I couldn’t help but feel that this guy deserves it as well.

Rendy has always played his heart out, and it means so much to him; this win, becoming part of the Wimbly club. He dedicated this win, his best result of his career, to his father, who died in 2000, and it’s hard not to go sniffly at that. Tidbit about Rendy: his dad was a chicken farmer, and he’s rather quite skilled at catching them cluckers.

You go, Rendy. Do it for the Asians and beat the pants off Djoker. Throw some live chickens at him! Maybe the feathers will give Nole allergies, hahah. Sorry, no porn for you, though. But oooh, Djokerporn, anyone?  (Okay, saying that alone made me threw up a little)

I had to stick this in though, prime example of I Am A Stupid Journalist (Who Do Not Think Before I Open My Mouth):

Q. So tomorrow when you wake up, you think you’re going to be pissed off, disappointed?

ANDY RODDICK: I’m going to be thrilled. I mean, c’mon.

Seriously, dude. Do you have this organ called a brain? You do? Use it, FFS.

Other guy through is Tomas Berdych. Who plays Feddy later. No comment (OMGOMGOMG ARGHHH SDKFJSDKFJSKDFJ BERDY KILL ME NAAAAAOOOOOO).

Rafa steamrolled Paul-Henri as expected, but Bobby Sod had to dig deep to beat Daveeed Ferrer in 5 sets. In which I say, THANK YOU SODDY. I genuinely like little Daveeed, but seriously, Rafa/Ferrer QF? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Don’t think Ferrer would want to risk his membership to Rafa’s Club of Minions. Poor Feli is probably such an outsider now since he’s been revoked of his club card. Rafa/Soddy should be quite electric, if the Sod we know and loathe and love shows up, instead of the rather uninspired one in the RG final. On grass, I would think Dimples have the slight advantage, but since when things worked out the way they look on paper? Bah.

Other QF match will be played between Jo-Willy and Mandy Curry. Mandy is looking really solid so far, probably the most stable of the Big 4. He’ll probably continue winning.

On the Ladies’ side, generally whatthefuckery.

Middle Monday saw a great match between old foes, Serena and Shrieky Sharaporva. Shrieky had a chance in the first set, but couldn’t capitalised and Serena snatched it, just barely. Second set was all Serena though. She broke once, and cruised all the way to the end, without any serious difficulty.

Another pair of old foes, Justine Henin and Kim Clijsters faced off, with Mummy Kimmy winning in three.

Yesterday saw the ladies’ quarters being played out – and people you’d expect to win, ergo Kimmy AND VENUS WILLIAMS (WTF VEE??), tumbled out. Vee registered her worst showing at Wimbledon since 2006, and the ever fickle media was quick to post the question of possible retirement. Vee has this to say:

Q. When you have a match like today, to what degree does it make you think about the possibility of having a limited time left in your career; that maybe this isn’t what you want to pursue all the time?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, why wouldn’t I want to pursue this? I’m pretty good at it most days. Today I didn’t seem to be the best tennis player, but for the most part, I rock and roll this game.

I’ll give it up when I’m just terrible. It would take more than just a few bad days in a year to make me quit tennis. So that’s not even in the equation.

You tell them, Vee. Seriously, one bad match doesn’t equals retirement. I feel sorry for the ‘Oldies’ of ATP/WTA still on top of rankings. Fail to achieve what is expected, and retirement bells are supposedly rightfully a-ringing.  I say let the players themselves decide when they want to retire. They pretty much are the only people to have a say, so the rest of the peeps can just go away.

Vee’s still in for Women’s Doubles, but her role in the Singles as been reduced to being little sis’ cheering team.

So for Wimbledon 2010 Ladies’ Semi-finals, we have: Serena Williams v Petra Kvitova and Vera Zvonareva v Tsvetana Pironkova.

Remember how I said I’d talk more about WTA once it gets to the semis when I will sorta know the players? Well, two out of four ain’t bad. If you thought RG final was a bit of a whack, imagine this Wimbly final not featuring Serena and we have officially entered Twilight Zone for the Ladies.

Anyway. Wimbly Gentlemen’s QF in less than four hours, folks.



P.S. Picture credits to Daylife.com and Tennis.com.cn


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I'm a tennis nut. Loves watching and freaking out over tennis, and as of late, writing about tennis. As a player though, I'm terrible. My other interests includes reading (pretty much will give any genre a go), checking out films, crafting (making cards, scrapbooking etc), eating/food (specifically searching for the perfect chendol outside Malaysia). I'm also trying to find my own perfect corner in this world!

10 responses to “Wimbly Day 8 & 9 (by PJ): Middle Monday and Twilight Zone”

  1. pban says :

    Too frazzled to leave a coherent comment pj thnx for the roundup though. Berdy why???

  2. SJ says :

    You know I don’t think Serena is going to win, it would be too predictable, out of the 3 unknowns she has the hardest one and she’s a lefty, she won’t give up until the end, that’s how she beat Kanepi, it will be a tough match for Serena.

    I hope Vera doesn’t mess up this semi final, losing at the Aussie open semi was acceptable since as it Dinara Safina but Pironkova? She has to beat her.

    I hope Berddy doesn’t beat Fed, out of the “we’re not here to make friends club” Soderling is the only one that I like, I will never like Berdy until he finds his balls, he falters on the big stage if he’s not playing Fed.

  3. breadstix says :

    Should I go holiday-shopping instead of watching Fed-Berdy today? I think I shall…

    *frazzle frazzle*

    great round-ish up. how about some Birrrrdy porn if he wins?

  4. sita says :

    Didn’t Doots make it to the Berdy match ? My worst nightmare is unfolding in front of me at the moment.
    He is down two sets to one 😦

  5. jfK says :

    😦 just so gutted right now.
    so gutted.

  6. sita says :

    God ! It’s over 😦
    To say I am gutted is an understatement 😦

  7. TennisAce says :

    Tennis as we know it is dead people. Dead I tell you. Saddest day of my life. Never thought I would see the day when Wimbledon is around and there is no Federer on the final weekend. Jon Wertheim said it best – the strings have taken over tennis.

    People will say that Berdych out hit Federer. Not from where I was sitting. The strings out hit Federer. Federer and Serena are 2 of the only players on tour who still use gut in their racquets because they do not wish to lose the feel of the game. Now, we have all these hybrid strings that allow players to hit the ball with so much top spin. The only good thing about this whole thing is that Federer’s body will not decline like these guys.

    He is obviously carrying an injury but like my other favourite that got knocked out he will never stop play and call an MTO. He will soldier on and take this loss.

    Very sad day here in Federland.

    One good thing. This weekend after the women’s final, in the event that Serena gets there, I can spend it going all over the place. Get out of the house.

  8. BS says :

    Well, he’s gone. I’m feeling a lot better than I did earlier on, but still pretty depressed. A part of me says that his career is finished and I really don’t want to think that, but I can’t help feeling like that. He has had too many winnable matches in the last two years that he has failed to come through. I didn’t actually see any of the match though, does anyone feel like enlightening me if its not too painful? I’m not going to read any reports of the match, not willing to put myself through that.

    Apparently his back is bad again and I heard something about a leg injury, but its hard to know what to believe. The last 3 times Roger Federer has lost at majors, to Berdych, to Soderling and to Del Potro, one thing keeps coming back to me. Fed couldn’t cope with their power. It certainly happened in NYC and in Paris and I assume the same thing happened in this match. As much as people say that he does a good job against big servers, that he neutralises the power and reads the serving patterns, I saw nothing to suggest this against Del Potro and Soderling, so that’s what I just keep thinking. Or maybe they just played really well on those days. It’s very frustrating to think about.

    Maybe he will come back again, silence the critics or whatever, but I sure hope that Fed figures this out soon, but I’ll wait for as long as it takes and he’ll always be my favourite player despite all of the really painful losses.

  9. PJ says :

    Comment deleted because it was brainless.

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