Picspam (by PJ): Monkey in the Sun

Sunday greetings to all! I’m up writing a post at 7AM on a Sunday morning, how’s this for Feder-dedication? 😛 (Actually, I got up to watch the Germany and Uruguay match…woke up 1.5hours too late and only caught the last 20 minutes boo)

Anyway, just a small picspam of MonkeyFed for y’all! Thanks to TennisAce for the heads-up, and photos taken from and!

First Fed-sighting since it was apparently at the Mediterranean Seas, on board a boat called Jems, and with Fedy wearing gray swimmers with white designs (I can’t really tell what they are…flowers? Starfish? And believe me I looked very closely…veeeery closely indeed). Darling boy looked tanned and relaxed even if he was not a bunch of smiles. All the same, does anyone want to sponsor me a plane ticket? Heh.

Monkey and Wife on a boat!

Monkey diving.

Swim, Monkey, swim!

Darth Monkey on the beach?

I hope he remembers his sun protection…slip-slop-slap, Feddykins. We wouldn’t want Monkey to burn.

Drinky drinky…Evian sponsorship anyone? (can I just say that Mirka is really kinda rocking that bikini?)

Random hot shot.

Okay, Mirka, slip-slop-slap. Yer looking kinda red.

So I think the paparazzi really kinda sucks most of the time, but when they give me Feddy and Monkey, I’m not going to complain. Heheheheheheh.

Also, I’m going to try and do a Davis Cup post once I get to reading news and updating myself for there has been an upset!

Happy Sunday, all of you. Now I am going out for a morning run! No beaches near me, unfortunately.

– PJ


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About PJ

I'm a tennis nut. Loves watching and freaking out over tennis, and as of late, writing about tennis. As a player though, I'm terrible. My other interests includes reading (pretty much will give any genre a go), checking out films, crafting (making cards, scrapbooking etc), eating/food (specifically searching for the perfect chendol outside Malaysia). I'm also trying to find my own perfect corner in this world!

20 responses to “Picspam (by PJ): Monkey in the Sun”

  1. Ribbons says :

    The “Darth Monkey” caption = gold.

  2. FortuneCookie says :

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen holiday paparazzi pics of Fed and Mirka,honestly James Bond,your incredibly high standards of uber-secrecy are slipping! 😛
    Nice to see them sunning themselves though,and hopefully drinking loads (although,not too much! 😉 ) and laughing to themselves at all the fuss surrounding the ‘end’ of his career!

  3. TennisAce says :

    Thanks Dootsiez for putting your very own stamp on these pictures. As a full figured woman myself, I love that Mirka just flaunts all her womanliness for all to see. You go girl. As to Feddy, the man knows what he wants and he is very comfortable with it. Love it. My beau is also very skinny so nice to see that Fed and Mirka are into the whole Jamaican thing – you know, nice round plump woman and skinny guy – LOL

    Yes, there has been an upset and man was I happy or what. Makes the pain of Wimbledon more bearable. LOL. For the first time I actually watched Davis Cup matches from beginning to end. If it is one player on that whole Spanish team that I totally despise, it is Fernando Verdasco. The man is a racist pile of dog turd and my only regret is that someone never hit him in his head with one of those balls while volleying.

    Congrats to France. Do not really care if they go further or not. Would love if Argentina could bring home the Cup just because Nalbandian was my very first tennis love.

  4. writersbleedink says :

    Hey, PJ, did you see the pictures on facebook, too? I just wanted to share these two for your readers:
    this is Monkey in his full beauty and here you can have a closer look on his swimmers and I mean a very close look. 😀

  5. TennisAce says :

    2 years ago at a match in Canada (think it was in Toronto) he was playing against a local player, Frank Dancevic. The local crowd were of course pulling for their guy to win the match. Mr. Verdasco turns to the crowd and says, quiet, where do you think you are, Africa.

    Since that time I have rooted against in every single match he plays. I see a lot of bloggers find him attractive and what not. I think he is an over rated, oversexed has been. He is mentally fragile and why people consider him a threat when his name comes up in a draw is beyond me,

    • jfK says :

      Hey Tennisace same here. I don’t hate any tennis players but I strongly dislike FeVer. Esp. after his comments during the Gasquet match in Nice.

    • exposbabe says :

      He said a few other things, too. And he ended up losing his mind and losing the match to Dancevic (it was in Montreal, not Toronto).
      He also lost his mind against Richard Gasquet in Nice with the fans, just before the French Open. And he lost that one, too.
      He came pretty close to losing it again in the Llodra match.

  6. jfK says :

    Seething with jealousy. Mirka…. She’s beautiful and she has the hottest guy on the planet. Gets to go swimming with him in the Mediterranean….sighhhh!

  7. Angeli says :

    Been a reader for a year, and this would be my first post!

    I love the blog, btw! 🙂 Keep it up! I think roger looks adorable in here, but as always he does!

    I saw some hires from this site:

  8. DV says :

    Mirka defies gravity, she has two kids and cellulite-free body & long & lean legs.

  9. dootsiez says :


    • BS says :

      It’s typical that when you’re there he decides to go on holiday! He obviously knew you were coming for him 😛

  10. breadstix says :

    Darth monkey love. ❤

    This totally counts as Monkey porn, right? I AM SO GLAD PICKET FENCE IS NOT BLOCKED. HOORAY!
    And aren't they just the best couple ever?
    Am not even miffed with Feddy anymore. 😛

    • judy says :

      tell me doots that you’ve seen the pics of feddy on the boat that are on GTT. you would be very happy!

  11. Ben says :

    Nice pictures. It’s nice seeing a relaxed Federer (well, despite the paparazzi, I guess).

  12. cdc says :

    Here’s the superyatch JEMS that Feds chartered for the week:

    It is available on offer, for 160,000 EUR a week.

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