Federporn Friday (by PJ): Celebration of Miracles

Remember this video that ESPN made before the birth of The Mighty Babes? I remember feeling ridiculously touched by the video and thinking that one little person is indeed going to be very loved and lucky. Well, it turned out that there are two. And today, we celebrate the birthday of Myla Rose Federer and Charlene Riva Federer, who officially turned a year old. And so Federporn today is a celebration of the Federers!


Dear Myla and Charlene,

Congratulations and happy birthday to the two most adorable babes ever! Do you know the story of how you come to be? Not the “scientific” process, of course. That you will learn in high school. Or something. Beyond the science though, it really is a long and amazing story but I will try to summarise it for you two.

Your daddy is Roger Federer, and your mummy is Mirka Federer, as you know. They met in the year 2000, when your daddy was 19 years old and not hot, and they were both playing tennis in the Sydney Olympics. It was love at first sight for your daddy, but not so for mummy.

He eventually won her over with his sincerity and probably also a whole load of dorkiness.

It is a very steady and wonderful relationship as they went through trials and tribulations together, and your mummy is always, ALWAYS by your daddy’s side as he grows and flourishes to be one of the greatest sports stars of this era and millennium.

Your mummy was there during his very first Slam…

…and second, and third, and fourth…and so on till his sixteenth Slam, his first win as a father and a win obviously dedicated to his two precious little girls.

When you two came along, your parents could not be happier.

They got married, and prepared for your arrival.

When you two darlings were born, it was undoubtedly the proudest moment of your daddy’s (and mummy’s) life. To him, the joy is indescribable and all too surreal.

Your daddy is one of the world’s most loved and most talented tennis players. He gave the whole bunch of us a lot of joy in watching him play, and watching him win. He genuinely loves the sport, and he loves his life.

He also looks really hot on court (and off), but then that’s probably something you will never ever think of your daddy. Never mind, leave it to the few million of us.

Your daddy has this amazing ability to bring people together because of him. A whole bunch of us would probably never have met or got to know each other or call each other friends or gone crazy if not for the mutual appreciation of your daddy’s talent, skill, spirit sexiness hotness mofoness monkeyness and all things wonderful on court and off.

Your daddy has a big, big heart. He always takes time out for fans, for photographs, autographs and he even signed the Federbear of his biggest fan this year in Wimbledon.

He also does a lot of charity work for the underprivileged. You two angels are very very blessed, but there are a lot of other children not as fortunate, and your daddy does his best to ensure that he can change their lives, as much as he could. He certainly hopes for the two of you to continue his work when you grow up, so keep that in mind, okay?

Happy Birthday again. Have an amazing day with your amazing parents, and be sure that half the world is sending you two little babes all the best wishes in the world.

Be very blessed and lucky to know you two are loved unconditionally, for always, and forever.

Have a great day throwing cake at each other!



About PJ

I'm a tennis nut. Loves watching and freaking out over tennis, and as of late, writing about tennis. As a player though, I'm terrible. My other interests includes reading (pretty much will give any genre a go), checking out films, crafting (making cards, scrapbooking etc), eating/food (specifically searching for the perfect chendol outside Malaysia). I'm also trying to find my own perfect corner in this world!

26 responses to “Federporn Friday (by PJ): Celebration of Miracles”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    Awww that was lovely,and a creative way of using the previously mentioned 3 pics 😉
    Also,the twin in the last pic reminds me loads of Roger’s sister Diana!

  2. dootsiez says :


  3. judy says :

    what a beautiful post! i got chills watching that espn vid again. makes you stop and realize how amazing he is (even though i already know this!), how fortunate he and his family are and how lucky we are as fans that he is around. yay! happy birthday to the mighty babes!

  4. Federling says :

    Brilliant! As is Roger, Mirka, Charlene, Myla, Robbie, Lynette, Diana……………..Severin, Stephane…..the whole crew! Have a wondeRFul day girls! I am proud to live in the Federer era & may ‘Roger’s Ridge’ remain forever at Wimbledon!

  5. BS says :

    So cute. I wouldn’t have remembered that it was their birthday only for this (I know, shame on me :P) That ESPN video was really lovely too. Wonderful post!

  6. sita says :

    Awww…PJ. That was one of the most beautiful posts ever. I sure hope the mighty babes read this when they are older 🙂 Roger comes across like he wanted to be a Dad since he was a little kid himself and I am sure his girls couldn’t have asked for more loving parents. The last picture is too cute for words.
    Happy birthday Myla and Charlene !

  7. fedfreak says :


  8. TennisAce says :

    This is wonderful. Thank you Doots. Who knew. The Mighty Babies, all of 1 year old today. I read somewhere that during Wimbledon one of the babies got sick. Someone wrote to Wertheim that they took their baby to the paediatrician in London and lo and behold who should be in the waiting area but Mirka with one of the twins. I do not think people realise just how tough it must be to travel with 2 children, especially when they are so young and going through all the stuff that babies go through. They should be teething about now and that is one of the hardest things to combat for babies. Think of yourself having constant heat in your gums and trying your best to soothe it and nothing works. As an adult you can take pain killers, as a baby, all you can do is scream and cry for attention.

  9. Mia says :

    Awww, this warms the cockles of my heart. Made me a tad weepy, too. Keep tapping away at those keys, PJ.

  10. marcoiac says :

    wonderful post! i had never seen the espn video, made me a tad weepy too…as a dad of a wonderful daughter, i can relate to those feelings…but wait a minute….now my daughter is a teenager, and i am just realizing that the mighty babes at some point will be teenagers AT THE SAME TIME! oh roger, you really need to get ready for that!

  11. Anisha says :

    Awwww !!! SO CUTE

  12. TGIF says :

    Lovely post 🙂

    And yes, Mirka was won over partially by Roger’s dorkiness. I’ve read that she said she actually noticed him before the Olympics, tho’ they’d never really talked much, b/c she’d watch him practicing at the national tennis center. He was always joking around and singing songs like Backstreet Boys stuff at the top of his lungs and she thought that was really cute 🙂

    I’m sure the girls will see plenty of the silly side growing up.

  13. pban says :

    oh pj that was pure mush…..you have outdone yourself 🙂 Roger where are the birthday pictures coming ???

  14. elisha says :

    Happy birthday to The Mighty Babes!! I can’t believe they’re a year old now! Phew, time flies! I hope Roger and Mirka or perhaps Robbie will put up some pictures on facebook or something!! Thanks PJ for the wonderful post again!!

  15. jfK says :

    PJ this was wonderful. 😀
    One of my fave FPF’s ever. I teared up when I watched the ESPN video.
    Rog put an update on his website they had a party in Switzerland for them and posted this photo of their hands

  16. pban says :

    absolutely ovary exploding picture jfk….they have their dad’s hands ,well mirka has lovely hands too

  17. FortuneCookie says :

    And now I really really want a cake with butterflies on it too!

  18. Deborah says :

    This was simply wonderful. Love that ESPN piece, best thing Rick Reilly ever did. thanks for putting this all together. Happy birthday to Roger’s “baby twins” as he called them last summer.

  19. Red4Fed says :

    Oh PJ, this is just the best FPF ever! Thanks for all the heart-warming and ovary-melting pics! I really hope Myla and Charlene visit this site someday when they’re older so they can see how much we all love and adore the Federer family! Your posts are just terrific – between you and Doots we Fed fans are a very lucky bunch! 🙂

  20. schnargle says :

    In the last picture Charlene/Myla looks SO MUCH like baby Roger, awww.

    Thanks PJ for this gorgeous post! I love how it’s not only a celebration of the twins, but also of the lovefest that’s Roger and Mirka. That wedding picture is about seventeen different kinds of perfect.

  21. Jack says :

    I can’t believe that Myla and Charlene are already one year old!!

    Wonder whether Roger dressed up as a clown or something for their birthday party?? 😀 (although clowns can be pretty scary!)

  22. Freudo says :

    thanks, PJ, great celebration…I’m feeling greedy and not for cake, which is gorgous and classy, but for some pix from the party. I’m never satisfied, and that same time I am satisfied. Thanks! when is that lazy traveler doots getting back to work?

  23. breadstix says :


    Thanks a bunch PJ, creative way of celebrating their birthdays (omgies1already?)! N’aww, the twins are so lucky to have such wonderful parents, and the parents lucky to have The Mighty Babes.
    Absoloutely love the last pic.

  24. Sherryinabottle says :

    “Like the way avalanches dominate trees” — LOL.
    I love the post, PJ. Thanks!

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