The Federstalker: Why Google Translate is the best thing since pickled vegetables.

From Stefan Koubek’s blog (fanks, Google Translate):

So from Monday til today (Thursday), I’ve been in Zurich training with Roger, who now knows everyone. And since Roger is now trying a collaboration with Paul Annacone, I thought I must not be outdone: I’ve taken Znene along to the training camp – the Peter Znenahlik. 😉

It looks good in training: Roger and Paul Annacone over there, me and Znene over here. We chat amongst ourselves when Annacone and Roger talks. Znene teaches me about hockey for hours, but I still know more about tennis. Although I have to admit of course: Znene is a help and a great companion – after all, he’s been traveling with me long enough on the tour.

I had a stomach ache before this week because I haven’t trained at all recently due to this thing with my finger. Fortunately, it’s now almost 100 percent recovered, but the training has been very hard for me. It’s not so much the length – we train for two or three hours – it’s the intensity. Roger just plays extremely fast and at a crazy high level, making very, very few mistakes.

Roger’s physio was there on the first day and taped up my finger, which has helped me. What have we been practicing on? We played a lot of cross court and down the line drills (not sure about the translation for “Wir haben viel cross und longline gespielt”?), a lot of points where you have an incentive, because otherwise the drills are a bit bland. We played a lot of different things, like serving on targets, a lot of variety. Roger and I are similar because we cannot do the same thing all the time.

Training with Roger in Zurich is always a bit different to our training in Dubai or Sardinia: since he lives here, his friends and family are here, so he has a lot to do. That is, we almost only see each other during training. At the other places we train, we spend more time together. It’s too bad, but I understand.

Last night, we went to dinner with Paul Annacone. That was really very nice. The guy is very nice and has no airs … I mean, this is one of the best coaches in the world, he has worked with Pete Sampras and Henman, and then me, Znene and him chat over dinner and talk about the tennis. And he told how he won once in Vienna. It was a really nice evening.

Yes, Roger’s twins have grown. I was here in Zurich exactly a year ago with Roger, when they just were born. The last time I saw them was in Australia. They have become really sweet.

Tonight I’m going to Vienna, and Kitzbühel tomorrow where I play an exhibition on Saturday, and on Saturday night, I’m going to Turkey, where I lead a children’s camp. Also something new for me, but I’m looking forward to it.


  • Always comforting to see Koubek there. For some reason, Roger has always done well after he’s used Stefan to sharpen his knives.
  • Quite a few people have wondered when the Federcone collaboration will start. Judging from Koubek’s blog, it’s already started.
  • Koubek sounds like he has a man-crush on Roger.
  • Kohlschreiber, if you didn’t know already, has also been invited to Zurich to train with Federer. Despite making no public appearance since Wimbledon, the Fed has created an air of “beware the wounded lion”, doing everything from hiring a new coach to manically practicing away in the Zurich.

Roger’s Cup can’t come soon enough.

xx doots

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8 responses to “The Federstalker: Why Google Translate is the best thing since pickled vegetables.”

  1. pban says :

    So so glad to hear that he is back on the courts….i think Annacone might help. Fed is pretty stubborn ,somehow specific strategy is never a part of his gameplan unless it is Rafa or Murray but with him getting older strategic inputs should play a big part if he is interested in winning.A different perspective always helps.Just hope is healthy for the us open

  2. Jack says :

    I wonder how you get chosen for a practice week with Roger??

    Its probably the biggest achievement a tennis player can get in their career. I mean, forgetting winning a Grand Slam, getting chosen to practice with Roger is truly what they all wish for! 😀

  3. girl_from_mi says :

    Can’t believe he didn’t sneak his camera phone out and get us a pic of those twins!!!

    ~ sigh ~

    Ok, I forgive him, since he did give us details. He really reinforces the notion of Roger being a Regular Guy (well, except for the fact that he is OMFG GOAT!).

  4. forehandshanker says :

    The translation you’re unsure of is correct. ‘We played a lot of cross court and down the line drills (not sure about the translation for “Wir haben viel cross und longline gespielt”?)’.

    The drill is pretty brutal one on one drill: one player can only hit cross court shots, the other can only hit down the line. Once both guys get going; they’re getting run from side to side continuously.

    It’s a good thing that Roger is practicing hard with Annacone. I think he’s ready to take some revenge.

  5. Lovekosifed says :

    Great to know that Roger is training intensely these days. I hope this collaboration produces much better results than what we have seen in recent months (well, anything could be better than all that’s happened between February and July) because just when I thought 2008 was bad enough… *sigh*

    Stay hungry, Roger!

  6. jandemom says :

    I think all this news about Roger working so hard & working with a new coach bodes well for the rest of the year & into the future. Seems like he’s been frustrated with his results & is taking action to improve his performances & results. Yay! Let’s hope it cuts down on the frazzling, at least a little bit!

  7. pban says :

    nothing will ever cut down the frazzling, not until he calls it a day.

    • jandemom says :

      Well, then, based on doots’ new post, looks like we’re in for another 5 years of frazzles. yikes and yay!

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